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With the events of the Oxford Conference of Corsetry this past weekend, I’ve had corsets on my mind a little more than usual. And I have a hard time thinking about corsets without also thinking of Velda Lauder. For those who are unfamiliar with her name, Velda was a Master Corsetiere who passed away suddenly in March 2013. She was at the peak of her professional career, and her corsets […]

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Every once in awhile, I like to reflect on certain undergarments I wish I’d purchased. There’s so much new lingerie coming out all the time that, unless you have an unlimited budget, some of it is bound to slip through your fingers. Most of what I miss out on, I’m okay with. But every so often, I find myself looking wistfully at Pinterest or […]

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Corset trends are gentle and slow-moving, taking years instead of weeks to build momentum. Today’s post looks at several chic and sheer corsets, with a focus on the handmade. Sheer corsets wonderfully exemplify the unique outer/under aesthetic of modern corsetry. In their lightness, they are often more comfortable (and thin) for wearing all-day as a foundation garment. Lace overlays look striking as the lace may appear to simultaneously float and sculpt, […]

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Over the weekend, I received some incredibly sad, incredibly unexpected news. Velda Lauder, the world-famous corsetiere, passed away on Friday. It’s always distressing when someone you know, respect, and admire dies, but it’s even worse when death comes during that person’s physical, mental, and creative prime. As a blogger, I’ve been enamored of Velda’s work for years. She was one of the first luxury corsetieres I encountered online, and I […]

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