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Stuff I'm Wearing: Lingerie I've Been Spending My Own Money on Lately

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

We talk a lot about the fashion of lingerie here on the blog, and, for me at least, that often means talking about things I'm not necessarily wearing. Like most women, I have brands and styles and colors I go to again and again and they don't always make an appearance when I'm sharing photos from an upcoming collection or writing a review for the site. So I thought it might be fun to actually share the stuff I spend my money on. These are things I buy because I love the way they fit and I think they're worth the money (even though I frequently make my purchases on sale). Some of these names might seem familiar, and that's because these really, truly are the brands I buy from all the time. It's pretty easy for a company to get my money the first time, but when I go back a second, third, or fourth time, you know it's quality.


Natori Feathers Contour Plunge Bra and Brief - Full disclosure: The first time I tried a Natori 'Feathers' bra, it was given to me a sample from the Natori company. They'd asked if I'd tried their lingerie before and I had to be honest and say "Well, no, not really. It's a bit boring to me." After asking me more about what I liked, they offered to send me the Natori 'Feathers' in black because they thought it'd be my style. I tried it on (because I'll try anything anyone sends me), but I didn't expect to like it. And I loved it. Seriously, I've gone on to purchase their soft pink and oyster gray colorways, and I'm looking at committing to this season's bright magenta. This bra fits really well for women on the shallow and widely-spaced end of the boob continuum (like myself), and I get really great shaping, lift, and support (without feeling like my boobs are in the way). And the matching briefs are awesome! I rarely buy matching briefs because they're usually terrible, but these are beautiful. And they fit well and they're comfortable. I think this style is a nice everyday bra (perfect for work clothes or clingy knits), but it also manages to offer a little something extra too.


Claudette Mesh Dessous - Like Natori 'Feathers,' the first time I tried a Claudette Mesh Dessous bra, it was given to me as a sample. I didn't own anything in hot pink, but I adore mesh, so I gave it a wear. Since that first sample bra, I've bought at least another seven bras from Claudette... not only Dessous, but also bras from the En Dentelle, Cool Cotton, and Paramour ranges and I love them all (though the mesh Dessous is definitely my fave). This bra gives me such a great shape, and does so without any bulk or padding or contouring (I've been in a major cut-and-sewn phase lately) and it comes in so many great colors. I also love how Claudette is committed to making bras for women in a range of sizes; they go from A cup thru G cup and have plans to expand even more. I thought it was hubris when Claudette said they would become my new favorite bra, but in my case, it's very, very true.


Between the Sheets Venus in Play - Growing up, I  had clothes you wore inside the house and clothes you wore outside the house. I know my parents had practical reasons for this (such as me not completely wrecking my good clothes), but I like to think they were introducing to the wonders of loungewear. I actually went through a phase where I didn't understand why people wore loungewear; if it wasn't lingerie and it wasn't "regular" clothes, then what was the point? Thankfully, I've moved past that and I am now a full-on loungewear addict. I first encountered Between the Sheets 'Venus in Play' collection at market last year, and I knew right away that I had to have this pants and top. I purchased this set in gray for my honeymoon thinking it'd just be nice to have something to slip on to wear around the hotel, and I wound up wearing this all the time. Seriously. All the time. Recently, I bought the pink set above, and now I plan on getting the navy and black colorways this fall. Best of all, Venus in Play is generously sized. I first purchased this set in a Large, now I own one in a Medium, and I think I could even size down to a small. I love generously cut clothing; it's so much better than the other kind.


Rago Satin and Lace Control Brief - If you're into pin-up culture and/or you just like being able to wear pencil skirts without pantylines, let me recommend to you this Rago Satin and Lace Brief. I own several pairs of these (at least three) and they're a staple for both photoshoots and the aforementioned pencil skirts. I'm a fan of the Rago brand in general; I find their products to be extremely well made as well as very reasonably priced and these are no exception. They also come in multiple colors (red, pink, white, and beige) in case you're not as fixated on black as I am. One last sizing note: Dollhouse Bettie (the site this photo is taken from) sells these knickers in up to a 3X, but they're actually available up to an 8X from Rago's retail site American Shapewear. I just like Dollhouse Bettie's product photos better. They're also about a buck fifty cheaper direct from Rago.


