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Ari Dein Spring/Summer 2013

Ari Dein S/S 2013

One of the side effects of writing about lingerie for the last several years is that I've started to get a little bit jaded. It's not been a conscious thing or even a deliberate process... just the more I'm around lingerie, the more it takes to get my attention and impress me. And the stuff that used to impress when I first started blogging (like a celebrity endorsement or a super-high price tag) are mostly meaningless to me now. Enter Ari Dein.

The thing I like most about Ari Dein's collection is that it becomes more impressive the more you look at it. Though still firmly out of my reach, Ari Dein is aspirational lingerie for a new, younger generation. A unique point of view, American styling, and impeccable craftsmanship (you can literally wear her pieces inside out) puts Ari Dein firmly on my lust list. No cynicism required.

What do you think of the Ari Dein Spring/Summer 2013 collection?

Ari Dein 'Boutique Hotel' Chemise

Ari Dein 'Boutique Hotel' Camisole & Shortie

Ari Dein 'Boutique Hotel' Pajama Set

Ari Dein 'Bengal' Pajamas

Ari Dein 'Maharaja' Bralet & Panty

Ari Dein 'Maharaja' Anorak & Shortie

Ari Dein 'Cabana' Camisole & Shortie

Ari Dein 'Bombay' Burnout Chemise

Ari Dein 'Bombay' Burnout Camisole & Pajama Pants

Ari Dein 'Cabana' Chemise & 'Bombay' Burnout Robe

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