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silk stockings…

…yeah I want some.

Doesn’t the welt look just like stained glass? Pure luxury.

Sadly, my dear and much appreciated readers, this mini-post is all I can muster at 1:32 a.m.

The series on my search for “nude” stockings should be starting soon. For now, it’s off to bed.

P.S. The stockings are available here (though not in the color shown above, I believe) if you’re interested.

Stockings, Pantyhose,and Tights on Sale

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Nordstrom’s sale just started yesterday. They’re the place I go for workplace hosiery (pantyhose, control tops, trouser socks, etc.).
is offering a 33% off sale on all Aristoc hosiery. I’ve never tried the Aristoc line, but I’m tempted to purchase a pair or two of their 5 denier (!!!) stockings for the summer heat.

is also having a summer sale. I’m thinking of trying something from the Charnos Simply Bare line which claims to be the only nylon hosiery that lets your legs “breathe.”

Happy shopping, and please feel free to comment here if you find any more sales! :-)

victoria’s secret sale

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that Victoria’s Secret is having their semi-annual lingerie sale. Now let me be perfectly honest and admit that I am not a fan of Victoria’s Secret right now. They went wayyyy overboard with the PINK line, and alienated many women who don’t like neon letters screenprinted on their fannies.

However, in recent months, VS seems to have recognized the error of their ways, and is beginning to offer more sophisticated underthings for their customers who prefer not to dress like high schoolers.

Victoria’s Secret’s brick-and-mortar stores stock things which aren’t available on the web store and vice versa, so I’d recommend checking both if you’re so inclined. Their hosiery is typically available both online and in store. VS has a couple of gartered items offered on their website right now (like the retro-style garter panties pictured above). I also tried on a couple of garter skirts and garter panties in one of their mall stores (but didn’t buy anything).

My primary problem with Victoria Secret’s merchandise (besides that whole PINK debacle, anyway) is the discrepancy between the costs of their items and the quality of their items. If I spend $30.00 on a garter belt, then by golly, I want a real garter belt and not just a bedroom accessory. While their garters do have the essential metal clips and holders (flimsy metal, but metal all the same), the fabric and construction of their items is simply substandard. I couldn’t help but think, repeatedly, that I could get a similarly styled, better constructed, more reasonably priced garment from somewhere else.

The exception is their hosiery. I can genuinely say that Victoria’s Secret has some of the best quality budget stockings you can get in the States.

All right, enough editorializing. The sale is here.

stockingirl sale is running a special Memorial Week Sale.

Enter code 333 to save 15% on your entire purchase.

Enter code 444 to save 50% on your lingerie purchases (excluding shapewear).

For all my readers, this is a perfect time to stock up on some quality hosiery at discount prices.

Indulge yourself!

what’s next?

Expect a series about my journey to find the perfect pair of “nude” stockings.

In case you haven’t realized, I’m a dark-complexioned woman of color. Therefore, the typical shade of “nude” is anything but for me.

I’ve amassed quite a collection of brown-hued hosiery (think coffees, chocolates, and taupes), and I can’t wait to give them all a try and discover what gives the best match.

Plus, they’re all super sheer (10 denier or less) which makes them perfect for summer wear.

The Rago Review: A Classic Corselette

Above is the Rago corselette, lace powernet, firm control, 70% nylon/30% lycra, sizes 34B-48D, six garters, $45.99-$69.65 USD.

Rago is a leading name in shapewear. They’ve been in business for over 50 years, and they have a tradition of high quality yet budget friendly merchandise.

A corselette is a girdle dress. Imagine your favorite girdle extending from your bust to your upper thighs, hugging every inch of you all day long. If you like girdles (and if you don’t, you should), it’s a marvelous sensation. The tummy panel provides firm control, and the shaping bands on the waist, hips, and derriere all help to keep you pulled in. The lace powernet stretches to semi-sheerness once on and it looks a bit like having a floral tattoo.

Oh dear. I sound like I’m writing a love letter, don’t I?

