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Monthly Archives

April 2012

There’s a new video up on The Lingerie Addict YouTube Channel, and it’s all about garter belts (or suspender belts for my UK readers). With Mad Men, Dita von Teese, and, of course, the ongoing popularity of Bettie Page, there’s more interest in garter belts now than ever before. But not all garter belts are created equal so how can you know the difference between a good one and a […]

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Disclosure: The International Lingerie Show is a The Lingerie Addict advertiser. However, they did not contribute to the content of this article, and all words are my own. In the last of our trend reports from this season’s Lingerie Market, I’m talking about my first ever visit to the Las Vegas International Lingerie Show. Being the newbie at a tradeshow can be super hard (you don’t know anyone… no one […]

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Today’s Ask the Addict question comes from Tumblr follower PirateMasey who writes: I want to wear frilly panties like you used to see on showgirls! Any recommendations? Of course! Playful Promises makes frilly knickers in magenta, black, and peach. Fairy GothMother also makes frilly knickers in black, red, white, pale blue, turquoise, pink, purple and blue. Pandora’s Choice also sells frilly knickers including the amazing (but, unfortunately now discontinued) What […]

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Today, April 24th, is National Lingerie Day, a holiday I honestly knew nothing about until roughly 11 p.m. last night. But since I am a lingerie blogger, I feel like I should do something appropriate for the day, so I thought I’d write a post about why I started blogging and why lingerie matters and all that other meta stuff I never really talk about here. Though it doesn’t sound […]

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Edit: Several bloggers have written to me to ask if they could use the Body Snark Free Zone image on their own sites, and the answer is yes! To get an easily embeddable copy of the image, just go you here: So You Want to Make Your Website a Body Snark Free Zone Today’s blog post has been four months in the making, pretty much ever since the last article […]

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