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Monthly Archives

March 2012

Last year, in response to a message one of my Tumblr followers sent me, I made a list of my 10 favorite lingerie blogs. Since then, a couple of the bloggers on that list have gone on to become quite famous, and, on a somewhat sadder note, a couple of the bloggers have since gone defunct. But it’s hard to stay sad for too long because there are new lingerie […]

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By: Kristina Here on the east coast we have been experiencing abnormally warm weather for the past few weeks. The flowers are budding, the birds are singing, and New Yorkers are already breaking out their flip flops! While I am really hoping this is not a sign of global warming, I’m also welcoming these signs of spring with an extra bounce in my step and the reintroduction of bold, unabashed […]

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Today’s “Why Do Lingerie Retailers” feature is a short one, but a good one. One of the questions that’s come up a lot within the lingerie community (and the fashion community in general, really) is “Why don’t retailers hire a model in each size to show how the clothing looks on a range of body types?” Sounds pretty reasonable, right? Here’s what Catherine had to say: Put plainly, it’s money. […]

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There’s a new video up on The Lingerie Addict YouTube Channel, and in it, I’m sharing a little bit of what I learned about bra fitting from the Eveden Group while in NYC for Lingerie Market. Eveden, which owns the brands Huit, Fantasie, Fauve, Freya, Goddess, and Elomi, teaches a bra fit seminar at Curve every market season. It’s always well-attended, and after hearing great things about the class from […]

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I first saw Fleur of England’s “Dash of Lime” collection at last year’s Curve Lingerie Show, but since it was super new, I couldn’t photograph it yet (and understandably so, since many luxury lines are ripped off almost immediately after the show). I haven’t stopped thinking about it though, and when I saw the impossibly nice Fleur of England ladies during this year’s lingerie market, they told me I could […]

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