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Lingerie of the Week: Figs Underwear Kiyoko Silk Slip

Figs Underwear Kiyoko Silk Slip

One of my absolute favorite things about running a lingerie blog is discovering new brands. I have my tried and true favorites like everyone else, of course, but the thrill of seeing an item or collection that's still unknown, that's still a secret to almost everyone, is unparalleled.

I firmly believe an important part of TLA's mission is to shine a light on those new, often independent, brands. Because otherwise, most people simply won't hear about them. The deck is often stacked in favor of companies with hefty PR budgets or hidden industry connections. Yet, as we begin 2018, I want to make sure The Lingerie Addict is still a place where new and different brands can get their first bit of press coverage.

Figs Underwear Kiyoko Silk Slip

Though I barely lived in California long enough to call myself a proper resident, I did get a tiny peek at their lingerie scene. The intimate apparel industry, while not as robust as what NYC has to offer, is growing and thriving, in large part due to SoCal's celebrity culture. Many of today's major influencers live in Southern California, and the effect of getting your product on someone with a million or more Instagram followers cannot be denied.

I also appreciate how Southern California culture is reflected in the brands that take root there; there's more of a relaxed view towards intimate apparel. Lingerie is seen as something that can be worn out and about (quite appropriate, given the weather). There's also less of an emphasis on invisible foundation garments, at least for everyday (the red carpet is another thing entirely). Instead, the idea seems to be, "If someone's going to see what you're wearing, at least make it pretty."

Figs Underwear Kiyoko Silk Slip

On a more personal note, I love the resurgence of 1990s-era minimalism in silk slips. I wasn't old enough to wear these when they were first a trend, but I do remember thinking how elegant the women that wore them looked. So effortless. So gamine. That concept of uncomplicated, offhand glamour is one I seek to replicate (though often unsuccessfully), but I feel like a silk chemise helps.

I like Figs Underwear's Kiyoko silk slip because it pairs all the things I love about silk (the transparency, the lightness, and so on) with a contemporary print. This is something I'd almost certainly wear just around the house, but it would make me feel cool, like one of those people who always had a perfectly put-together outfit.

Figs Underwear Kiyoko Silk Slip

In addition to the minimalist aesthetic, I also appreciate Figs' ethos, using deadstock fabrics which might otherwise go into a landfill for their limited-edition collections. There's a lot necessary and important conversation about waste in fashion, and I believe a dialogue on how excess fabrics get used should absolutely be part of that.

The Kiyoko slip is available in sizes XS-XL and retails for $180. All items are made in LA. What do you think of Figs Underwear? Would you wear something like this?

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Cora Harrington

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