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The Glamour Set for this review was provided by Elila. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  If you haven’t read my first review of Elila, go back and start there. After I reviewed the samples that were sent, I was so impressed with the line that I wanted to try the rest of it. I picked up two colors of the longline wireless bras to go under my vintage-style […]

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Items for review were provided by Elila Lingerie. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Edited: I went back and purchased the Wireless Longline Bra myself and have added it to the review.  I’ve been window shopping for Elila bras online for ages, especially since their new Glamour line has been featured in Cora’s Curve roundup. They’re also one of the few brands making 40+ band bras in a truly […]

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The ‘Lingerie of the Week’ feature is dedicated to pieces I think are pretty. Typically, not much more thought goes into it than, “Oh, I really like this and I think TLA readers would too.” Unfortunately, most of the fashionable lingerie out there is restricted to a very narrow size range. And even lingerie brands known for making full bust or plus sized items often cut things off around a […]

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A guest editorial by Sweets of Sweet Nothings NYC This piece is dedicated to every friend and every reader who has ever commented, emailed, messaged, or texted me in a panic about finding lingerie options for special occasions, especially weddings. I often forget, because I’ve been immersed in the DD+ lingerie world for at least twelve years now, that for many Americans the concept of bra sizes larger than a […]

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Asia Monet was a business school graduate with a 9-5 job off Wall Street, when she saw an ad on Craigslist looking for a “bra model.” “I didn’t even know what that was,” says Monet, “But I thought to myself, ‘I wear bras, so why not try?’” That ad led to Monet’s decade-long career as a lingerie fit model, a model rarely seen on billboards or the runway. Rather than […]

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