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It’s time for another installment of “Lingerie I Wish I’d Bought.” This infrequent feature is exactly what what it says on the title… me sharing the items that escaped my grasp. Why? Because misery loves company. So let’s all commiserate about the beauty we’ve missed out on again together. Amoralle ‘Lilac of Luck’ Robe This robe is the stuff of lingerie dreams. I mean, look at it. Voluminous satin sleeves. […]

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Hold my calls. We’re about to get serious here. I cannot even cope with the drama of this robe, y’all. I first found it through the Amoralle Twitter, and I’ve been making daily visits ever since. I mean look at it… is this not the robe dreams are made of? Amoralle’s Almond Magnum Robe (yes, it’s named after the ice cream in case you were wondering), is floor length silk […]

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Sometimes, I like a bit of drama in my lingerie. Amoralle (formerly known as SockBox) is a newish lingerie brand out of Latvia, but they’re doing interesting things. Their latest collection was released a few days ago, and I’d call this full sleeve lace bodysuit the standout piece. I tend to go for more simple lines in my lingerie (*ahem* black mesh forever), but I love the idea pairing these […]

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