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The Look for Less: Dolce & Gabbana Bodysuit, pt. 2

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About a year ago, I wrote a blog post all about my search for a more economical version of Dolce & Gabbana’s vintage-inspired lingerie bodysuit. At the time, I couldn’t find any suitable alternatives, but I vowed to revisit the issue when I did.











On the left, we have an example of Dolce & Gabbana’s classic bodysuit as seen on runway model Sessilee Lopez. Notice the bullet bra cups, wide waistband, and brief bottoms.

On the right, we have Rago’s longline lace bra and lacette brief. When worn together, these items are a wonderful approximation of Dolce & Gabbana’s bodysuit.

Best of all, while the Dolce & Gabbana bodysuit retails for upwards of $1600, you can purchase the Rago bra and briefs for less than $75.

I know which one gets my vote, but I want to know what you think, fellow addicts. Is the Rago lingerie set a purchase…or pass?

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It’s Lingerie Tradeshow Season!

Most fashion bloggers look forward to Fashion Week, but for an addict like me, lingerie market is the most exciting time of the year.

I love looking at upcoming collections. I love meeting the lingerie designers. And I really love bringing you, my readers, new and exclusive sneak peeks of what to expect next season before everyone else. After all, it’s never too early to start your lingerie wishlist, right?

This year, I’m attending three separate lingerie tradeshows: CurveNY, Lingerie Designer Showcase, and New York Intimate Apparel Boutique Show. And just like last year, I’m liveblogging the shows.

You can find up-to-the-minute coverage on three of The Lingerie Addict’s official social media channels: Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram (search for thelingerieaddict). Follow one or follow all three to make to make sure you stay in the loop.

As a lingerie blog written for consumers by consumers, I want to make sure I’m covering the brands and trends you’re interested in. Is there anything you want me to keep an eye out for this year? Tell me in the comments!

P.S. If you’re an independent lingerie designer, retailer, or blogger don’t forget to join Independent Lingerie Professionals! We’re having an meetup in NYC during market…details are in the group.

Introducing the New Lingerie Addict Writers!

As you might remember, about a month ago I put out a call for new Lingerie Addict writers. I got an absolutely amazing response, and I want to take a moment to thank everyone who applied. Not only was it a pleasure to read your submissions, I felt personally touched by the lingerie stories you had to share. Even though I had to narrow the entries down to only six finalists, please remember that anyone is welcome to write a guest post for The Lingerie Addict anytime.

This past April was the 3 year anniversary of The Lingerie Addict, and one of the things I’ve realized as the blog has gotten more popular is that it’s impossible for me to cover lingerie from every point of view. I’ve read your e-mails requesting more features for full bust and plus size women, more articles from the perspective of a lingerie newbie, more pin-up/vintage lingerie, and more ‘behind the scenes’ industry pieces. As much as I love lingerie, I don’t think there’s any way I could adequately cover all those topics.

So it was time to bring on some new writers.

I am super excited about introducing these columnists to you, and I hope you’ll show them the same love and support you’ve shown me for the past several years. And don’t worry…I won’t stop writing. This is all part of the plan to keep making The Lingerie Addict bigger and better.

The first column debuts August 1st. See you there!

Name: Holly
Bra size: 36G
Twitter: @copygeniusgirl
Facebook: Cottage Copy
Favorite Lingerie Brands: Charnos, Freya, Curvy Kate, Fauve, Pour Moi, Affinitas Parfait
Bio: I’m a copywriter for boutique businesses, as well as a freelance columnist. I’m a Southern transplant who loves pimiento cheese sandwiches and hunting for great lingerie.
Lingerie Tip: Shapewear is a great psychological pick me up. You feel sexier and more confident with it under a dress.

Name: Karolina
Bra size: 30D
Twitter: @karolinazl
Favorite Lingerie Brands: Bordelle, Nichole de Carle
Bio: A contour fashion student with unhealthy obsessions with everything lingerie related and the bank statements to prove it. Alternates between listening to obnoxious music and baking too much cake in her spare time!
Lingerie Tip: Lingerie sample sales are one of the best ways to get your hands on luxury lingerie for a fraction of the price if you’re willing to fix a bit of stitching yourself!
Name: Marianne
Bra size: 30C/32B American
Twitter: @popantique
Facebook: Pop Antique
Favorite Lingerie Brands: Pop Antique, Dark Garden, Sparklewren, Electra Designs, Rago Shapewear
Bio: Marianne Faulkner is an independent corsetiere, fashion illustrator, and corset model. She will complete her MFA in fashion design in December 2011, and hopes to go into teaching as well as expanding the Pop Antique line once done with her education.
Lingerie Tip: If a corset doesn’t look very shapely on its own, that’s not going to change when you put it on.

