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I wrote this article a week or so ago, but decided against publishing it. Then I thought about it more and decided this article needed to be published, but also that I should explain why I was so hesitant in the first place. And so here we are a with a blog post that’s somewhat meta and rather inconclusive, but hopefully shines a light on what seems to be a […]

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If you’ve followed this blog for awhile, and especially if you read our post on bras and sagging breasts from earlier this year, some of the stuff I’m about to say in this piece will probably sound a bit familiar to you. Bras… breasts… body image, these are topics that come up on TLA time and time again in on form or another, but I felt a blog post dedicated […]

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Earlier today, June of Braless in Brasil launched a Diversity in Lingerie campaign. It’s all about bringing attention to the lack of diversity in the lingerie industry, and in addition to posting a picture of themselves with the hashtag #DiversityinLingerie, bloggers are also encouraged to write a post on what diversity means to them. My thoughts on the absence of diversity within the intimate apparel industry are no secret; I’ve […]

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Unless you’ve been on a media diet for the last month or so, you probably know the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (VSFS) happened last week. Billed as the “Sexiest Night on Television,” this year was the 10th televised broadcast of VSFS (even though there’s been a version of the show since the mid-90s) and it’s turned into a bit of a tradition. Between its millions of viewers (and subsequent millions […]

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