What the Addict Wears to Bed: Vintage Slips

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I love vintage slips.  Not only are they a glamorous throwback to a bygone era, they’re the perfect introduction to a world of vintage lingerie..inexpensive, widely available, and flattering on almost everyone.

As a brief aside, there’s one key difference between vintage lingerie and retro lingerie.  Vintage lingerie was made in the past. Retro lingerie just looks like it was made in the past–it’s actually constructed in the present-day.

E-bay is always my first choice for vintage slips, with Vanity Fair and Van Raalte being my preferred brands.  I’ve found some great deals for under $10 so even the most budget-conscious diva can indulge. Etsy is another great choice, though their prices tend to start a bit higher…around the $20 mark.

What do you think of my slip?  I wore one of these on a recent date with The Boyfriend and he loved it even more than my overtly sexy lingerie.  Funny how that works, yeah?

In other news, the “L” key on my laptop keeps sticking.  I can’t begin to tell you how inconvenient that is when you’re writing a lingerie blog.  There’s an “L” everywhere!  Good night, lovelies.

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  • Ligeia

    absolutely gorgeous!! I so love them but as I tend to sleep in lingerie I resist to buy them hehe


  • Petra Bellejambes

    I am inspired to do a little slip shopping my dear. I am more inspired to tell you that you are simply gorgeous.

    Oh, and the leopard print body briefer in the linked post – outstanding.

    Keep shopping, snapping, and posting!

  • Patricia

    I wear vintage slips to bed every night! I get the white ones at thrift stores (Sally's, Goodwill, etc.), usually for $2.00 or less on their sale days, then tie-dye them. We also carry vintage slips on our vintage site. They make great house dresses, especially in the summertime. And of course, they can be worn in the traditional manner.

  • rach

    I sleep in little nighties and things, so these would be perfect and sound like they're a bargain! Since they're vintage, do the sizes run about the same, or do you have to go up a size?


  • Nina

    Oh wow! This is something new to me … soooo lovely!

  • bad-penny

    This is just blatantly pandering to slip-fetishists. Hurrah!!, can we see some more please?

  • Sher

    Very nice, they look so comfy and sexy at the same time!

  • daisychain

    I'm totally on a slip mission now.

  • Couture Carrie

    Totally gorgeous, darling!
    So luxe and chic!


  • MissNeira

    I do too! slips are so comfy..and im not going to forget to say theyre so friggin sexy
    I love your slip.. you look hot!

  • cervin

    Very nice :)
    You are sexy and very chic.

  • Kelly

    I usually do not have the patience for vintage shopping, but I do loooove going to bed in slips. All my favorites hang on a hook in my room so every night I can pick which one strikes my fancy.

  • Kallie

    i love the color of the slip. i could never sleep in anything but pants, but now i wish i could!

  • Things That Excite Me

    Very beautiful. Your boyfriend is very lucky!

    I adore vintage lingerie. It feels like it ties into something sexy and mysterious from the past… A hidden connection with a primal past. Gorgeous.

  • Leah

    So sexy… so gorgeous… how I wish I can wear vintage slips to bed. I'm always in my PJs.

  • Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle

    This is such a great idea! I may have to abandon my cozy pjs forever now! I'm going to look for some of these, they are super sexy! :)

    xo Mary Jo

  • A red lipstick

    I love vintage slips! You look lovely in yours :)

  • Monika P.

    you look, so , so , so good! To be honest I love going sleep in something 'pretty' too, everyone feel better then.

    Monika from J'adore Fashion

  • clarewbrown

    whew! How cute are you!! I love this slip. I only have one, but you inspired me to get more.

  • Cafe Fashionista

    Ohmigosh that is stunning! Why is it that sleepwear is often more gorgeous than streetwear?! :)

  • maiddiane

    Hello Treacle,

    What i think is it's wonderful! Delectable! Great picture – slips are so sweetly feminine & You look great. You do this classic garment justice. Lucky Boyfriend!

    Sorry about the 'L' though. :o(


  • trishie koh

    I love vintage lingerie too, they're sexy without being overtly so.

  • Mish Dish

    the vintage slip is absolutely gorgeous. xo Mish


  • Dustjacket Attic

    I love the soft shade, I so should wear something like that to bed.

  • C.

    Oh vintage slips are so so pretty!


  • badside

    Love the pic! I'm not surprised BF had such a strong reaction…yum! We must be on the same wavelength, I've been working on a sleepwear post myself, look for it tomorrow.

  • Joanne Faith

    Vintage slips are gorgeous & I especially love yours. The color is perfect. :)

  • Marz

    Wow, that's gorgeous! And the price points are amazing. I love how men will often give us nice surprises as to what they love in lingerie, its fascinating.

  • Jerica

    Wow girl you look gorgeously sexy in that! You modeling things like that makes me want to go out and buy something similar, in hopes I will look like that! hehe

    Thanks for defining vintage and retro, makes sense. I sleep in slips/nighties but I'm not sure if they're vintage or retro lol. *oblivious*

  • Panty Buns

    You look very sexy and hot in that petty slip. Thank you for sharing the photo – it's a treat. I hadn't thought of wearing my slips to bed before. I do wear Vanity Fair full brief panties to bed and have a collection of vintage half-slips by Vanity Fair and by Kayser. I bought them about 30 years ago and believe they're probably still in good shape (some never worn). Next time I go up to the attic I'll have to dig them out and try sleeping in one to see how it feels. Thanks for the idea.

  • frankufotos Lingerie

    I read a recent newspaper article about how slips are so out of fashion and hard to find, now.

    My girlfriend has a few, but hasn't slept in them. We may have to change that ; )

    Then again, maybe it's that we're in our mid-20's that makes them more interesting to us – they're sort of glamour-from-the-past.

  • Lacy Slip

    Very sexy piece…love it !!

  • Mori

    Love the pic! and will look for a few for my own collection.

  • http://www.waltzerl.blogspot.com Lisa Walter

    Lovely slip. I am also a slip/ lingerie addict. I have mostly retro slips, not vintage….I’m not sure how to determine if they are vintage.

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