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Sale Lingerie of the Week: Rose Ver'shel Abbey Playsuit

rose ver'shel playsuit

Though it's not even close to summer in Seattle anymore, I know the other side of the world is about to enter the hottest part of the year. More and more of my readers are coming from Australia (hello there, lovely people!), so I thought it might be fun to post a bit of warm weather loungewear. Please, enjoy the sunshine on my behalf!

Today's featured company, Rose Ver'shel, is not a brand I've tried before. Yet when I ran across this UK label's work on Pinterest, I felt compelled to bookmark it. I truly love discovering new designers. There's something so exciting and refreshing about seeing a designer's first works and getting to know their point of view.

rose vershel abbey playsuit 2

Usually, I'm not a fan of items like teddies and rompers. The fit tends to just a little too wonky for me, personally. But I do like to imagine myself in this 'Abbey' jersey playsuit. It's the sort of thing that seems perfect for lounging in my imaginary picture window, facing my lushly verdant backyard, legs covered in a crocheted throw, glass of white wine in my hand. Yes, I daydream of backyards and afghans nowadays.

Anyway, this piece is currently on sale for £16.00 (approximately $25), a near 65% reduction from its original price of  £45.00 (approximately $70 USD). I feel like that's inexpensive enough for an experiment, yes? Sizing runs S-L, fitting maximum US sizes of 12-14 according to the size chart.

rose vershel tommy teddy

If neutrals like gray and white aren't your thing, you may also want to take a look at Rose Ver'shel's "Tommy" teddy. I am loving the vibrant fuschia color and the soft chiffon trim. This piece is also on sale for £22.00 (approximately $34.50), down from an original price of £47.00 (approximately $73.60).

Now that you've been introduced, what are your thoughts on Rose Ver'shel? Is this a brand you'd be willing to try?

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Cora Harrington

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