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Sponsored Post: Why I Shop at Bare Necessities

Note: This post is a sponsored post on behalf of Bare Necessities. All words written here are my own.
I’ve talked a lot about the particular piece of lingerie that inspired me to start a lingerie blog (they were the Falke Peacock Welt Stockings, by the way), but I haven’t talked very much about the store I first saw those stockings in. That store, of course, was Bare Necessities.
I don’t remember how I first learned about Bare Necessities, but I do remember (and this was before I started blogging) being completely overwhelmed by their selection. I’d only thought about bras, panties, and hosiery as purely functional items…they were there to do a job and that’s it. To see all these pretty, lacy underpinnings? Well, it literally opened up a whole new world for me.
Better still, Bare Necessities made me feel like it was okay to experiment. This was a time when I didn’t know my bra size. I didn’t know my knickers size. I didn’t know which styles of lingerie fit and flattered my body. And, as a graduate student, I really didn’t feel comfortable going into my local lingerie boutique (I lived in the Atlanta area at the time) as I knew everything there would be completely out of my price range. I can’t tell you how many items I bought, tried on (sanitarily, of course), and returned…all without any fuss or pushback from Bare Necessities.
I placed my very first Bare Necessities order on January 31, 2008. Since then, I’ve bought my very first pair of Wolford tights from them. I’ve bought my very first La Perla bra from them. And I’ve bought my very first Le Mystere bra from them. They are still the place I go to for everyday basics from Hanky Panky, Cosabella, and DKNY (I actually just placed another order there last night!). You can’t keep a customer for nearly four years unless you’re doing something right.
Yes, Bare Necessities carries over 200 sizes. Yes, they can cover you if you wear a bra size 32A through 56M. Yes, they make an annual donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. But at the end of the day, that isn’t why I shop there. I shop there because I know it’ll always be an easy…no, effortless experience. And I know it’ll be the same for you too.
Have you shopped at Bare Necessities before? What do you think of them?
Photo Credits: Top photo of the La Perla ‘Villa Toscana’ bra and panty set…the latest addition to the lust list.

Fortnight Lingerie S/S 2012 Collection

Founded only in January 2010, Canadian brand Fortnight Lingerie is perhaps most famous for being featured in last year’s ‘Super Sexy CPR‘ viral video. But if next season’s collection is any indication, Fortnight is about to be known for a whole lot more.

Sweet, seductive, and deceptively simple, Fortnight’s clean lines and sumptuous fabrics embody today’s trends in fashionable lingerie. Best of all, Fortnight manufactures sizes 30A-38E. This is definitely my kind of sexy.

The ‘Lola’ lingerie set and ‘Mary Jane’ bodysuit have me absolutely smitten. Which piece is your favorite?

I’ve Always Said I Have the Sexiest Readers Ever…

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What Makes Someone a Lingerie Expert?

A few months ago, I was on The Lingerie Addict Twitter talking with a reader, when a retailer said to me, completely out of the blue, “For someone who isn’t a lingerie expert, you sure know a lot about lingerie.”

Now, I wasn’t offended by her comment. I’ve always been completely open and honest about the fact that I’ve never worked for a lingerie boutique, a lingerie brand, or a lingerie designer. I’m proud of being one of the very few lingerie bloggers out there who doesn’t come from a fashion, media, or marketing background. The Lingerie Addict is and always has been about talking lingerie from an everyday woman’s point of view…not from the industry point of view.

(As an aside, if you do want to know what my career has been for the last 7 years, sign up for the Very Important Addict List…I’ve got a special announcement to make tomorrow.)

But her remark did get me thinking. If, after 3 years of blogging about lingerie, I didn’t know enough to be a lingerie expert…well, then who does?

I don’t believe working in a lingerie boutique is enough in and of itself to make one a lingerie expert. I’ve had a bra fitting at one of the most famous lingerie boutiques in America, and was left unimpressed. And I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of visiting a lingerie boutique and realizing the staff knew very little about the merchandise (which, if you’re a boutique owner reading this, is really not okay).

I don’t believe working for a lingerie brand necessarily makes you a lingerie expert either.You’ll learn that particular brand’s products inside and out, but how much of your knowledge is generalizable to other brands? Not to mention the inherent conflict of interest in working for one brand–you’re automatically inclined to think their products are best for everyone…when that may not be the case.

And, to bring things a little bit closer to home, I don’t believe being a writer or an editor (yes, even a writer or editor of a lingerie publication) automatically makes you an expert. As I mentioned in this lingerie article, one of the lesser-known secrets of the lingerie industry (and of fashion in general) is that the brand with the biggest PR team wins. Which means there is a lot of amazing lingerie we never, ever hear about.

I guess what I’m asking is the same question from the title, “What makes someone a lingerie expert?” I don’t think you have to be an “expert” to know what fits and flatters your body, or to know what you like and don’t like. And you certainly don’t need to live in a fashion capital or have a huge lingerie budget to be an expert…though I think that’s the message we get from the media sometimes.

I’ve said a lot about what I don’t think so far…so here’s what I do think. I think every woman has the ability and the capacity to become a lingerie expert, even if you’re just a lingerie expert for yourself. Being passionate about lingerie, being curious about lingerie, being well-informed about lingerie, and being willing to make a lingerie mistake or two…that’s what makes you an expert (and a lingerie addict too, for that matter). It’s not necessarily about being told what to wear or telling others what to wear, it’s about caring enough to make sure you are wearing the best possible undies you can. That your lingerie fits, flatters, and makes you feel like the amazing woman you already are.

