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5 Lingerie Blogs to Follow in 2012

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Last year, in response to a message one of my Tumblr followers sent me, I made a list of my 10 favorite lingerie blogs. Since then, a couple of the bloggers on that list have gone on to become quite famous, and, on a somewhat sadder note, a couple of the bloggers have since gone defunct. But it’s hard to stay sad for too long because there are new lingerie blogs starting up all the time.

One of the interesting aftereffects of the 2011 list was that I got quite a few e-mails from people wondering why I was sending readers off to my “competition,” but I don’t think of other lingerie bloggers that way at all. The Lingerie Addict will never be able to cover every aspect of the lingerie industry, and I certainly can’t talk about every single size, style, or sort of lingerie. From my perspective, the more points of view there are out there, the better. And I hope at least one of the lingerie blogs on this year’s list strikes your fancy as much as it’s struck mine.

The Bare Intimates – Many of you met Erinn last week when she guest blogged for us, but I’ve been a fan of her delightful lingerie & beauty blog for months now. Not only is beauty the perfect complement to lingerie, Erinn’s bright, graphic style is fun, refreshing, and completely unlike anything else out there right now. The Bare Intimates is one of my daily reads, and I expect that her blog will develop a huge following in 2012.

The Lingerie Project – I first heard of Lorna Laurentino’s Lingerie Project last year, and was immediately intrigued by her philosophy of self-empowerment and self-exploration through lingerie. If you haven’t heard of it, The Lingerie Project is words and pictures of women talking about and showing off their lingerie. Unlike so much of the other “real woman” stuff I see, Lorna’s photos represent women from a range of body types, ethnicities, and backgrounds. The Lingerie Project is another blog to watch; there’s no reason Lorna can’t take the world by storm.

The Full Figured Chest – Many of you are already familiar with Holly, the woman behind The Full Figured Chest. As one of our regular columnists on The Lingerie Addict, Holly brings a full bust and plus size woman’s point of view to the blog, but she also runs her own blog dedicated to fuller figured lingerie. I’m a huge fan of Holly’s straightforward and honest point of view, and I love having a resource to direct my fuller-figured readers to when they’re looking for reviews from women closer to their own size.

That Je Ne Sais Quoi – I actually hadn’t heard about That Je Ne Sais Quoi before a few days ago. Lindsay, the writer behind the blog sent me an e-mail to introduce herself, and I clicked the link thinking I was only going to stop by for a minute or two. Instead, I wound up reading all of her articles. I really enjoy Lindsay’s personal touch on her blog; she manages to make every article feel like you’re sitting down to have a cup of coffee with her.

Butterfly Collection Blog – (Note: Butterfly Collection is one of my former clients.) This may surprise you, but I don’t read very many boutique blogs. Unfortunately, a lot of store-run blogs think it’s all about promoting their products, not connecting with other people over a mutual love of lingerie. That’s why I like Butterfly Collection’s blog so much. They talk about breasts, bras, self esteem, body image, and all those other things that overlap with the world of bras and panties. And although it’s a blog primarily focused on full-busted women, this C cup chick reads it every week.

Are there any lingerie blogs you’ve discovered recently that you love? I’m always on the lookout for new reading material…tell me about your faves in the comments.



Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. I started TLA in a small studio apartment in 2008. Since then, it's become the leading lingerie blog in the world, and has been featured on the websites for Forbes, CNN, Time, Today, and Fox News. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that every who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

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Naughty Bits: Lingerie News for 3/25/12



Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. I started TLA in a small studio apartment in 2008. Since then, it's become the leading lingerie blog in the world, and has been featured on the websites for Forbes, CNN, Time, Today, and Fox News. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that every who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

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Weekly Lingerie Sales – 3/27/12

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Gossard, via StockingsHQ

Image Credit: Gossard via StockingsHQ



Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. I started TLA in a small studio apartment in 2008. Since then, it's become the leading lingerie blog in the world, and has been featured on the websites for Forbes, CNN, Time, Today, and Fox News. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that every who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

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ROYGBIV – The Lingerie Color Wheel

By: Kristina

Here on the East Coast we have been experiencing abnormally warm weather for the past few weeks. The flowers are budding, the birds are singing and New Yorkers are already breaking out their flip flops! While I am really hoping this is not a sign of global warming I’m also welcoming these signs of spring with an extra bounce in my step and the reintroduction of bold, unabashed color into my wardrobe.

This season, color is popping up as far as the eye can see. Pastels are big & neons are plentiful. Who can resist a smooth mint green or vibrant, energetic orange? Certain colors are able to inflict an emotional response in us and can help to either lift our spirits or bring us back to our zen. Therefore this season I propose to inject some new hues into our lingerie wardrobes for a little bit of personal color therapy. And with the craveworthy pieces some of our favorite designers have released this season there is a style for every color personality. Just follow the ROYGBIV spectrum!


