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Note: I purchased this lingerie with my own money. Marie Jo Lingerie is unaffiliated with this review. I feel like I should start this review by saying that the Marie Jo ‘Catherine’ bra set is one I actually bought for my honeymoon 18 months ago. Though I didn’t really say so here, I was very reluctant about sharing a lot of wedding stuff on TLA, both because I assume most […]

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The recent flood of fabulous images celebrating the life of the always-glamorous Lauren Baccall got me thinking about how that iconic Old Hollywood look of the 1940s never goes out of style. Who doesn’t want to sashay in satin like a starlet from the silver screens of the past? Betty Blue’s Loungerie, who designs pieces for the inner starlet in many of us, is releasing a line of bridal lingerie […]

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Photos copyright of Cheri Pearl Photography and used with permission. Let me start this article off with a disclaimer: this post is not a command to go braless. We don’t write those kinds of articles on TLA. Our stance on all lingerie, bras and wedding stuff included, is that you should wear what you love and what makes you feel good. While we’re all about offering suggestions and connecting our […]

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This week I’m getting married… yay! So it seemed appropriate to showcase a few of my favorite bridal collections. Today is all about Claire Pettibone’s breathtakingly beautiful limited edition lingerie collection. All photographs are by the indescribably talented Elizabeth Messina. I hope you enjoy looking at these pieces just as much as I did. Save

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This article is part of an ongoing series about the journey of buying bridal lingerie for my upcoming honeymoon and wedding. You can find the first installment, which reveals my thoughts on what honeymoon lingerie should be, here. When I announced my engagement last March, I got a lot of well-intentioned advice from the lingerie community about the kind of undergarments I should buy. I needed, in no particular order: […]

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