Name: Kristina
Bra size: 34B
Favorite Lingerie Brands: Agent Provocateur, Pleasure State, Made By Niki & La Perla
Bio: I was born and raised outside of NYC and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for lingerie design. I have been working in the industry for 10 years and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Besides designing I love to DIY, read, take photos & travel to new places. I also love animals and volunteer at local shelters in my free time.
Lingerie Tip: The right kind of underwear can change your whole outlook for the day. Always choose pieces that will make you feel comfortable and confident!

Name: Laura a.k.a. Lola Haze
Bra size: shhhhh
Twitter: LolaHazeNYC
Facebook: Lola Haze TM
Favorite Lingerie Brands: Eres, vintage Pucci
Bio: I’ve loved lingerie since before that was reasonable. I taught myself drawing, designing, and sewing, and after graduating from Harvard with an English degree, immediately went to work disregarding it and following my passion for fashion. After a few years designing for a big company, I went off on my own and started Lola Haze TM, (named after the title character in “Lolita,” my favorite book). Lola Haze is playwear for the bold woman who loves fun and dresses for herself! I feel happy and lucky that I get to love my job so much, and am thrilled to share my lingerie enthusiasm with The Lingerie Addict!

Lingerie Tip: Always wear nice underthings; you never know if you’re going to end up in the ER or meet a cutie.

Name: Pippa
Bra size: 34E
Favorite Lingerie Brands: Made by Niki, Marlie Dekkers, Ophelia Fancy, Nichole de Carle
Brief Bio: I’ve recently graduated from the Fashion and Contour course at DeMontfort University, which specialises in Lingerie design.
Lingerie Tip: Rock out the suspender belt!!

Photo Credit: Marianne in her model alter-ego, Victoria Dagger.

Simone Perele Lingerie

Note: This post is a sponsored post on behalf of Bare Necessities. All words written here are my own.

Known for its elegant sophistication, classic designs and comfortable fit, Simone Perele proves that there’s still room in the industry for traditionally seductive lingerie.

Simone Perele is the name of a real woman who began sewing lingerie in a small Paris workshop in 1948. As a young corset-maker (and a woman herself), Simone Perele understood what women desire. Quite simply, all women want to feel beautiful, and for Simone, lingerie was an aid to help them reveal their beauty.

Today, Simone Perele is famous for combining aesthetics and comfort. Every collection uses quality fabrics, embroidery, laces and ribbon to enhance (but never overshadow) a woman’s curves.

Simone Perele is available from Bare Necessities, and prices range from $20 for a basic, seamless thong up to $89 for delicate lacy bra. Have you ever worn Simone Perele? Do you like them? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Let’s Get Social!

First of all, I just want to say “Welcome!” to all my new readers. Traffic has never been higher on The Lingerie Addict, and I am super excited all of you are here. If you haven’t been a reader for long, sit back, settle in, and check out a few of the most popular lingerie blog posts from the archives.

You’ve probably also noticed a couple of pink buttons in the sidebar. Those are for my social media hangouts– Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Though the blog will always be my main hub, I feature lots of exclusive content that never makes it onto this site in those three places. If you want to keep up with all things Lingerie Addict, you’ll definitely want to follow at least one…if not all three!

Wishing you an amazing day,

Photo Credit: Andrea Hausmann Photography

Indie Designer Spotlight: Naomi Lingerie

It’s been a few months since the last Indie Designer Spotlight, but I’ve recently discovered a new lingerie designer that I think you’ll really like too.

The name of the label is NaomiLingerie, and it’s a 100% handmade, Japanese style brand. Every piece is about conveying innocence, warmth, and pleasantness, and I believe these designs do exactly that.

Her supercute patterned boxers especially have me smitten. What’s your favorite piece?

