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made to measure lingerie

Andrée Ciccarelli is a new face in the luxury lingerie market. Making her debut at last season’s Lingerie Fashion Week, Andrée showcased her love of intricate laces and detailed appliques. This well-edited collection is a strong first showing for this made-to-order brand, with several pieces showing promise of a distinctive point of view that will hopefully blossom with subsequent seasons. Delicately sheer lace bras are daringly cut in demi styles, […]

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Things are crazy busy behind the scenes of TLA right now, both because of Valentine’s Day (a.k.a. the lingerie industry’s biggest holiday) and Lingerie Market, which starts next week, so I’m running a bit behind in the content department. However, Sonata Lingerie just sent over a few photos that I really liked and wanted to share with you. Sonata’s known for their fine lace lingerie, and their classic lace bodysuit […]

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Though I haven’t talked about them in ages, the Etsy designer On the Inside holds a very special place in my lingerie-addicted heart. They were one of the very first brands I bought from way back when I became interested in lingerie. I just checked my Etsy purchase history, and it looks like I’d been blogging for all of a month (May 2008) when I decided to buy from them. […]

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