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A Dreamy Interlude: My Brooklyn Lingerie Shoot with Bao Ngo

The Lingerie Addict - Bao Ngo Photoshoot

I’ve got a little mini-goal for 2017 (that I’m almost afraid of calling a goal because I don’t want to fail at it), and it’s having one lingerie photoshoot a month. For years, I’ve been fixated on making sure TLA isn’t about me, Cora Harrington. While I don’t see that changing (my life isn’t interesting enough on its own to sustain a blog), I finally feel comfortable showing more of myself here. Some of you may remember it took me years to even share my real name, so it’s been quite a long journey towards this modest goal.

Yet, as I’ve mentioned before, these shoots aren’t just about having my picture taken. They’re also a way for me to explore concepts, ideas, and fragments of TLA’s creative future. And they’re an excuse to collaborate with wildly talented artists, with people who make me think of lingerie differently simply by virtue of working with them.

The Lingerie Addict - Bao Ngo Photoshoot

For this shoot with Bao Ngo, I wanted to explore an ethereal, ultra-femme fantasy. Bao’s work spoke to me because of it’s dreamlike quality. Ngo’s photography is just a little surreal, a touch otherworldly. You feel like you’ve slipped into a different plane when looking at their art, and I love that feeling. Furthermore, Bao was wonderful to work with, and made time to work with me during what was a very busy few days for the both of us.

The Lingerie Addict - Bao Ngo Photoshoot

With the exception of the hosiery, all pieces photographed here are from my personal collection and were purchased by me. The pale blue set by Dita von Teese Lingerie. The stockings worn with this set are by What Katie Did. The pink silk bra set is by Miss La La Presents. The embroidered floral set is by Lou Lingerie. Makeup is by Lily Sage (who you may remember from the Lingerie Bloggers’ Tea Party last year). All photos are by Bao Ngo. All styling is by myself.

I hope you like this latest editorial. And thank you, as always, for spending a part of your day with TLA.

The Lingerie Addict - Bao Ngo Photoshoot

The Lingerie Addict - Bao Ngo Photoshoot

The Lingerie Addict - Bao Ngo Photoshoot

The Lingerie Addict - Bao Ngo Photoshoot

The Lingerie Addict - Bao Ngo Photoshoot

The Lingerie Addict - Bao Ngo Photoshoot

The Lingerie Addict - Bao Ngo Photoshoot

The Lingerie Addict - Bao Ngo Photoshoot

The Lingerie Addict - Bao Ngo Photoshoot


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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

4 Comments on this post

  1. probe97 says:

    I just love that pale blue lingerie you are wearing, so gorgeous and eye sexy.

  2. Courtney Spahan says:

    I personally really enjoy seeing the photoshoots. Not only do I get to see some great lingerie but it allways introduces me to a new talanted artist.
    I am usually atracted to photographers who have interesting elaborate sets but the portrait quality of this shoot really shows off the lingerie and a kind of casual beauty I admire.
    Have fun! Looking forward to the next set.

  3. Rebecca bee says:

    So brave! You are a beautiful lady but in this day of trolls and hate I’m really impressed with baring all and being strongly black without trying to follow the easier route with whitewashing and kept the hair big and real. Seeing this bravery, even in something as fun and unserious as a blog about lingerie makes me feel a little better about the world right now. With women like you around maybe all the progress we’ve made won’t be completely eaten by the patriarchy!

  4. Thursday says:

    What a great project for 2017. You know I love seeing different shoots, with different photographers and ideas, pop up on TLA. This one gives me a strong late ’70’s vibe with the colour palette and the soft focus. That romantic and dreamy, yet natural and approachable sensibility.

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