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waist training

I was at the Oxford Conference of Corsetry just over a week ago, and in its run-up I spent most of my time getting pretty obsessive about corsets. I’ve been neglecting other areas of lingerie to dedicate my time to crafting these exquisite, waist-altering garments. Consequently, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the significance of the corset. As a lingerie designer, corsets to me have always existed in […]

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Nothing sculpts the body as quickly and effectively as a well-made corset. Unfortunately, because modern clothes are often cut to a very straight proportion, the effect is often lost just as quickly. If you’ve been waist training and find your corset styling efforts thwarted by the loose waistlines of your clothes, then this is the post for you! Here are several corset accessories I’ve used to great effect to show off my cinched […]

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Corsets are complex beasts! Their creation requires not only exacting techniques, but some specialized components as well. Today I’m going to discuss the basic elements of a corset in their most common forms. As corsets have such a long history and can be assembled with a range of techniques, there are plenty of variations on these parts. Here I’ll be focusing on the most widely used types. Understanding basic corset construction can […]

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Editor’s Note: As of April 2017, it appears Contour Corsets is no longer operational. Launched in 2008, Contour Corsets by Fran Blanche specializes in the creation of expertly fitted tightlacing corsets. We featured her on The Lingerie Addict a few weeks ago while discussing Corset Shopping for Trans Women. Fran’s approach to corsetmaking relies on utilizing modern materials and the application of her engineering background to build anatomically precise corsets […]

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As a corsetmaker, I am thrilled by the wave of prospective waist trainers with whom I’ve been coming into contact. In a marketplace crowded with such a wide array of product offerings, it can be confusing to know which to buy in order to begin waist training. Many of these garments aren’t even functional for occasional wear — the words “suitable for waist training” on a product page are not […]

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