Lingerie Lust: Amoralle Cream Full Sleeve Lace Bodysuit
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Lingerie Lust: Amoralle Cream Full Sleeve Lace Bodysuit


Sometimes, I like a bit of drama in my lingerie. Amoralle (formerly known as SockBox) is a newish lingerie brand out of Latvia, but they're doing interesting things. Their latest collection was released a few days ago, and I'd call this full sleeve lace bodysuit the standout piece.

I tend to go for more simple lines in my lingerie (*ahem* black mesh forever), but I love the idea pairing these opulent and over-the-top lace sleeves with something a bit more pared down and rugged like a leather pencil skirt. And for women with more widely spaced breasts like (cleavage is an impossibility), the deep V-neck is perfect.

Other standouts from the new collection include this lace bodysuit, this polkadot bodysuit, and this long maxi skirt, but I still think the lace full sleeve body (which retails for $339) wins out. Unfortunately, the brand's size range tops out at a US Size 8... which I have to admit is really bizarre to me. I don't know the reasoning behind why a company would only offer three sizes - 4, 6, and 8.

What do you think of Amoralle's new pieces? How would you style them? And do you think this is a brand to watch?

Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

5 Comments on this post

  1. Jen says:

    That is a lovely bodysuit. I rather wish that the sizing warning came higher up in the piece, say, with the links to additional pieces. Because there’s no reason for me to follow links to a brand that doesn’t even approach my size. It makes me grumpy.

  2. Evija says:

    Yeah, sadly not replying to emails and underdelivering is how next to everyone does business here. Which is puzzling, to be honest.
    What I received was well-made, but given the extra thick material of the stockings I guess I’d be surprised if someone managed to mess that up (my guess is at least 80 denier opaque poly blend). Seemed handmade, too, but I don’t think they make their own fabric, rather just stitch things together. I really can’t comment on the current state of tech terms but I don’t think much has changed.. even though we do have factories that produce somewhat standard fabrics and garments here.

  3. What Karolina said! I’m one of the people that struggled with the customer service (although they did apologize and send me a gift). This bodysuit looks so gorgeous, but I do feel that within that price bracket you are also paying for a premium service. Although my purchases were low value items in the sale, I still expect something to be sent out during the time stated (and I can attest to how difficult it is to get all your orders out in the sale, and that if it is taking a few days longer than you quote on your website, you should alter that quote!), otherwise why would I consider saving up money to spend on something that might take weeks to get to me?

    Regarding the sizing, I wonder what their production process is like. If they have a factory with MOQ then I would understand the reasoning behind such a selected sizing, but if it’s made in-house then surely they could put up the larger sizes as an option, with a minimum wait time?

  4. Karolina says:

    I have super mixed feelings towards Amoralle. I adore a lot of the designs, but I suspect that’s partially down to the slick photos – I’ve owned quite a few pieces from them in the past, but was super disappointed with quality and fit – admittedly it was all legwear from them, but it just did not feel at all luxe in the use of materials, nor was the finishing what I expected (e.g. certain pieces just had raw edges). In addition to which I know friends have had bad experiences with customer service and I struggled to contact them when I wanted to cancel an order that hadn’t been dispatched over 2 weeks after it had been placed! So that’s massively put me off considering ever buying one of the lingerie pieces – I wouldn’t want to spend that much money if the fabrics are going to be cheap (for example, their website doesn’t describe the satins as silk so I’m guessing they’re polyester… at that price point it puts me off).

    But with regards to the sizing – that’s something I really do understand. Luxury brands rarely sell things in larger sizes, and if luxury brands make them that’s usually what’s left behind in the sales. Also making more sizes is damn expensive for an indie brand – and it’s difficult to justify making them if you’re not sure that they’ll sell. My best sales have been in a UK 8/US 4, and I’ve only ever had 2 orders above a UK12/US 8 in the entire time that I’ve been making/selling lingerie.

  5. Evija says:

    Well, I’ve been with Amoralle since the very beginning, and I have seriously mixed feelings about this.
    The short story is they started as SockBox, a store exclusively for legwear, carrying in-house and other brands, and then evolved from sweet things (I think one of their first serious lines was Chocolate dreams, a very sweetish boudoir thingie) and went to the entire femme fatale image.
    While I definitely like the idea and I think it may be worth the price, but I think of them as of Latvian Agent Provocateur. Elegant, yet slowly getting old and the sizing is blergy blerg blerg. While this could be because the average Latvian woman *really* is up to a size 10 – my point of reference is FB groups where you sell your unwanted clothes – the main community, AndeleMandele, is about 10k people, mostly featuring XS, S, and M sizing, and stuff for people with small feet – it is very seldom someone wants to sell a UK 7, for example. I am part of the plus size group, and, even though we are rather tightly knit, it’s still no more than 200 people.

    Hope this explains things. Back when they were still SockBox (2010..ish?) and I suggested Cora features them because it was part of an indie designer series, and sent the link to the founder Inese, who was kind enough to send me any piece of my choice of their entire range and even meet up for cocktails in London (I lived in UK) at the time. Sadly, due to scheduling it didn’t happen but I hold only the warmest memories of that – a truly unexpected surprise!

    TL;DR – Latvians are weird. And yes, the stereotype about us loving potatoes above all while still being thin is… kind of true. :D

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