Lascivious “Kitty”

Red is the color of strength, vitality and determination. It has optimistic undertones and a dramatic allure, appealing to those individuals who crave the spotlight and live life to the fullest. Red is also a widely used color in lingerie with its vamped up sexual appeal. While we often tend to see a deeper more sultry shade in lingerie, Lascivious has come out with a lighter raspberry tone that I just can’t get enough of. Still sexy and alluring the Kitty three piece set is more flirtatious than seductive which is perfect for the start of spring.


Kris Soonik “Susan Motion”

Orange is the color of youth, curiosity and warmth. Lovers of orange tend to be optimistic and fun loving and enjoy the popularity and socialness that comes along with it. While this color is much less mainstream, especially in lingerie, it still contains a strong happy factory that just can’t be ignored. And for 2012, Pantone, the leader in color forecasting, has predicted Tangerine Tango to be their top color of the year. So get ready to see more orange on the runways and in stores this season! One beautiful piece is the Susan Motion bodysuit by Kriss Soonik. This orange is bright, yet not over the top and is sure to lift your mood when your feeling blah.


Mimi Holliday “Fizz Gig”

Yellow is the color of creativity, wisdom and good cheer. It inspires a sunny outlook and freedom of thought while supporting an adventurous tenacity. Yellow is also a tricky color in fashion as it can be difficult to harmonize with certain skin tones. However lately there has been a growing affinity towards yellows with different brands showcasing various shades from pastels to citrus, canary to gold. One such bold label is Mimi Holliday which has recently introduced its Fizz Gig collection. This lemon colored group is accented with adorable lavender bows for a fresh new take on spring style.


Behati Prinsloo for Princesse Tam Tam

Green is the color of peace, harmony and hope. Lovers of green tend to be gentle, caring and self-aware. It is also the color of new beginnings and can increase a sense of well being and calmness in others. Green is also known as being a tough sell in intimate apparel however it has been getting an overhaul lately as evident in this gorgeous green lace set from Princesse Tam Tam, aptly named the Joy bra and boxer. The vibrant color is shocking – almost on the verge of neon but still manages to evoke a sense of balance and freshness.


Myla “Antoinette”

Blue is the color of poise, charm and tranquility. It is the most popular color of the spectrum and often used by businesses to evoke a calming and peaceful atmosphere. It inspires solitude, serenity and open mindedness, which we all long for in these days of plugged-in, stress filled reality. This sophisticated set from Myla does just that. The cool shade of blue is serene and charming in silky satin. Blue has also been said to be the color of good taste which is evident in this refined yet sexy collection.


La Lilouche “Anouk”

Indigo is the color of introspection, compassion and truth. While sometimes difficult to differentiate from blue, indigo has a more royal and refined connotation and tends to be favored by a more serious and conservative personality. However that doesn’t mean that indigo can’t be sexy and playful! In fact indigo has long been used in lingerie to lend a sophisticated flare to sultry pieces, like this Anouk romper by La Lilouche. Classy and understated, this chiffon one piece has a nonchalant sexiness with its sparkly straps and back ruffles.


Huit “Cupcake”

Violet is the color of authority, royalty and eccentricity. Chances are if you are a lover of purple you tend to be artistic and unique with a witty personality and eccentric character. Take this Cupcake bra set from Huit. The noble color exudes confidence and poise while the scalloped edges and sheer fabric are both quirky and distinctive. This look is clean and easy to wear while still offering that je ne se quoi that purple lovers so avidly possess.


Dirty Pretty Things “Eloise Fluro”

Ok, pink may not be on the official color wheel but there is no denying its place in fashion and specifically in lingerie. Pink is one of the top sellers in the intimate apparel market and its clear to see why.

Pink is the color of romance, affection and fragility. Those who gravitate towards pink tend to be gentle, sensitive and mild tempered while an affinity towards the bolder magenta end of the spectrum yields a more individualistic and non-conformist charm. This Eloise bodysuit by Dirty Pretty Things makes quite the statement with its contrast trim and vibrant hue. This piece will demand attention without you having to say a word.

What are your favorite spring colors this season? Let us know how you plan on incorporating them into your wardrobe!

Why Do Lingerie Retailers Use Only a Few Models Instead of Models in Every Size?

Kiss Me Deadly

Today’s “Why Do Lingerie Retailers” feature is a short one, but a good one. One of the questions that’s come up a lot within the lingerie community (and the fashion community in general, really) is “Why don’t retailers hire a model in each size to show how the clothing looks on a range of body types?” Sounds pretty reasonable, right?

