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  Hi folks! Last week, for part 1 of our ebay brand profiles, I pretty much focused on the brands with the largest ebay presences, like Agent Provocateur and La Perla. This week, the focus is on brands with fewer listings, and generally less traffic, ranging from Myla and Chantal Thomass with several hundred listings, to Hopeless and Murmur, which often have no listings at all. As I go through the […]

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Thank you for the great comments on last week’s ebay how-to, Common Misconceptions about Buying Lingerie on Ebay. :) This week, I’ll take you through some of my personal experiences with ebay when it comes to brands and sellers, and show how you can use these insights to spend your time and money better when shopping on ebay for lingerie. I’ve broken each brand’s profile down into volume (# of listings), […]

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This week we’re taking a break from the normal roundups in favor of some ebay how-to’s. I decided to approach the first part of this series through the three main misconceptions I hear when talking to people about shopping for lingerie on ebay. Let me know in the comments below if there are other major reasons why you don’t like buying lingerie on ebay, or if you have any questions about […]

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Incanto Lingerie is an Italian label that we are anxious to see make its way stateside. Inspired by the Cannes premiere of the film, “Princess of Monaco,” Incanto’s lookbook gives us a glimpse of royal dreams. Jeweled silks, baroque laces, and bold prints add drama to a collection that’s all about feeling like a Princess. The collection definitely has a regal feel to it, with classic silhouettes that are embellished […]

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