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5 Articles You've Missed If You're Not on The Lingerie Addict Patreon

agent provocateur

About 18 months ago, I started a Patreon for The Lingerie Addict. Patreon, in case you haven't yet heard of it, is a way for readers (or listeners or fans) to directly support the work and art of folks they already follow and support. In my case, Patreon has allowed TLA to retain its independence.

Being less dependent on brands means we can be bold, honest, and authentic with our content because it's you - our readers - paying the bills. In this current media era where so much content is sponsored (whether that sponsorship is disclosed or not) having spaces where you can trust what's being said is more important than ever.

Our readers' patronage funds everything from the more visible parts of the site (like our writers) to the invisible, considerably less-glamorous parts (hosting fees...the occasional attorney's fee). And to be perfectly honest for a moment, without Patreon, TLA likely would have had to close its doors by now.

Our stance on inclusivity and diversity, our policies regarding product reviews, even the fact that we're one of the few blogs dedicated solely to intimate apparel - all of that means The Lingerie Addict is often passed over when it comes to more lucrative sponsorships and brand partnerships. I don't believe in exchanging ethics for ad dollars, so I accept that as the cost of running TLA in this way. But there is a cost, and it is very real.

If you're not yet a Patreon member, this is the perfect time to join. Memberships start at $1/month and go all the way to $100/month. In exchange for your patronage, you receive exclusive articles, early sneak peeks at upcoming projects, and even access to Patreon-only livestreams where we can chat directly!

If you believe in The Lingerie Addict and it's mission and want to help keep us online, supporting the Patreon is one of the absolute best ways to do that. And trust me when I say no amount is too small; literally every dollars goes back into the site.

Want to get a sense of what your fellow Lingerie Addicts are seeing over on Patreon? Here are a few of my most popular articles! All posts below are accessible from the $1 level.

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agent provocateur

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