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Please don’t hate me. I ran across this week’s Swimsuit of the Week while looking for a different one by Zimmerman (the breathtakingly gorgeous Haze Wrap One Piece), and I fell in love. You all know how I get. When I see something I can’t get out of my mind, I have to share it here. So let’s all swoon with desire together (or you can mock my ridiculous taste… […]

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La fille d’O is a dynamic and experimental Belgian lingerie and swimwear brand. We shared a peek of the SS14 collection at the Mode City Paris show last year, where their strong lines and contrasting fabrics helped them to stand out from the crowd. This La fille d’O collection is an intriguing one — the wearer is encouraged to wear swimwear as lingerie and lingerie as outerwear. Styles are crafted […]

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As much as a I love that classic, femme, pinup aesthetic, I’ve recently become more and more enamored of lingerie (and swimwear!) with a bit of an edge. I’m talking straps everywhere, and no lace (or the color pink) anywhere. I’m a big believer in the notion that there are many ways of being feminine, and I love that indie designers are taking risks and pushing the boundaries of what’s […]

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I’ve never been much a swimwear fan. I mean, I know swimwear is a thing that exists, but it’s never inspired the same kind of passion for me as lingerie or loungewear or hosiery. It’s just been a thing… mostly for other people. But all that’s been changing lately. And while I still love a classic pin-up bathing suit, these ultrachic swimsuits from OYE Swimwear (OYE is short for ‘Open […]

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