Corset Shopping: 51 Places to Buy your Next Corset

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One of the questions I’m asked most frequently, especially during an event like Corset Week is, “Where can I buy a nice corset?”

It’s a question I totally understand. Even the most inexpensive (but still quality) steel boned corset will cost you at least $100…and as you get into custom measurements and quality fabrics and special add-ons (like fan-lacing or lace overlay), the price can skyrocket to triple that–at least.

So to make things just a little easier, here’s the official Lingerie Addict list of 50 places to buy your next corset. The first 10 are good sources for off the rack, ready to ship pieces. The next 41 are expert corsetieres who can build a corset from scratch to your specifications. An asterisk by a name means I’ve made a satisfactory purchase from that corset retailer or corset maker before.

I really want this post to be a resource that people can use for a long time, so please feel free to not only share this post with your friends but to also leave reviews of the corset businesses you’ve bought from in the comments. After all, there’s no lingerie addict like an informed lingerie addict.

Off the Rack

Absolute Corsets*
Agent Provocateur
Artifice Clothing
Fairy Gothmother
Hips and Curves 
Scarlett’s Corset*
Timeless Trends*
What Katie Did*

Custom Made

Antiseptic Fashion [Editor’s Note: As of December 2014, this site appears to be defunct]
Atsuko Kudo
Bibian Blue
Boom Boom Baby Boutique*
Crikey Aphrodite
Dark Garden
Daze of Laur
Dragontown Corsets [Editor’s Note: As of December 2014, this site appears to be defunct]
Electra Designs*
Enchanted Corsets
Exquisite Restraint
Isabella Corsetry
The Jane Victoria
Jill’s Corsets* [Editor’s Note: As of December 2014, this site appears to be defunct]
LaBelle Fairy
Lace Embrace
Lady Lucie
Lara Corsets [Editor’s Note: As of December 2014, this site appears to be defunct]
Lovesick Corrective Apparel
Madame Sher
Marvelous Mayhem
Maya Hansen
Miss Katie
Morgana Femme Couture
Nicole Gill [Editor’s Note: As of December 2014, this site appears to be defunct]
Period Corsets*
Pop Antique
Scoundrelle’s Keep
Sian Hoffman
Stormy Leather
SugarKitty Corsets*
Sweet Carousel
Totally Waisted* [Editor’s Note: As of December 2014, this site appears to be defunct]
Velda Lauder
Waisted Couture 
Westward Bound
Wilde Hunt Corsetry


  1. ToriFan13 (Samantha)
    30/06/11 at 23:18

    What do you think about Frederick's of Hollywood corsets?

    • Meghan
      09/05/12 at 21:46

      They’re not corsets at all, they’re cheap lingerie boned with plastic.

  2. HMS
    01/07/11 at 1:50

    I own a beautiful corset from Tomto, Berlin.
    Tonia's work is absolutely outstanding and she is a great person as well.

  3. Anonymous
    01/07/11 at 12:29

    A lot of the companies in the 'custom made' section also have off the rack options! That's certainly the case for AK, Miss Katie, Velda Lauder, Lady Lucie and probably most others too.
    Maz x
    ps: happy birthday Treacle!!!!! :)

  4. a lovely corpse
    01/07/11 at 12:44

    Thanks so much for Corset Week. This morning I thought I'd throw on my corset… and maybe my heart shaped pasties too… and now I'm just hanging out in lingerie :D Thanks for feeding my lingerie addiction ♥

  5. Jen
    01/07/11 at 18:50

    Oh, wonderful post. Thank you! I was wondering myself!

    Samantha, not to speak for Treacle, of course, but I don't think Frederick's corsets are all that great. They are more in line with the not-so-well-made ones mentioned in one of Corset Week's earlier posts. They ripple, they poke, and they don't really suck you in all that well. I'm a natural hourglass, so they definitely stab me in various spots. Just my experience…!

  6. Erden
    01/07/11 at 21:54

    Just a few weeks ago my wife bought a corset from The Bad Button.

