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Farewell to Mary Green Lingerie

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links.

Image via Dollhouse Bettie

Image via Dollhouse Bettie

With almost no fanfare and very little warning, Mary Green Lingerie closed up shop last month. Their website is gone. Their Facebook page abandoned. And who even knows if they ever signed up for Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr?

Mary Green was a label I bought from infrequently, yet one I have fond memories of. When I first started blogging, I purchased a pair of crepe black silk panties with metallic lace trim from them. Though they're several years old now, they're in excellent condition, and I see them as one of my first luxury purchases.

As a brand, Mary Green was best known for its vintage-inspired silk loungewear and nightwear. Eyemasks, robes, chemises, and teddies were among their most popular offerings, and I confess that I've been lusting after their sheer, black, silk nightgown for years.

Image via Anthropologie

Image via Anthropologie

While I'm sorry the brand is gone (it's always sad when a classic label goes defunct), I have to admit I'm not surprised. Mary Green seemed to be a brand that was unable to keep up with the times. Their website hadn't been updated for at least five years (right down to the fluorescent pink splash page), and their social media presence was spotty at best. Despite a feature in April 2014's Glamour Magazine (US), I rarely saw the brand engage in any substantive marketing or PR campaigns (which was a shame because their products were timeless). Instead, like many "old school" lingerie companies, Mary Green seemed to coast on their popularity from the 1990s and 2000s.

Though one of Mary Green's former sales reps told Body Magazine that the company is headed in a new direction, there's no word about what that direction is. Only time will tell if Mary Green makes a comeback (à la Farr West) or if they disappear into the aether (like Lady Marlene, Wundervoll, and Cameo Intimates before them).

Image via Nasty Gal

Image via Nasty Gal

For now, you can still purchase Mary Green Lingerie from Trashy Diva, Dollhouse Bettie, HerRoom, Brabarella, Journelle, Free People, Forty Winks, Linda's, Anthropologie, Nasty Gal, and Amazon. I'd hurry and pick up anything you're really interested in though... these pieces are bound to sell out soon.

Have you ever owned anything by Mary Green? And if so, what did you think of it?

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