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Lingerie Wishlist: Nightprowl London Valiance Dress

nightprowl london valiance dress

I used to call this feature Lingerie Lust Objects, but then a few people informed that, as my blog, grew, some folks might think I was referring to the women in the photos as objects, so consider this post an official rebrand/announcement to the more innocuous title "Lingerie Wishlist." I may even call this "Luxury Lingerie Wishlist" at some point, but for now, let's just go with the two words.

I've been circling Nightprowl London's Valiance Dress for awhile. I first learned about them through a press release (yes, I do read all the press releases I get), and then I had to bookmark this page for regular visitation. I wouldn't really consider myself a "nightgown person." I like slips (vintage, usually) to wear around the house, and every once in awhile, I'll get a chemise. But neither item is necessarily a go-to in my current lingerie wardrobe. This gown, this "evening" dress, well... I want it.

nightprowl london valiance dress 2

Let's start with the burnout (aka 'Devoré' fabric... a word I've just learned). While modern-day burnout can sometimes feel slightly cheap or look a bit tacky, this garment feels like a throwback to the fabric's original days as a lace replacement. Here, it's ornate, elegant, gothic even (can you tell I've been watching Penny Dreadful?). The effect against the skin is almost like stained glass... revealing here, concealing there... letting just enough light through to get a sense of the shape underneath.

nightprowl london jet lace dress

While the Valiance Dress is my favorite, I admit that Nightprowl's Jet Lace Dress and Jet Dress are equally tied for second place. I can't decide if I prefer a vast expanse of sheer lace or if sheer silk georgette is more my speed. It doesn't help that they're both black....

nightprowl london jet dress

Nightprowl London is a luxury lingerie range, and this is reflected in their prices. The Valiance Dress is £450 (approximately $700 USD), while the Jet Lace Dress and Jet Dress are £400 (~$625) and £350 (~$547), respectively. For sizing info, I'd contact the brand directly.

What do you think of Nightprowl London? And are you a fan of long gowns?

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