Happy Socks - I kind of have a thing for patterned socks. In fact, I'm pretty sure I don't even own any regular, plain socks anymore. Something about having wacky prints and colors on my legs just makes me happy. Ha! That was totally unintentional but I'm keeping it because this paragraph is about Happy Socks. I'm not really a sock expert, per se, but over the last few months, I've noticed that I keep reaching for my pairs of Happy Socks again and again. They're just really well made and really comfortable and really cute. And they hold up fantastically in the washer and dryer (which any decent sock worth its salt must do). Because socks, like everything else I talk about here, never really go out of style, I buy a ton of colorways on sale from the site or at Nordstrom Rack. They're a bit pricier than what you'd get from, say, Target, but the prices are comparable to other funky sock brands like Sock It To Me. Oh, and for my readers with big feet, these will fit. I wear a size 11, and they're great.

What are your go-to pieces of lingerie? Do any of your favorites line up with mine? Let's get a little conversation going on about everyday lingerie in the comments.

Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

7 Comments on this post

  1. The Baroness says:

    Babs, I don’t know of the Pleasure State panties you speak of but I do know that I am a SERIOUS devotee of their couture line. When it comes to clothing, the more drama the better and their Kryptonite range brings me to my knees. What I love about the PS Couture range for Kryptonite is not only the jewel tones (I own pieces of the green and the entire purple range) but the construction. They understand that substantial padding is for the itty-bitty-committee, us ladies that are a c and up (I’m a 12D in their range). Though the Kryptonite is made from a thick padding, it contours the breast and supports it versus trying to push it up. The briefs and thongs fit beautifully and the high-waisted garter? THAT in my opinion is the crown jewel of the set. Oh my god, I wanted to lie on the floor the first time I put on the green, and once I owned the amythest? Fuggetaboutit. Not to mention the alternating crystal embellishments throughout. My absolute favorite set/design of all time.

    I’m also a huge of Pleasure State Couture Zircon range. I like bras with no padding because I like support and I like my girls to look at their natural best versus their ‘put on’ worst. Because it’s all mesh and lace, it may ‘downplay’ your girls but it’s okay. Construction is gorgeous, strong eyelets. The mesh protects the breast from any scratchiness but the lace is so soft it doesn’t scratch. I liked the blue but it was the infra red line that got me to my knees. I usually wear blue-reds better, but this vibrant scarlet worked very well. I bought the bra, thong and suspender belt.

    For everyday wear I adore Love Claudette. I own three complete sets (bra, brief, thong). For everyday wear, the comfort and support is unbeatable. However, the quality of the mesh varies. I’ve noticed my plain black one with the softer mesh has begun to ‘spider’ along the sidebands though I’m careful and don’t over wash. The bottoms are fine, but I have a 40″ butt so panties can be tricky for me. However, the dessous neon blue (LOVE neon blue, had a babydoll set I got in 2005 in the color and was ecstatic to find a set in it) and green are made from a harder mesh and the bras a year later from close to every day use (alternating) are like I bought them yesterday. The bottoms however due to the mesh being harder don’t “fit” as comfortably. Regardless, I remain committed to LC and though I’m sad I missed out on the orange/pink combo I hope to owb the cami/lemonade and potentially the papaya (another favorite shade) down the line.

    Agent Provocateur? I adore them. Coveted as all gell, but their designs to me really epitomize my aesthetic, the confident woman who owns her sexuality no holds barred. For me, my three ‘must have’ ranges.

