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September 2011

Founded only in January 2010, Canadian brand Fortnight Lingerie is perhaps most famous for being featured in last year’s ‘Super Sexy CPR‘ viral video. But if next season’s collection is any indication, Fortnight is about to be known for a whole lot more. Sweet, seductive, and deceptively simple, Fortnight’s clean lines and sumptuous fabrics embody today’s trends in fashionable lingerie. Best of all, Fortnight manufactures sizes 30A-38E. This is definitely […]

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A few months ago, I was on The Lingerie Addict Twitter talking with a reader, when a retailer said to me, completely out of the blue, “For someone who isn’t a lingerie expert, you sure know a lot about lingerie.” Now, I wasn’t offended by her comment. I’ve always been completely open and honest about the fact that I’ve never worked for a lingerie boutique, a lingerie brand, or a […]

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By Laura: Rompers and onesies and teddies… oh MY! The one-piece dressing trend has a lot of women worried, but the teddies I’m talking about have nothing to do with claws and teeth, so don’t be afraid! Rompers have been flouncing around the streets and runways for a few seasons, and they are nowhere sexier than in the boudoir. As a designer, I love designing rompers and teddies. Because they […]

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By Kristina: As a lingerie designer, I am constantly on the lookout for new and innovative labels, from which I gain inspiration and ideas. Now, I’m not talking about knocking off original designs (which I do not condone) — I’m talking about searching around for new silhouettes, fabrics, or details that can help me gain insight into what the upcoming trends may be and forecast what will become top sellers […]

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By Pippa (For Part 1, please go here) 5) Toiling I personally have a major love/hate relationship with toiling. A bad toile can affect my mood for the rest of the day. Having sometimes spent hours drafting the pattern for your design from scratch, it’s necessary to mock up the garment in cheap fabric (ideally with similar qualities to the final fabric) in order to the check fit and make […]

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