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While every generation has its major fashion moments, the past decade has seen some of the most exciting lingerie trends to ever happen in fashion history. Yet, beneath all that flash and glamour, what’s most interesting is how familiar many of these trends are. Yes, they’ve been reworked a bit and adapted to fit the sensibilities of a modern audience, but as the saying goes, “Everything old eventually becomes new again.”

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Ever since the initial launch of Nubian Skin, there’s been an increased level of coverage dedicated to brands making undergarments in shades of nude which look natural on a variety of skin tones. I’ve been very excited about the level of attention the issue and the brands have received, but disappointed that most of the write-ups haven’t included more options for bras in larger band sizes or mention of the fact that these lines don’t include larger sizes.

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After decades of ignorance, ambivalence, and outright hostility on the topic of nude underwear for darker skintones, the lingerie industry has recently undergone a complete (and completely unexpected) upheaval. Suddenly, brands that have never considered producing for or marketing to women of color are reconsidering their strategy and questioning conventional (read: conservative) knowledge. What’s at stake? The possibility of being ignored by a rapidly growing — and increasingly vocal — […]

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Lingerie of the Week: Natori Feathers in Cocoa

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links. As I’ve written about several times now on TLA, finding nude lingerie to match your skintone can be a special challenge if you’re a woman of color. The default nude in the lingerie industry is best described as beige, leaving out a rather significant portion of the world’s population when it comes to finding undergarments suitable for wearing under white or sheer tops. […]

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Every once in a great while, a lingerie line comes along that I’m deliriously excited about. Right now, that line is Nubian Skin Lingerie. If you’ve never struggled with needing to find nude lingerie in a darker skintone, the importance of this brand may be lost on you. Already, I’ve run across various remarks from people asking, “Well, what about light skin?” or insisting that the occasional mocha brown fashion […]

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