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Lingerie of the Week: Masterpeace Apparel Starry Lingerie Collection

Masterpeace Apparel Starry Seamless Bra

Masterpeace Apparel Starry Seamless Bra

I'm packing to leave for BlogHer tomorrow (I'm a speaker this year!), so there's just enough time for a very quick Lingerie of the Week before I dash off and decide which of the roughly 6 skirts currently sitting in my suitcase are actually going to come with me.

Earlier this week, Karolina asked how I stay passionate about lingerie despite looking at lingerie all the time. I made a brief video to answer her question (because video is something I'm trying to do more often), but basically the answer is I look for pieces that elicit a feeling from me. Sometimes that feeling is joy. Sometimes it's awe. It can even be grief or despair. But I want an emotion of some kind when I'm looking at a new collection and deciding what to share on TLA. If I feel ambivalent or unmoved, then what's the point?

Masterpeace Starry Bra and Knicker

Masterpeace Starry Bra and Knicker

The founders of Masterpeace Apparel reached out to me a couple of weeks ago, and while their debut collection is very, very small (this is the only set, in fact), I really, really like it. Part of the brand's mission is donating to women in need, which is excellent, but that's not the reason why I'm talking about them. I'm sharing this set because it looks like something I would wear right now, in my everyday life as Cora Harrington. The Starry bra and knicker look perfectly comfortable, ideal for wearing under a white shirt and leggings while you're sipping tea in the early morning light. It may sound odd, but I feel relaxed when I look at this. Serene. Calm.

Both pieces are $100 together ($68 for the bralette; $32 for the knicker) and composed of eco-friendly, ethically sourced materials. The bra and knicker are also made in the USA. The available size range is XS-XL, fitting bra sizes 30AA-40D and dress sizes 0-16, respectively. As a quick aside, the panties are final sale and nonrefundable, so please do check-in with the company if you have any sizing questions before ordering.

It's always exciting to learn about a new brand and see something you'd like to try right away. Do you have any thoughts about Masterpeace Apparel, either their debut lingerie set or their mission statement?


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