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20 Pairs of Pajamas That Can Double As Outerwear

Cora Harrington, The Lingerie Addict, in Olivia Von Halle pajamas, photographed by Lydia Hudgens

Cora Harrington by Lydia Hudgens in Olivia Von Halle

It's been so long since I've worn "regular" clothes, I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to go back to the way things were before. In fact, as I'm writing this, I'm wearing an old sweatshirt from Oxford University (acquired during the Oxford Conference of Corsetry a few years back), and a pair of fleece-lined sweatpants.

However, work meetings are picking up again as offices and businesses gradually return to normal, and that means I really can't wear my fave, bleach-stained sweatshirt on Zoom calls. But I can wear a pair of well-made pajamas. In fact, a beautiful pajama set can be just as lovely outside the home. Truthfully, after a year of barely dressing up, I feel more put together in a pair of matching pajamas than in a "real" outfit.

Cora Harrington, The Lingerie Addict, in Playful Promises pajamas, photographed by Lydia Hudgens

Cora Harrington by Lydia Hudgens in Playful Promises

All that's to say we're officially living in the Era of the Pajama. And if there's an opportunity to indulge in comfort and to wear what feels best against your skin, why not take advantage of it with one - or more! - of the brilliant pajama sets below? Not only are they perfect for wearing at home, they all work just as well for outerwear.

As always, depending on when you run across this post, items may be sold out or discontinued. That said, it's always worth checking the store for what else may be never know if you might find something else you love!

Only Hearts Love is a Trip PJ - $107.00, sizes S-L

Kilo Brava Lioness Long Pajama Set - $110.00, sizes S-XXXL

LelaSilk Velvet Pajama Set - $151.80, see size chart

Natori Decadence Pullover PJ - $168.00, sizes XS-XL

Rachel Antonoff Pasta Susie PJ Set - $225.00, sizes XS-XXL

We Are Hah Haht PJ Set - $248.00, sizes XS-XXL

Sleeper Party Pajamas - $320.00, sizes XS-XXXL

Helen Valk Valvarin Rosanna Silk Pajamas - $400.00 (approximately), sizes XS-XXL

Karen Mabon Botanical Gardens Silk Pajamas - $400.00 (approximately), sizes XS-5X

La Musa Gustav Klimt Print Silk Pajamas - $550.00 (approximately), sizes XS-XL

Derek Rose Brindisi Silk Pajamas - $625.00, sizes XS-XXL

Sleeping With Jacques Bon Vivant Robe and Bottom - $878.00, see size chart

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Cora Harrington

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