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Lingerie Trends: Fringe, Ouvert, and 'Swimgerie'

By: Kristina

Hi Everyone!

My name is Kristina and welcome to my first blog post ever! I am so excited to be writing to you today and sharing my perspective on the wonderful world of lingerie.

As a lingerie designer of 10+ years I have seen my fair share of fads, favorites & failures. Trends come and trends go but many have managed to withstand the test of time and have become our “core classics” that never go out of style (black lace, 3 piece sets & animal print to name a few).

However today I am not going to showcase these beloved trends but instead give you a taste of my current obsessions of the moment – those cant-live-without objects of lust that, practical or not, have risen to the top of my wish list and refuse to show signs of decline.

No Strings Attached
Sure we have seen fringe used in lingerie before but they have often seemed to evoke a cheesy showgirl quality to them and never really made the grade. For us girls that strive for an A+ there is a new class of fringe that has recently caught my eye.

*Made By Nikki has risen to the occasion with their new Spring collection featuring ombre fringe in sensual nude & sultry black. As sexy as it is fun I could not only see these edgy pieces getting props in the bedroom but can also envision them as made-to-be-seen layering pieces for a night on the town.

*Lascivious is also jumping on the fringe bandwagon with their new collection of black mesh separates with crème tassel details – always a classy color combination. While these fringe details are a little more understated they still score an A in my book proving that sometimes less is more.

*Agent Provacateur has always been a fan favorite with lingerie enthusiasts and their strappy fringe playsuit does not disappoint! This racy 1 piece also uses ombre or dip-dyed fringe in the sexiest color combination. While we can safely assume this piece will be kept within the confines of ones bedroom it is still fun to fantasize about how great this piece would look on a Vegas showgirl or circus show performer!

Cleavage Alert
Why should boobs have all the fun? Cleavage is a powerful tool women have been using for centuries to sway the minds (and eyes) of our male counterparts. But why limit ourselves to chest cleavage alone? The derriere has quickly become a worthy rival of the bosom! If JLo, Beyonce & Kim’s buxom backsides have taught us anything it is that our booties deserve to be flaunted - not hidden.

*We can always count on Bordelle to be on the forefront of cutting edge boudoir wear and their Infragante brief is nothing short of sexy. While it does have a bit of a bondage feel to it the satin bows and classy color combination make it slightly more Marilyn and a less Dominatrix. Which ever category you lean towards you can be sure this brief will be a hit in the bedroom!

*Looking for something a little sweeter and subdued? Damaris has got you covered – or should I say not-so covered? This pretty lace panty has gotten an overhaul with a larger then average back keyhole that reads “tease” all over it and is sure to turn on any lucky viewer who’s fortunate enough to get a peek.

*La Fille d’O is still a relatively new label out of Belgium but their flashy styles are not to be missed. Adding an unexpected (and rather large) keyhole in a strategic location is exciting enough but when combined with a little fringe detail - Im in love! This brief is #1 on my wish list this season.

*I just had to add this legging from The Lake and Stars into the post because it’s the perfect example of how butts are getting more play. What guy in their right mind would turn down a girl in this inviting number? Im not saying this pant is practical or worth the high price tag but the surprise factor alone sure makes this an intriguing piece.

Each summer I notice more and more bathing suits that look like they should be lying in my unmentionables drawer instead of lying out in the sun. The lines between the two are blurring as performance fabrics are styled with delicate intimate details like lace & ruffles. Here are a few swimsuits that may raise a few eyebrows at the country club pool this summer.

*This Free People bikini could easily pass for a cute daywear coordinate set with its floral print & sweet lace details. But don’t be fooled – this suit is is 100% swim ready - underwire and all.

*Norma Kamali has had much success in the swimwear world and I am loving her new black lace one piece this season. As sexy as it is conservative this suit is perfect for women who don’t want to bare all at the beach but still want to show their sexy and sophisticated side.

*Shimmi swimwear tends to appeal to a younger customer but the idea of this piece is the same. Upon first glance one wonders - is it underwear or swimwear? The white satin triangle top and matching brief are made with textured fabric & have cute details that would make you think the former but the performance fabric proves otherwise.

*This suit from Zimmermann is another subtly sexy one piece that provides a little more coverage while still oozing seductiveness. A mixture of lace and mesh would normally belong in the bedroom but with Zimmermann’s spin you wont get any complaints wearing this one out out on the beach for all to see!

Well that’s it for my first blog entry! I hope you enjoyed it and share my infatuation with these drool-worthy pieces. Join me next time when I report back from the lingerie shows in Paris & London next month where I’m sure I will find a whole new list of obsession worthy trends!