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How to Work from Home in Your Loungewear (from Someone Who Works from Home in Their Loungewear)

If you happen to be reading this awhile after it went live, here's what you should know. As I write this, the world is in the midst of a global pandemic. The city I live in, New York City, is currently the US epicenter of that pandemic. Because of that ("that" being the highly contagious nature of COVID-19) millions of people are now working from home for the first time. As an expert, not only in lingerie itself, but also in wearing comfy clothes while working from home, I've put together a quick guide for newbies. If it turns out we all work from home now (entirely possible given the current state of things), I hope it helps you too. Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links.

Let's talk about not wearing work clothes when you work from home!

While many work-from-homers advocate wearing your business clothes inside the house, I'm not into that idea, for a few reasons. One, outdoor clothes are outdoor clothes. Generally speaking, ne'er the twain should meet. I don't know how common this is culturally, but growing up, you just didn't wear your outside clothes inside the house. That's why you had inside clothes.

Two, when I first became self-employed, I followed that advice. Instead, I found that I was wasting time, energy, and laundry detergent on clothes no one would see see and that I didn't really have to wear. Generally speaking, the more unnecessary decisions you can eliminate from your life, the more room you'll have in your brain for necessary decisions. Finally, if you're working from home, you should be comfortable. Full stop. What is the point if you feel just as awkward and uncomfortable indoors as you do outdoors? Silliness.

That said, there are some important things to keep in mind as you begin your work from home journey. Those who've read my book know that I abhor rules, so I won't call these rules. More like "suggestions" or even "guidelines," if you'd prefer stronger language. So take what you like, leave what you don't, and share your own recommendations for work from attire in the comments!

1) Wear Different Things for Sleepwear, Daywear, and Relaxwear

I know. I just told you to eliminate as many decisions as you can, but bear with me. While I'm not team, "Wear your work clothes at home." I am team, "Changing your clothes does help you get in the right frame of mind for the day ahead."

What that looks like for me is not wearing the same loungewear I do in front of the computer as I do when I'm relaxing in the evening (I rarely wear clothes to bed, so, for me, this is usually just two changes per day). Tough you're working from home, I imagine there's still some work involved. Even a small change can help twig your brain to the fact it's time for business (along with other routines, like brewing a cup of coffee first thing).

For me, this looks like wearing lounge pants and a lounge top while I'm working, and wearing a caftan around the house when I'm relaxing in the evening. The good news about loungewear/sleepwear/pajamas is that, unlike the clothes you wear to work, you can wear the same thing more than one day in a row!

2) Invest in Comfy House Socks or Slippers

First of all, you should not be wearing your outdoor shoes indoors, no matter what. (Yes, I know I said no rules, but come on. Everyone knows this). That said, the socks you usually wear with shoes aren't quite adequate enough for home. Enter: house socks! While I tend to prefer house socks, some people opt to wear slippers. Either is fine. Just don't wear your outdoor shoes all over the house. Especially during a pandemic! Which we are in!

3) You Might Not Want to Pull Out the Sexy Stuff

I know! We're working from home! In lingerie! That's the time to fulfill the glamorous fantasy of our dreams, right? But it isn't. Some stuff just isn't made to be worn all day.

For example, I love a drapy, long-sleeved robe as much as anyone, but it's not terribly practical when I'm puttering around the kitchen making breakfast in the morning. Lighting yourself on fire is not glam. You may find yourself going for simpler or more streamlined silhouettes rather than your "best" stuff. Also, since you'll be wearing these things all day, make sure they're washable. I almost forgot to include that.

4) Stretch Fabrics, Soft Fabrics, Breathable Fabrics

Consider this an addendum to the point above. Knits are your friend. Soft fabrics like viscose, modal, and bamboo are your friend. You want your clothes to breath and to move with you, not make you sweat or itch or leave uncomfortable crease marks. Also, if you can, consider silk (which is not the same as satin!).

5) It's Okay to Go Braless! And Also Okay Not To!

Don't feel like you to wear the whole "kit and caboodle" when it comes to daytime, work from home support. Plenty of folks choose to go braless while working from home. That's fine! And plenty of folks feel more comfortable wearing a bra. That's also fine! If you're wanting a bit less structure but a bit more support than you might get from going braless, look into soft cup, wirefree bralettes. There are some made for larger busts now, so don't feel like they're only for the A-C cups among us! My friend Sweet Nothings has lots of brilliant suggestions for wirefree bras when you're working from home.

Finally, two last tips that aren't related to loungewear. It's easy to overwork when you're home as the lines between home and work become more blurry. Remember to take breaks, rest your eyes, get up and stretch, have regular snacks and meals and so on. Two, set a time for when you stop working. That is, for when your shift is over. Close the laptop, put the phone on silent, and just relax.

I hope this article helps! Share your fave pieces and suggestions in the comments below!

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