    She does custom work and my wife looks like a pin-up in it!

  7. Nikki53
    02/07/11 at 7:37

    I have one of Lace Embrace's off-the-rack corsets (the Victorian underbust), and it is the most amazingly gorgeous/comfortable corset I have ever worn.

    Melanie has one of the largest personal collections of vintage corsets, and she bases patterns on those, which I found very exciting. She is also one of Dita Von Teese's corsetieres.

    Her customer service is also incredible; I had her emailing me for about a week to try to help me find my perfect corset =)

    Highly recommended!!

  8. Wilde Hunt Corsetry
    05/07/11 at 11:30

    Thank you for the kind recommendation, Treacle. :)

  9. Scarletdancer
    07/07/11 at 5:42

    I have just had a corset made for me by Corset Heaven –, it is so comfortable and the best shape yet that I've acheived with my corsets.

    They do sell Vollers corsets, which I've never rated highly but their own brand Luna underbust is fabulous. They offer standard sizes but as their made to measure was only £30 extra, I decided to go for that and I'm really glad I did.

    The lady there was really helpful too as I couldn't decide between a couple of the styles, she took my measurements and pointed me in the right direction.

    A great experience all round, I'll definately go back to them again.

  10. tron-world
    07/07/11 at 18:26

    We've got a local corsetier here in Las Vegas who also owns the only corset store here called "Bad Attitude":

    They do high quality custom-made corsets and their prices are very reasonable; definitely better priced than the Agent Provocateur Corsets being sold several blocks away over at Caesar's Palace Forum Shoppes. And more options, too!

  11. pinkpenguin763
    08/07/11 at 12:16

    @ToriFan13 I have a Frederick's corset that I absolutely love. I got it on sale so the price was good, and I feel like for moderate use it is good quality. I bought my corset after having hand sewn about 4 other corsets for costumes for a show I was working on. I would say the quality of the Frederick's corset is similar to my hand made ones (not to overstate my skills, but I am a fairly good seamstress) and the material was a much higher quality. The only part that worries me are the grommets for the lacing. It looks strong, but if I were making my own for regular use I would reinforce them more than would probably ever be necessary. I would therefore recommend the Frederick's corsets for a fun costume that will still hold you in, specifically if you are heavier or have large breasts (both of which are my care), and will look very beautiful, though may not be as long lasting as a custom or more expensive corset. The bonning is also not super stiff as may be desired, but it does do the job. As for sizing I ordered one size above my usual bra band size just because I am on the heavy side, the fit was great for loose or tight wear on myself, and was fairly decent on some girls smaller than myself. Hope that helps anyone looking at Frederick's! Thank you for the awesome article!

    • Weepingwillow
      09/06/12 at 1:18

      Frederick’s does not sell corsets!
      Those are bustiers and they’re boned with plastic and are nothing more than lingerie or costume wear. There is a huge huge huge difference between corsets, and bustiers/lingerie.
      They do nothing for your figure, they warp, they poke, they bend badly. I’m a very thin woman with no bulges or tummy or muffins and they bend and pucker and warp on my flat stomach!
      Good for the bedroom (where it will be taken off in seconds) and not much else.

  12. seirenis
    27/10/11 at 16:16

    please also consider

    Karybdis Atelier

    she makes custom corsets and is in Italy

  13. sankalpa
    28/02/12 at 17:54

    Why are all corsets sold online? Are there shops or store chains in USA where I can try them out before spending 100 bucks on them?
    Secondly even if I were to buy one form the online stores what measurements should I keep in mind to get the best fit

    • 29/02/12 at 0:23

      Hi Sankalpa! There are tons of articles about corsets on The Lingerie Addict, from why they cost so much to where to buy them to how to buy them. You can either find them through the breadcrumbs on this article or by searching for “corset” in the search bar.