Here’s what Catherine had to say–
Put plainly, it’s money. Photoshoots are amazingly expensive. I get an amazing all-in-one deal (model/photographer/makeup artist/stylist) with Morgana but even I tend to skimp on other things – like the back shots of garments. Cost is also why people often don’t vary their models much. Each model comes with a separate fee, agency fee, and arrangements. Unless you are Marc Jacobs.

Bra Fit Basics: 3 Ways to Tell If Your Bra Fits Correctly

Me trying on a 34HH bra. By Darlene Campbell of

There’s a new video up on The Lingerie Addict YouTube Channel, and in it, I’m sharing a little bit of what I learned about bra fitting from the Eveden Group while in NYC for Lingerie Market.

Eveden, which owns the brands Huit, Fantasie, Fauve, Freya, Goddess, and Elomi, teaches a bra fit seminar at Curve every market season. It’s always well-attended, and after hearing great things about the class from Elisabeth Dale (of The Breast Life) and Laurie Shapiro (of Toad Lillie), I had to go. And I’m glad I did because it was definitely an eye-opener.

Video Screenshot – Me in the Wacoal Lace Embrace

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I’m really honest about not being a bra fitter. I’ve never worked in a lingerie boutique. I can’t look at you and guess your size. I’m rubbish with a tape measure. Basically, I have no qualifications whatsoever to fit you for a bra.

All the same, I get a ton of questions in my inbox every week asking about bra fit. And while I’m still not a fit expert of any kind, this short video will tell you if your bra is doing okay or if it’s time to go in and get resized. I recently went up a cup size myself (from a 34B to a 34C) and when I used these bra fit criteria in my old bra size and my new bra size, I definitely noticed the difference.

If you don’t have time to watch the bra fit video right now, here are the key takeaways from it:

  1. There are 3 places you can easily check on your bra to determine if it’s fitting you the right way or the wrong way: the gore, the underwires, and the band.
  2. The center gore (the bit of fabric between the cups) should lie flat against your breastbone with no gaps or spaces.
  3. The underwires should completely surround the breast. There shouldn’t be any breast tissue outside, over, or under the cup. You can test this by pressing on the outside edge of your underwire – it should be laying against your ribcage, directly on the bone.
  4. The band, where most of your support comes from, should be horizontal the ground, not riding up or dipping down. It also shouldn’t be so tight against your body that it hurts or bruises.

I hope you enjoy watching this video, and that if you’re new to bra fitting, it helps you figure out what to do next. If you have any bra fit tips and tricks of your own to share, I’d love to read them in the comments.

Naughty Bits: Lingerie News for 3/18/12

via: Catwalk Queen

Weekly Lingerie Sales – 3/17/12

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

  • 25% off at Fox & Rose with code mumstheword (ends 3/18/12)
  • 20% off at Eucalan with code ADDICT20 (ends 4/30/12; US & Canada only)
  • 20% off at ASOS with code STPADDYS (ends 5:00 p.m. PST, 3/18/12)
  • $10 off a $75 purchase + Free Shipping at Bare Necessities (ends 3/18/12)
  • $10 off at Sexy Period with code POTOFGOLD (ends 11:59 p.m., 3/17/12)
  • New sale items added to the Hanky Panky sale section

Want to include your lingerie sale in next week’s round-up? Send it to!

(Photo Credit: Fox & Rose)

Lust Objects: Fleur of England “A Dash of Lime” Collection

I first saw Fleur of England’s “Dash of Lime” collection as last year’s Curve Lingerie Show, but since it was super new, I couldn’t photograph it yet (and understandably so, since many luxury lines are ripped off almost immediately after the show). I haven’t stopped thinking about it though, and when I saw the impossibly nice Fleur of England ladies during this year’s lingerie market, they told me I could finally share the awesomeness that is this collection with you.

What I love most about Fleur of England’s “Dash of Lime” series is that it perfectly melds lingerie and fashion. So many people think of those as two completely separate worlds, but there’s really a lot of overlap between them, and Fleur of England proves that again and again. Not only is the hyper-neon lime green perfectly on trend for this season, so is the luxurious lace. This is statement making lingerie, and what’s the point of luxury lingerie at all, if it doesn’t make a statement?

The “Dash of Lime” collection isn’t yet available, but the rest of Fleur of England’s exquisite collections can be purchased in their online lingerie boutique.

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I was going back through my blog archives earlier this week, and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t made a post about being on Pinterest! Though I’ve only been on the service for a few months now, I love it. It’s a great way of keeping track of what inspires me without things getting lost the way they sometimes do on blog-style formats (like Twitter and Tumblr). If you’re on Pinterest too, please give me your link in the comments…I’d love to check out your boards!