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Alexandrea Anissa

It’s not going to shock anyone when I say this, but I have a pretty extensive lingerie collection. While some of my purchases do wind up on TLA as lingerie reviews (speaking of which, I plan to get back to doing those soon), the vast majority of what I buy never makes it onto the blog. Rather, I just add it to my general lingerie body of knowledge. That way, […]

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2014 was a banner year for gorgeous lingerie photography. Here at TLA, we rededicated ourselves to featuring beautiful imagery from a wide range of brands, and while we had lots of faves (Nubian Skin, Forever Yours, Hips & Curves), these five lookbooks rose above the rest. Karolina Laskowska A/W 2014-2015 Karolina Laskowska’s 2014 campaign is responsible for this entire blog post. Even though we published this brand’s lookbook way back in […]

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Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links. There’s no point in pretending otherwise… I’m using National Cat Day as an excuse to dedicate an entire article to leopard print lingerie. My love of leopard print is pretty well documented on TLA; it’s my absolute favorite lingerie pattern by a super wide margin. Before today, I never really thought about why I love a good leopard print (and let’s be honest, […]

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Budding indie designer Vanessa Anissa has released a new collection under her own label Alexandrea Anissa, and it does not disappoint. Titled “Ramona,” this new range is all about strappy details, harnesses, and black mesh. Ms. Anissa is playing with the concept of exposure, both in terms of the frame of the lingerie itself and in the materials used. On a more personal, but still related, note, I’m intrigued by […]

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I first discovered Alexandrea Anissa’s lingerie via Instagram, and I was immediately attracted to her designs. They’re really fun and youthful and irreverent, and the entire collection has a definite point of view (something many new designers struggle with). I’m no expert, but the whole thing feels very punk to me; there’s so much unapologetic attitude here (especially when you see the spiked accessories), that you can’t help but love […]

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