  14. Meghan
    09/05/12 at 21:51

    I’ve purchased from Desert Orchid, and while the shape really wasn’t for me, the quality, service, and price were all fantastic. The corset I received was absolutely wonderful, objectively speaking. I can’t recommend them enough to anyone who likes the hourglass shape.

  15. Freiherr Thomas
    10/05/12 at 19:12

    My wife just received a steel boned corset from , she was in a wedding and saw one that was perfect. Great customer service, amazing quality. she says its the best corset she’s ever owned.

  16. Alexandrea Ward
    10/05/12 at 23:29

    Thanks so much for sharing this information. You just don’t know how long I’ve been trying to find a place to buy a corset or two from. Like years!

  17. Kathy
    29/05/12 at 18:34

    I highly recommend:

    She’s in LA and also makes all sorts of cosplay and historical costumes!

  18. PTG
    08/07/12 at 5:53

    For the off-the-rack category I would like to mention Axfords: reasonable quality, courteous and efficient service. I have been a customer for almost a decade.

    Also, for custom-made corsets, J.C. Creations of Amsterdam has quite a reputation, though I have not used them myself.

    • 08/07/12 at 12:36

      I’ve tried Axfords, and found their quality lacking, especially when you consider their prices. It’s why neither they nor Vollers is on the list.

      I hadn’t heard of J.C. Creations though. Thanks for the recommendation, and I’ll check them out.

  19. Sahara
    12/07/12 at 3:41

    Hey has anyone ever heard of I came across it and it seemed like an informational site with a lot of different facts and differentiations between types of corsets but they also have a link to like 10 corsets they sell that seem like good quality and are reasonable (like $130). I need just the under bust type of corset for my wedding coming up and am having a hard time finding one that is **affordable** as well as good quality that I’ll be okay in for the day. Any specific suggestions or reviews on

    • 12/07/12 at 12:55

      I haven’t tried, but I have seen the ‘corsets’ they’re selling on their site in other places for $50 (sometimes, even less). I recommend Timeless Trends for an affordable, quality underbust (about $99) or What Katie Did for a more high-end and better quality off the rack corset. Eurotique also makes some nice off the rack underbusts. Hope this helps, and you might also want to take a look at my article ‘Should I Wear a Corset Under by Wedding Dress?

  20. Barbara
    30/07/12 at 20:44

    I bought my corset from Hips and Curves. I wish I could afford a really nice on with the steel boning, but for now I have a cheaper one, I love it…they have beautiful stuff on their website. And you have great advice and information on your site. Thanks for all the valuable information!

  21. TurboKitteh
    02/08/12 at 13:48

    Oh Lovesick custom made my very first corset & and it certainly stood up to the test of time & wear! It’s just a simple black dupioni silk sweetheart overbust, but I love it dearly. It makes me so happy to see her on the list.
    I’d also suggest Delicious Boutique ( in Philadelphia, PA. The girls there are wonderful to do business with no matter if you are purchasing off the rack or a getting a custom corset. They re-made an underbust of mine 3 times until I was happy with the fit and look! And boy is it a show stopper when I bring it out.

  22. Jade
    26/11/12 at 4:46

    For the down under divas, Gallery Serpentine in Newtown is a well known institution, almost to the point that almost any corset wearer in Sydney will be able to recognise one! They have a wide range of off the rack corsets in a dizzying array of styles and fabrics (mostly victoriana/goth/steampunk influenced), and also do custom sizing.

  23. Cristy
    15/01/13 at 15:24

    I was all set to order a corset from Meschantes, they have one that I just fell in love with. Their corset liners look very affordable, too. Then I did some research. It appears that they have terrible customer service. Wrong corsets sent, corsets made with wrong fabric, corsets never sent to customers, and ignored emails about it. It seems to happen less often through etsy or ebay, but I I think I’ll stick to a corset that maybe doesn’t catch my eye as much, but I trust they won’t take my money and run.
    Thanks for the great articles!

  24. E
    26/01/13 at 22:00

    I am just now getting into corseting, I really want to start waist training soon. I am a 27/26 in waist and I really can’t pay over $120 do you know of a good place to buy that would be good for waist training as well as a pretty good quality? thank you!

