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Retro Lingerie Review: Lady Marlene 'X' Garter Slip

Lady Marlene X Garter Half Slip - Retro Lingerie

Lady Marlene X Garter Half Slip

Today I'm reviewing the Lady Marlene X Half-Slip, light control, four garters, nylon/spandex blend, $31.99-40.99 USD.

Once known as a purveyor of fine foundations, Lady Marlene has diminshed in importance in recent decades, replaced in prominence by both relative newcomers, like Victoria's Secret, and other old-school retro brands with a more robust online presence, like Rago.

Vintage Lady Marlene Advertisement

Vintage Lady Marlene Advertisement

After several articles talking about stockings, I've realized I should talk about things to hold them up too. I've recently become interested in vintage-style underpinnings: girdles, corselettes, bullet bras, and old style garter belts, etc. This style of lingerie is so very different from what's popular now, and though I don't romanticize the past at all, I am intrigued by the history of these classic lingerie styles.

One Lady Marlene item that's still available today is the "X" garter slip, shown at the top of this post (though I've heard this particular item is on its way out of production so if you're interested in owning this piece, now is the time to buy it). It comes in S-L, and you choose your size based on your waist measurement.

Upon receipt, I noticed the half slip was a bit shorter than I expected. It fit on me in about the same place a full coverage brief or boyshort would - covering the bottom but extending no further. If you're expecting an actual slip style garment, this may not be the best choice for you.

Most of the nylon slip is sheer with the x-panel in front being opaque. The back of the slip has one seam up the midline. I particularly like the double strap detail in the garters, though I do wish there were six garters, instead of four. The style of the garters, rarely seen in modern lingerie, does enhance the overall vintage feel of the garment.

The half slip fits well. However, it offers next to no shaping. This item is good if you want a smooth line under dresses or skirts or bit more coverage than the typical garter belt, but that's about it. If you want actul shaping, I'd have to recommend a girdle or corselette instead. All in all, I'm happy I bought this as part of my collection, but I don't know if it still has a place in the modern lingerie world.

Please note: This item has been discontinued.





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