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gilda & pearl

I am so excited to share the newest campaign images from luxury independent designer Gilda & Pearl! Some of you may remember their early days on Etsy, where their decadent boudoir bralettes and dramatically-tied panties had cheeky names such as How to Marry a Millionaire. I am thrilled that the brand has continued to grow while maintaining their focused point of view and commitment to UK-based ethical production. These campaign […]

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Beautiful lingerie is something we take seriously at The Lingerie Addict. Equally important is the environment our lingerie is worn in. We all need a special place where we can let go of our inhibitions and reveal our inner siren. Turn your bedroom into a luxurious pin-up worthy canvas, so you may display your most beautiful lingerie. Silk Dreams In the 1930s Jean Harlow was one of the most photographed actresses. […]

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The beauty of the bralette is that it’s lightweight, soft, and easy to wear — but best of all, it has no underwires. While many women find underwire bras necessary in their daily lives, abandoning them can bring about a sense of freedom and empowerment. Even if you can only wear a bralette on the weekends or lounging around the house, they are worth the investment.

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Gilda & Pearl Classics Collection

Gilda & Pearl pretty much has a permanent spot on the TLA lust list. I’ve been talking about them since at least 2009, when I featured their ‘How to Marry a Millionaire’ bra set in a Christmas shopping guide dedicated to Etsy lingerie. I love beautiful fabrics, and Gilda & Pearl uses some of the most gorgeous silks, laces, and meshes I’ve seen. I’m also really impressed at how focused […]

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