    P.S. Considering my love of equestrian fashion/pants I wear mesh boyshorts a lot and ironically, the best I ever got were from Rampage YEARS back. The leopard with the red lace. 6 years later they still look new where my Honeydew ones have gone through the wringer. And the Rampage ones are literally 3 sizes smaller than I wear but I can pull them off! Just goes to show, different things work for different folks :)

  2. JazzFest says:

    A lovely saleswoman at a department store showed me that I was a 40DD instead of a 36D . I am very, very new to the bra game but so far I LOVE the fit, shaping, and comfort of the Olga Pretty Smooth Lift Bra. I bought it in store on sale and have now ordered another in a different colour from Ebay.

    I am saving all the products you mentioned BabsTheBraFitter!

  3. Ohhh…my go-to’s….well, I love them dearly. I’m a curvy 36G, and when it comes to bras I do not pinch pennies. If I don’t, my figure suffers. Paying a little more per bra is worth looking 20 pounds lighter than I actually am…having a longer, defined waistline and lifted, comfy, younger looking breasts.
    Prima Donna. Amazing company. For every day, I love the “Madison”. Great price point at $130, gentle minimization that still gives a nice round shape, and very discreet under clothing for a seamed bra. I am also a HUGE fan of their “Luxury Full Cup” cut, which usually comes in a sheer embroidered tulle (last year’s “Eden” was MAGNIFICENT). Slightly lower profile than their regular full cup, sexy, sexy, sexy and comfortable as comfortable can be. Sadly, Prima Donna does not do this style every season, and I fail to understand the reason why.
    Empreinte is my second go-to company. I cannot live without the “Lily Rose” or the “Lola” balconnet styles. I own both these styles in triplicate. The wires just sit so well with my breast shape, the bands are wide but not grandma-ish and oh, the support! Plus my boyfriend loves them on me, lol.
    Panties. I don’t skimp on panties, either. I don’t always do matched sets, I just like a good, full cut, sexy fashion panty that gently (GENTLY!) holds in my tummy. For everyday I rock the Hanky Panky Retro Vikini. They are quite smooth under clothing as well. (although frankly, I don’t understand this obsession with smooth and therefore don’t mind pantylines. It shows the world that I’m a normal human being who wears underpants.)
    I have to admit, I’m a fan of Simone Perele undies. The “Nina” full brief is silky, lacy comfy and indestructible. Worth every penny. I also purchased the “Opera” set that came in this fantastic cornflower blue…the bra..”meh”..but the PANTY! Wow! Simone Perele has sexy coverage…covered.
    I loathe shapewear in almost all forms and refuse to wear or sell Spanx, but several seasons ago, Pleasure State did a beautiful high waisted brief in a stretch satin that was boned like a corset. I treasure these panties because not only are they absurdly hot, they are hands down, the best control garment I likely will ever own in my lifetime. If they didn’t foolishly discontinue this style after one season, I’d buy them tenfold.
    Last but not least, I cannot live without Phillipe Matignon knee high socks. I love all the styles, one pair I’ve had going on six years and despite the delicate lacework they have held up. Plus they look awesome with my skirts and are an integral part of my fashion identity.
    And those are my go-tos! May they never be discontinued!!!!!

  4. GypsyDaisy says:

    They Claudette Mesh Dessous is beautiful! How does the sizing run? I’m an American 32DD.

  5. Amber says:

    Great picks! I’m a huge Claudette fan also, so hooked, definitely one of my top 5 favorite lingerie brands! I have yet to try the Natori brand, but that set is really cute.

  6. Estelle says:

    Hehe I’m working on a similar post of my own favourites right now. I love Claudette too, only own 1 set but so super impressed I plan to buy more and soon! My other fave brand is Agent Provocateur (bought at sale prices though!) some people say the quality is going downhill but I haven’t noticed and it fits amazingly!

  7. Thursday says:

    Love this post! Always informative to take a peek at an enthusiast’s everyday wear:)

    I love the look of the Claudette mesh Dessouss, but I don’t think it’s available in my size, unfortunately.

    I’d actually wear my Kiss Me Deadly knickers most frequent, and Cacique bras (a divisive brand, it seems, but they’re the most comfortable bras for me by far). It’s winter so I am living everyday in Cette Dublin opaque tights, and wishing I had more pretty, lacey camis to layer up with.

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