  25. Jen
    19/02/13 at 22:59

    I own quite a few corsets from Timeless Trends and I love them. I’ve been fortunate enough to try them on at their booths at conventions, they are pleasant to deal with, always find me the right fit, and are good quality for the price. Plus they have a lifetime guarantee, can’t beat that!

  26. Andrea
    03/03/13 at 18:25

    I’ve been looking all over New England (VT, NH and ME so far) for a place to GO and get fitted for a ‘real’ corset and am striking out left and right. I find places that say they sell corsets, but you find they are fashion types, with no structure to them at all. My hub and I have spent hours looking…online, driving, calling – any recommendations for physical shops in the New England area?

    • 03/03/13 at 18:59

      Have you tried seeing if a custom corsetiere is in your area? Many corsetieres don’t own physical shops, but could meet you in person for a fitting if you’re purchasing a corset from them.

    • Chellie
      05/03/13 at 21:47

      I’m in the same boat, I live in Portsmouth, NH. I’ve recently discovered a site for Roissy Intimates, just down the road from me, in Greenland, NH. They offer custom fitted Vollers corsets. I haven’t been there yet, but intend to visit this week!

    • Julia
      22/06/13 at 18:02

      For New England area corset buying my two suggestions are event based.
      1) NELA Fetish Fleamarket. They have a summer & winter event. The winter event has waaaay more vendors. Buy a day pass and check out the vendors. There are usually at least a half dozen real corset makers.

      2) Go to a sci-fi convention like Arisia. Buy a day pass and check out the vendors. There is a room for vending as well as at least one floor of “Dealer’s row” where people vend out of their hotel rooms. Again plenty of real corsets

  27. ak
    12/03/13 at 1:16

    What about exquisite restraint? (my room mate got a corset there and loves it)

  28. Ashley
    25/03/13 at 3:16

    You said that a quality corset would be around $100 or more, yet you suggest Hips and Curves?

    • 25/03/13 at 18:51

      Hips and Curves sells steel-boned corsets that cost more than $100. I don’t understand the issue here.

  29. Leia
    02/05/13 at 8:00

    Around Christmas time last year (2012) I placed an order with Ann Grogan of Romantasy Corsets for a lovely custom Edwardian underbust. Right before the corset arrived I had a medication change due to severe edema throughout my entire body. My doctor had me stop taking the med and put me on water pills for a short time and I lost at least 15lbs and shrunk in size quite a bit.
    Ann has been absolutely fantastic throughout this ordeal and has worked with me to not only get my original order cut down to my current size but also to order another corset that she and I designed at her salon in San Francisco to especially aid with my severe back pain (I have a herniated disc and nasty fibromyalgia, I have found that corsets ae able to provide the torso support that my damaged body no longer can, plus they make you look amazing and feel like the confident, beautiful woman that you really are.)
    Because of Ann’s impeccable customer service and the wonderful craftsmanship of her corsetieres she has won a dedicated customer for life.
    Please take the time to review the wearable and functional artwork of Exquisite Romantasy Corsetry at

  30. Sophia
    14/10/13 at 10:59

    What’s your impression of Angela Friedman corsets?

  31. Mika
    22/11/13 at 4:32

    I have lost 130 pnds in 16 months, I just recently purchased 2 corsets from naughty smile, they are okay, but do not fit quite right, my first purchase was Fredericks and YES, they do bend, poke, rub and hurt, I am really disappointed with my experiences, I feel like my breasts are pushed up abnormally in the naughty smile corsets, while sitting down it is as though the girls could be a resting spot for my chin, very awkward feeling.but on the positive side, if I fall asleep while sitting I know my head won’t roll around, lol, the other issue is the roll over the top in the back, the proverbial issue of back fat. I have read that even thin girls have some roll over in the back, maybe mine is more, due to the fact that I have lost so much weight? I don’t know, both over/under corsets push the roll up in my back, but I think I like an under best, however, neither one fit right so its hard to tell. One thing I do love is the sexy curvy silhouette I get from it and the way my husband of 34 yrs looks at me when I wear it, plus it helps me stay aware of what I eat as I have a ways to go in the weight loss arena. Thanks to all, your posts have been helpful, but I am still in a quandary over whom to choose.