My 10 Fave Lingerie Blogs

Yesterday, one of my followers on my lingerie Tumblr sent me the following message:

I responded with a few of my faves, but I realized I’ve never shared my go-to lingerie blogs here on my own blog. So with that in mind, here are 10 lingerie blogs I can’t do without. You’ll see a lot of new names, and a couple of older ones, but I hope at least one becomes another of your favorites too!

Invest in Your Chest– I am completely in love with Cheryl Warner’s lingerie blog for big-busted girls. Not only does Cheryl bring a fresh, young, authentic perspective to lingerie blogging, she even posts photos of herself in various full-busted bras so her readers can get an idea of how things fit (something I’m thinking about doing more of here on The Lingerie Addict).

Thin and Curvy– Another great blog for the full-busted woman, Brittany’s Thin and Curvy offers practical lingerie advice and fashion tips for women who are well-endowed but not plus size (two things the fashion industry often confuses). If you’re new to Thin and Curvy, start out with Brittany’s articles all about bra fitting for full busts.

Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust–The third lingerie blog on this list dedicated to curvy women, it’s also the newest. But I absolutely adore the founder’s body positivity, her openness with sharing photos of herself in the products she’s reviewing, and her totally approachable attitude. If you’re a full-busted, plus-sized woman, this is your blog.

32aabra– I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight a blog for my small busted readers, and 32aabra is it. Amanda Sage Barnum’s blog is fun, funny, and unabashedly honest. Not only does 32aabra feature the latest lingerie news for women with small chests, it’s also chock full of lingerie reviews…which we all know are really important when it comes time to buy.

Lingerie Talk–A relatively new lingerie blog, Lingerie Talk is filling in the vacancy left by sites like KnickersBlog when it comes to reporting the latest lingerie news. Lingerie Talk’s team of writers often update the site several times a day just to keep up with demand.

Frou Frou Fashionista–One of the first lingerie blogs I ever found, Frou Frou Fashionista will always hold a special place in my little lingerie heart. Not only are Alison & Gail (the mother-daughter team behind Faire Frou Frou) so nice it hurts, their blog is a delightful confection of lustworthy lingerie, fashion editorials, and ideas for the boudoir.

UHQ Models–If you love looking at fashion campaigns, UHQ Models is for you. This is the definition source for lingerie and swimwear related editorials, campaigns, and advertisements…all in stunning quality. There’s not much text, but with so many pretty pictures, who needs it?

Lingerie Haberji–Another of my first lingerie discoveries, Lingerie Haberji has been in the lingerie blogging game for longer than almost anyone else. When you want to see who’s coming out with what next season, visit this blog.

Flirty Skin–One of two blogs on this list written by fashion designers, Flirty Skin chronicles the adventures of Mary, a German lingerie student who’s developing her own label (and modeling lots of gorgeous lingerie along the way!). I love Flirty Skin for its modern, behind-the-scenes look at the lingerie industry from an up-and-comers perspective.

Spokes n’ Daggers–The second lingerie designer blog on this list, Spokes n’ Daggers is the official blog for Hopeless Lingerie, a luxury brand out of Australia. Gaby not only shares inspiration for her lingerie on the blog, she also shares exclusive sneak peeks from upcoming collections. I love getting a glimpse of the people behind my favorite lingerie brands, and Spokes n’ Daggers does just that.

What’s your favorite lingerie blog? Are you a fan of any of the one’s listed here? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments!

Photo Credit: Image via The Lingerie Addict Tumblr…because I love pulp covers.

Buy American: 10 Lingerie Brands That are Made in the USA

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

In the past several years, there’s been a surge of interest in American made products, particularly in the fashion industry. In a recent study, 65% of affluent Americans said they prefer to buy made in the U.S.A. products whenever possible.

While some see it as their patriotic duty to buy Made in America goods (after all, buying more U.S. goods creates more U.S. jobs), others approach the issue from a more humanitarian perspective, citing examples of sweatshop labor, child exploitation, low wages, and unsafe practices that can occur in factories overseas.

Whatever your reasons for buying local, there are plenty of lingerie brands that are made in the USA. I’ve listed 10 of my faves below. What are some of yours? If you live in America, do you believe buying American made lingerie is important? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Hanky Panky
Between the Sheets Lingerie
Toad Lillie [Editor’s Note: As of December 2014, this site appears to be defunct]
Only Hearts
Rago Shapewear

Designer Interviews: Ayten Gasson of Ayten Gasson Lingerie

If you’ve been a reader since March, the lingerie at the top of the page probably looks a little familiar to you. This gorgeous, vintage-inspired, rose silk teddy was last seen in the article 10 Lingerie Sets You Need This Season, and the fact that I haven’t been able to forget it is exactly why I invited Ayten Gasson to the The Lingerie Addict for a Designer Interview.

ayten gasson peach tap pant set

In our interview, Ayten talks about why became a lingerie designer, the motivation behind starting her new eco-friendly range, some of the challenges of being in an independent designer in a competitive, global industry.