The soft bra cups have a slightly pointy shape, but are not nearly as defined as a bullet bra, nor do they need bra pads to fill them out. The corselette has a low, scooped back which means you can wear it with your low-backed dresses, though I wouldn’t go so far as pairing it with something “backless.” Of course, the six garters have metal clips and adjusters. The girdle dress is a pull on style and has neither zippers nor hook-and-eye closures.

Something to note, if your hips are more than 10 inches larger than your waist (like mine are), you may have to make the difficult decision of either a) ordering up a cup size and having the proper fit on your hips but requiring pads to fill out the bra cups or b) ordering your correct bra size and having it fit your bust but be extra snug about the waist, hips, and rear. As this is a shapewear item, I don’t mind the extra control down below, and so I simply stuck to my regular bra size.

I’m 5’8″, and the hem of this garment comes just to the end of my derriere. It’s very stretchy however, so I could see someone a few inches taller than me wearing this so long as s/he was comfortable with it being a inch or two higher. You petite people are lucky as this could double as a mini-dress at a costume party (who wants to be a pin-up girl?) or fetish event.

The Rago corselette is a classic piece. I believe it’s one of the few things that is absolutely required in your wardrobe, and I’ve not said that about anything before.

You can purchase here, here, or here.

Extra, Extra: Falke Thigh High Stockings Review

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Above are the Falke Joan thigh highs, nylon/lycra blend, sizes S,M,L, $42.99/pair, sheer, 4 in. welt, available in black or white.

I’ve not yet talked about a pair of tulle stockings in my blog before. Tulle, also known as micronet, is great for people who are really hard on their stockings–like me. Why? Because tulle requires a lot of effort to rip, run, or ladder. Stated plainly, it’s the look of sheer hosiery combined with the durability of fishnet.

The Joan thigh highs also come with extra details: a backseam and ribbon corseting on the back of the welt. I don’t know about you, but when I spend upwards of $40.oo on a pair of stockings, I want to feel like I’m getting something special and those little, additional luxuries help.

I ordered these in size large and they come to the very top of my thigh, so, if you like your stockings more on the mid-thigh or if you’re on the low end for your indicated size, you may want to consider going one size down. The welt contains a single, wide, very comfortable band of silicone that doesn’t constrict the leg at all. Finally, the tulle itself is exceedingly comfortable and adds an interesting texture to the legs that you can’t get from either sheer hose or fishnets alone (it reminded me of a cabaret girl).

The only real con is that, like most Falke hose, they’re a bit pricey, but, as I’ve said before, quality always is. You can purchase here.

how did I miss these? (more falke lust)

A real review is coming up soon (I promise), but first I have to post about these tights.

You see, instead of being a responsible adult and writing my thesis, I surf the net for new and wonderful hosiery. I have a constant fear of missing out on something–be it a sale, a new item, or a limited edition–so I check certain sites several times a day, always wanting to be the first to know the latest news. Sometimes, however, I miss out on something spectacular, like the tights above.

They’re the Sophia tights by Falke, nylon/lycra/cotton blend, sizes S/M or M/L, sheer, matte, in colors ivory or black, $31.25 (USD)/pair. In case you can’t catch the detail from the picture, these stockings are made to look (and probably feel) like lace.

I’ve been wanting a pair of lace stockings that didn’t look cheap or tacky for awhile now, and these are it. Sadly, I found out about them too late. As of right now, the only color available is ivory in size M/L and my googlefu is only showing them on one website: Even sadder, there’s no indication they’ll be getting more of this item in stock.

Boo. I hate it when I miss out on things.

it’s that time again

I’ll post a real review soon, but for now, it’s going to be lust.

Above is the Fresh Foundations by Made by Niki suspender skirt. Available in black or lilac, it costs £112.00 or $235.00 (USD).

I’m not sure what the skirt is made of as none of the websites want to say (powermesh maybe?), but it’s definitely an attention getter. Seriously, this is too extraordinary to hide.

You can purchase here, here, here, and here.