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5 Lingerie Brands I Wish Were Still in Business

Miss La La Presents

Just before the recession, the lingerie industry got a little crazy. Every week it felt like there was a new luxury brand on the scene, each with even more outrageous prices than the last. I was still very new to the lingerie world at the time, but I remember feeling a bit confused. Were there really enough connoisseurs to keep so many high-end labels alive? The answer is... apparently not.

The state of the ecomony destroyed a lot of new lingerie brands, but especially decimated the luxury ones. And, for several years, it seemed like the only names in higher priced lingerie were the ones that'd already been around for years. Though the lingerie industry in general has since recovered (there are more lingerie brands now, in every category, than ever before), I still miss a few of the ones that disappeared. Here are five lingerie brands (in no particular order) I wish had survived the recession.

Madame V

Madam V Lingerie

Though Madame V's website and webstore are still online, the brand hasn't come out with a new collection in years... which leads me to believe they're basically basically defunct. I really liked their vintage-inspired creations (I'm seeing shades of the 1920s in the images above) with silk and lace. And while I did manage to pick up the camisole on the far right before it sold out, I still wish I'd gotten a pair of those fan lace knickers.

Miss La La Presents

Miss La La Presents

Founded by Fine Rees in 2007, I remember when Miss La La Presents was a name on everyone's lips. People predicted big things for the brand and their fun, flirty, ultra-femme styles (which managed to look cute without being costumey). Unfortunately, after only a few collections, they went out of business. And to this day, I can't look at the Chocolate Box set (far left) without feeling a pang of grief.

Cameo Intimates

Cameo Intimates

Founded in 1995 by Chris and Connie, Cameo Intimates was world famous for being a fairly big brand that still made everything by hand. Their lingerie was of an amazing quality, and since all items were were both designed and sewn in-house, plus size clients had a place to get some exquisite bras, knickers, girdles, and other items in their size. I still own a basic black bullet bra (the only bullet bra that's ever fit me actually), a pair of cotton knickers, and a pair of ouvert knickers from them. Cameo Intimates abruptly closed shop in 2010, and I can't tell you how many times I wish I'd placed just one more order from them. The lingerie industry is a less interesting place without Cameo.


Spoylt Lingerie

Spoylt was an incredibly popular lingerie brand when it first debuted, and was even sold by Victoria's Secret for awhile (back when they collaborated with independent designers). I own more from Spoylt than any other name on this list, and I think I'd appreciate this brand even more now if it was still around as my aesthetic has definitely changed. Spoylt attempted to diversify briefly, and even had several major media mentions, but a string of 50% off sales signaled their end and the brand went under. However, if you like Spoylt's style, some of their pieces are still available on ebay (and for a song!) if you search for 'Spoylt.'

Vagin Pouvoir

Vagin Pouvoir

With a name like "Vagina Power," people expected Vagin Pouvoir to do great things. Even then, I appreciated their somewhat edgy, sparse aesthetic and I purchased two of their sets (the center and the far right) when they went on sale. This is some of the most exquisite lace I've ever owned, but so delicate that my nipple piercings pretty much ripped it to shreds. Vagin Pouvoir was part of my luxury lingerie awakening, and I'm sorry they vanished as I think there's definitely a space for their aesthetic now.

Honorable Mention: Swan Original

Swan Original Bodysuit. Photo on left via Faire Frou Frou.

Swan Original, a classic vintage brand, was bought out by Ritratti around 2009 but that wasn't enough to save it. After a few wildly dissimilar collections, Ritratti quietly retired the brand, and I've heard nothing about them since. I still have dreams about the bodysuit shown above.

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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

15 Comments on this post

  1. Passionfruit The Sensuality Sh says:

    RIP Carol Malony!

  2. jane says:

    Hi Cora – Madame V has relaunched her on line boutique. Let us know your size and we will send you the fan knickers you so covet!!
    Live Love Seduce with Madame V

  3. Emily says:

    I am still super bummed about Miss Lala Presents! I have their “Put it on the Ritz” set (teacup print… super fun.) I actually made it a point to travel to their shop in London when I was visiting a few years ago and was devasted to see that is closed!

  4. Sundal says:

    Swan Original and Vagin Pouvoir look divine!

  5. Thursday says:

    I do so love the designs by Madame V, it’s a shame they are no longer producing:(

  6. I loved all of the brands you mention but especially Miss La La’s Boudoir, Madame V and Spoylt who were originators and very strong brands each one. Its quite amazing how much the Lingerie landscape has changed in the last 5 years. It is always a struggle for higher priced lingerie to gain traction in the market due to lower priced competition and a general lack of aesthetic appreciation for a good product. Value for money doesn’t always mean the cheapest.
    Does anyone remember PassionBait?

  7. Catherine says:

    Twisted Thrift – saw them at one trade show, and I think they never even made it into production!
    Solitary evidence of their existence . . .

    Bela’s Dead – listen, I have to have one morbid friend on the block, so I had high hopes, but again they released one collection and then vanished.

    I thought Spoylt were wildly overpriced! But I do own their toolbelt, that was a wicked idea.

  8. Estelle says:

    I hadn’t heard of these 5 brands, shame I missed out on them all!

    I’ll tell you which brand I’m REALLY disappointed it closed down though, Flirty Thirtys :( I don’t know if you saw them but it was a super luxurious handmade brand that was extremely well-priced. I sold them on my website and the Hollywood gown was really popular with customers. I told myself I’d buy one as a bridal treat for myself if I got engaged – and then Flirty Thirtys shut down and my boyfriend proposed haha!

    You can see the gown I mean here >

    It’s so pretty :( I haven’t been able to find anything similar at a remotely reasonable price (this was £95 – yes, really!!!). If you know of anything I’d love to hear about it!

    • Catherine says:

      I suspect the reasonable price is why they’re not around – plenty of new brands wildly underestimate the amount they need to charge for made in the UK goods. Especially as it increases the smaller the quantity you need to make. what Katie Did do a lovely robe but I think its a shorter length.

  9. Layla says:

    I miss a brand that I spotted while still in school doing market research, st tropez leisure. They had a refreshing style and had they lasted I think they’d have been in everything from free people to Barney’s. also letters of marque by Stacey dash was a truly lovely range. I would also add carol maloneys two collections, they seem to have followed trajectory of swan being purchased and then disappearing. And agree with you on miss la la, chocolate box knickers were amazing.

    • Kadian says:

      Layla you’re right. I completely forgot all about Carol Maloney. Her designs were so much fun and I still remember running into her at a tradeshow while I was doing my undergrad. She spent at least an half hour talking to my fellow students and I about starting a lingerie line. It blew me away when she gave us her card and said we could email her anytime for questions.

  10. I miss Toadlillie! I am still majorly bummed that I never got a chance to order any when she was still selling lingerie because it was gorgeous.

  11. KathTea says:

    Not exactly a lingerie brand, but it just came to my attention a while back that leatherwear and corsetry brand Antiseptic Fashion has closed doors as well T_T

    • Cassandra says:

      Actually, Antiseptic Fashion isn’t technically out of business. I ran into the woman that created the designs for the brand and learned she had a falling out with her old partner. Rather than fight him for the name, she left it with him, he killed it, she started another line. She’s going strong in San Francisco making equally beautiful leather corsets. Will get the new name and forward it.

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