  32. Nadia
    23/12/13 at 17:24

    I own 4 corsets made by from the Netherlands.
    She makes standard size and custom corsets with high quality.

    • 06/01/14 at 4:50

      Thank you! I need to update this list; there’s been a LOT of new corsetieres since we published it.

  33. 03/01/14 at 4:22

    There’s a nice corsetiers in Milan: AliGe

    • 06/01/14 at 4:23

      Thanks for sharing.

  34. Georgia
    04/06/14 at 21:52

    Hey, thanks for the great resource! Is there any particular reason Orchard Corset didn’t make the list? I own three of their corsets and their underbusts are $100US or less

    • 05/06/14 at 1:38

      Mostly because I didn’t know about them at the time/they were selling different products at the time. This blog post is from 2011, but it’s on my list to update this year (we’ve got a few updates that need to happen).

  35. 24/06/14 at 10:37

    I had a custom corset made at Lovesick Corrective Apparel in Toronto. The whole process took a couple of months and cost around $500 for a custom, over-the-bust corset, but Andrea did a beautiful job. When a decent, off-the-rack corset costs $300, then why not go for custom? The fit is infinity superior, especially if you’re large-busted like me.

  36. 08/08/14 at 10:13

    Hi Cora, sorry if you get this twice – I was typing and the text box just disappeared on me so I’m not sure if it was submitted.

    Hoping you will consider listing my shop as a resource for people to be fitted for real corsets. I am not a corset maker. I am a professional corset fitter for the Vollers line of corsets. I know you are familiar with them but I never see anything about them in any of your online media – I hope it’s not because you don’t like them. (Short story: I started selling corsets, in particular Vollers corsets, in my mid 40’s after wearing one of their corsets, and actually my very first real corset, had such a huge influence on how I felt about myself as a life-long full figured woman, that I HAD TO make these corsets available to more women my age!)

    I am the only Vollers showroom in the United States. I am the only place to see and try on every corset in the Vollers line and I couldn’t love what I do more…..especially connecting face to face with women who have never worn a corset before and feel brave enough to give it a try, then fall in love with not only the corset but THEMSELVES!! I love it. Please consider listing A Beautiful Corset. I love what I do. I am not a big company. It’s really just me behind everything (well excepting of course that Vollers makes everything). I’d love to answer any questions you might have or your readers might have about the Vollers line – Vollers has been making their corsets since 1899. They are pricey…I know you know that too but they are worth every penny and did you know we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on every corset now? That’s new as of the fall 2013. I’m trying not to sound like an ad here…sorry if I do. I just want to convince you we are worth a look and even a listing ;) Your site is great – hope you are still loving what you do every day! Kindly, Tamar

    • 08/08/14 at 16:19

      Actually, I have tried Vollers on several occasions (back around the beginnings of this blog), and I was very disappointed with the both the quality and the fit. Because of that, I’ve never talked about them on this site. I genuinely believe my readers can get a much better product from many other corsetieres and corset makers (and often for a lot less money to boot).

    • Argent
      28/12/14 at 21:57

      This is a pretty old comment, so I’m not sure if you’ll see this, but I’ll give it a try anyway. I actually visited your showroom once perhaps two years ago and I want to say it was a great experience. The corsets Vollers offers are really not the shape for me as they’re not enough of an hourglass, but I had a wonderful time trying some on and you provide a great atmosphere. I hope you’re still loving what you’re doing!

  37. 03/03/15 at 8:33

    Thanks for the brilliant list and fabulous blog. Love your work! I think Totally Waisted is now at ? I purchased via her etsy store in Nov 2014 :)

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