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September 2009

One of the issues that has really snapped my garter in the past is how so many lingerie retailers repackage (and rename!) stockings from major hosiery manufacturers like Cervin. Catherine, owner and designer of the much-loved lingerie label Kiss Me Deadly, recently sent me a very explanatory letter on exactly why so many companies do this. I’ve copied and pasted her e-mail, with minimal editing, below, and I hope you […]

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While we’re on the subject of fashion trains I forgot to catch, I never really picked up the sequins trend. Ever since seeing these shiny knickers on Topshop, though, I’ve been wondering if I should expand my horizons. What do you think? Sequined panties + white ribbed tank + sheer, backseam pantyhose? Or have I been drinking the Kool-Aid again? If it helps, here’s the look from the Chanel runway […]

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After 18 months of lingerie blogging, I feel pretty confident in saying I’ve worn almost every kind of underwear out there, no matter how extreme or eccentric. Yet, there’s one type of hosiery I haven’t tried yet–suspender pantyhose.Now, I’m finally thinking of giving them a shot. I’ve narrowed my choices down to three selections. What’s your favorite? Or should I leave these risqué tights alone all together?   Sheer Luxe […]

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