1) What did you do before you became a lingerie designer, and what made you want to design lingerie?
I studied fashion at Central Saint Martin’s in London, and had hoped I’d secure a job in the industry once graduating. Once the realisation hit me that most of the trade, especially textiles, had moved aboard I decided to try and start up my own brand. I had grown up around designers and makers, my mother and aunt both being successful in their field.

ayten gasson lingerie 2 daphne set

I knew the importance of the UK fashion industry from an early age and was disheartened to find so many of the factories I’d known as a child had closed down as people sourced cheaper alternatives and cheaper labour. I was also passionate about lingerie, and worked in a well known lingerie chain for 6 years while studying, so knew my thongs from my girdles! I decided a lingerie label would link together my two passions and would be the perfect platform to showcase all the beautiful trims that are, and were, made in the UK.

2) You recently began a new ethical range (pictured above). What prompted your expansion into that area? 
I have always tried to be an ethical brand, and had a firm commitment to sourcing and manufacturing in the UK, and supporting our workers. I also trim all my garments with vintage Nottingham lace from the old lace mill. I loved the idea of being able to recycle these trims and make them desirable again. I also wanted to introduce a new generation to what the UK was once famous for around the world. I knew I was trying to be as ethical as possible, and saw introducing the organic silks and peace silks as the natural next step.

ayten gasson black lingerie

I have also just had my first child, and become more aware of the environment I am raising him in. I’m really proud of the new collection and hope I can expand it over the next few seasons.

3) The UK has one of the fastest growing lingerie industries. What distinguishes the UK market from the US and French markets? 
I have a lot of respect for designers in the US and Europe, and have noticed more and more are manufacturing in their own country. I can only presume that the industry is growing over here because of the amazing industrial history we have here. Many little towns, such as Amersham in Buckinghamshire, have a history in lace design and production. That’s something that someone with an interest in lingerie design would find inspiring. We also have some amazing universities and colleges which have popular contour courses.

4) What are some of the challenges of being an independent designer…and what are some of the rewards? 
One of the greatest challenges is trying to make the brand stand out from all the other new and old brands in the UK. Everyone has a specific USP but its hard work trying to get yours noticed. We are a small brand, so it’s hard to compete with a larger brand who has someone specifically working on PR.

ayten gasson eva silk teddy

The best reward is when you get some positive feedback from a customer. I try and answer all our customer comments and requests myself and it is lovely to hear why they have bought a specific piece. We have also had a fantastic response on our new eco range, which highlighted the gap in the market and lets me know I am listening to the people who buy and wear my lingerie.

5) Your collections have a definite vintage flair. What’s your inspiration? 
Each season I chose a very traditional theme and spend weeks designing and sampling with my assistant Sarah. One season it might be traditional English flowers (with many hours spent in Kew Gardens!), while our SS12 was inspired by vintage penny sweets (with many hours spent eating penny sweets!)

6) What kind of woman is an Ayten Gasson woman? 
Without sounding corny, I hope every woman finds something special within each range. I have pieces in the collection that I would wear out, my friends who have a very ‘burlesque’ style find items which work amazingly for them, then my mother loves the nightys! I think anyone can find something they can make their own!

7) What’s your most favorite piece you’ve designed so far? 
The Peace Silk Camisole Set. It ticks every box and makes me feel good about what I am doing for a living! Promoting ethical fashion, making wearable pieces, showcasing amazing vintage laces and manufacturing in the UK. I also love the Annabel Kimono which Sarah co designed. It is the most wearable yet special item of silk I could ever have in my wardrobe!

8) And, most importantly, where can we buy your stuff?, high end independent lingerie boutiques (such as Lulu & Lush and Bordello), and from August 2011 you can buy our AW11 collection from luxury department store Le Bon Marche, Paris.

Thank you so much for your time, Ayten! Your lingerie is gorgeous.