Lingerie of the Week: Ari Dein ‘Song Dynasty’ Chemise in Gold Leaf

Ari Dein

I’ve never been a very fancy person. I love nice things, it’s true, but I don’t really care about price tags and designer labels. At the end of the day, it’s about how a garment makes you feel, and lingerie especially should make you feel wonderful. Maybe that’s why I love Ari Dein.

It’s hard for me to explain, but the entire line has that indescribable ‘it’ factor, a certain intangible quality that I just didn’t understand until I’d seen it in person. You’ve probably read about how clothing used to be made back in the day, and lingerie was no different. The fabric was incredible. The seaming and stitching impeccable. The attention to detail immaculate. That’s Ari Dein.

It’s a return to classic lingerie, not in terms of the silhouettes, but in terms of how it feels, how it’s made, and how it makes you feel while wearing it. In this chemise, no matter where I actually am, I could pretend I’m sipping champagne and eating macarons in the penthouse suite of the Waldorf Astoria, and what Lingerie Addict doesn’t want to feel like that?

Available in sizes S, M, L from Derriere de Soie. Retail price: $360.00.



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  1. 02/11/12 at 21:14

    Awww, so pretty. I love the gold & black combination.

  2. 11/11/12 at 11:29

    Perfect! Black and gold is the perfect colour combination for me when it comes to lingerie and accessories. I would snap this up in a hot minute!

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