I know this a controversial position. I’m basically saying that everyone’s a lingerie expert…or that no one’s a lingerie expert. But I’ve been turning this question over for awhile, and I’m really interested in what other people have to say. So what do you think, dear readers? What makes someone a lingerie expert? Can we all be lingerie experts? Are lingerie experts helpful at all? Share your thoughts in the comments below. I read every single one of them.

Weekly Lingerie Sales – 9/24/11

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Photo Credit: Myla Lingerie

How to Wear Your Teddy (and I’m not talking about Bears!)

By Laura:

Mary Green Teddy, via Dollhouse Bettie

Rompers and Onesies and Teddies…oh MY! The one-piece dressing trend has a lot of women worried, but the teddies I’m talking about have nothing to do with claws and teeth, so don’t be afraid!

Rompers have been flouncing around the streets and runways for a few seasons, and they are nowhere sexier than in the boudoir. As a designer, I love designing rompers and teddies. Because they hug the body and visually create one sleek shape for the torso, they are a canvas for creating incredibly flattering and sexy detailing. They can be used to highlight a tiny waist or cute derriere, while drawing attention away from areas that some ladies would rather keep on the DL.

So many women love them–on the hanger. Customers say to me all the time, “I LOVE this, but I could never WEAR it!” Au contraire, ladies.

Here are some tips from someone who designs , loves, and WEARS teddies:

1) Peek-a-boo!
Not ready to go full teddy yet? There’s nothing more playful or alluring than a little peek of teddy under your civilian clothes. A deep V cardigan or top, or a flowy blouse with open armholes can be perfect introductions for a little ruffle or lace to say hello to the world. The world, in turn, will do a double take….and say a friendly hello back.

For a sporty look like Gwen Stefani’s, try multiple layers with contrast colors. Or if you want a more delicate look, try it with just a tiny bit of lace visible. Remember, a little lace goes a long way, so keep your outer layer simple and your lacy piece mostly covered. To really show off your favorite opaque teddy, try it with a high-waisted long skirt or pants.

2) Sun and Fun!
Who says loungewear is only for lounging inside? Summertime and early Fall are practically invitations to rename your romper a “cover-up” and take it to the pool or beach! So lounge away in your swimsuit and romper–and accessorize with some bright wedges and lip gloss, and maybe a bronzed lifeguard or two.

3) Let Me Teddy into Something More Comfortable…

A couple glasses of wine, a romantic dinner…you disappear into your bedroom and then emerge in a stunning teddy and a robe just barely closed…his jaw drops…need I say more? Here is a pick from my own line and a picture of the mistress of teddies, Bettie Page!

So what are you waiting for? Get romping, ladies! Tell us how you like to wear you teddies in the comments.

Paris/London Trend Report: New Lingerie Designers to Watch in 2012

By Kristina:

As a lingerie designer I am constantly on the look out for new and innovative labels from which I gain inspiration and ideas. Now I’m not talking about knocking off original designs (which I do not condone) – I’m talking about searching around for new silhouettes, fabrics or details that can help me to gain insight into what the upcoming trends may be and helping to forecast what will become top sellers a year from now.

Well, after my recent trip to Paris and London to visit some lingerie trade shows and trend services, I have scouted out a handful of start up labels that I feel have lots of potential to make it to the top. Here are a few of those new brands that I plan on keeping a special eye on in the next few seasons!

Shell Belle Couture was recently started by Michelle Blenkinsopp in an attempt to create a luxury lifestyle brand with beautiful feminine details and vintage undertones. And after viewing her newest collection of lace and mesh underpinnings I think you’ll agree that her venture is already a success. Based out of London, Shell Belle uses delicate, lightweight fabrics in some unique and innovative ways, which include antique replicas of eyelash lace, dainty swiss dotted mesh and thoughtfully placed embellishments & bow ties. This luxurious collection is sure to make any woman feel feminine and demure.

Obey My Demand sounds more like an S&M club then a lingerie label but once you check out these designs you will understand why. Creator Leanne Brooke’s new London based brand utilizes a mix of leather and mesh for her avante garde pieces that are equal parts sexy and equal parts rock & roll. Bold cut outs, metallic studs & layers of mesh ruffles make each piece a contradiction of arousing delight. These pieces are not for the faint of heart, which is evident in OMD fan Lady Gaga who sported a sexy leather bra & panty set for her “Born This Way” music video. Oh, and did I mention that OBD just won 2011 “New Designer of the Year” at the UK lingerie awards? I definitely have my eye on this new talent!

A more conservative yet equally beautiful label recently launched is Fraulein Annie by Frauke Nagel which is also designed out of London. With expert craftsmanship and romantic detailing it is easy to see these designs making it big in the mainstream population with its feminine glamour. The current collection is not only stylish but also touted as fashionable shapewear that is easily worn under everyday clothing. With its wide selection of bra cup sizes ranging from size A-G and its advanced, comfort focused fabrics, these pieces are within realistic reach for many of us practical girls and will most likely become an object of my next upcoming lingerie investment.

And finally we have Electric Ibiza – a new line just launched last year by Emma Jean Sharpe out of Ibiza, Spain. These cheeky designs are sexy and edgy with a hint of European flair. The newest collection showcases linear details, transparencies & one piece bodysuits that are designed to be worn as outerwear as well as innerwear. And with pieces this daring & unexpected, any fashion risk taker would look forward to showing off one of these attention-grabbing pieces during a night out on the town.

I wish I could share with you all of the highlights from this seasons shows, but there are just so many great new start ups all worthy of their own attention – it’s almost impossible to just pick a few! I look forward to seeing what these new labels will bring to the table next season and hope they all continue to inspire and impress. Which are your favorites? Tell me in the comments!