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August 2010

Today is the start of a brand new feature here on The Lingerie Addict… Designer Interviews! As you already know, I am super-passionate about small brand lingerie. Of course, I love the big guys too, but I genuinely believe niche designers bring something to the market that corporations simply can’t replicate. I also know that in this cash-strapped economy, small designers are the ones least likely to have the thousands of […]

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Today’s “Ask the Addict” comes courtesy of longtime reader N. who asked his question over on Facebook: Q: “Hi, Treacle. My partner is extremely petite (UK size 6-8 max [That’s 2-4 in US sizing ~ Treacle]) and she often struggles to find online retailers that cater for her size. Do you know of any good online retro lingerie stores that have much lingerie in […]

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The short answer? Almost always no. While I won’t name names, for a lot of high end designers, you’re paying for the brand and what it represents, not for any innate quality of the lingerie. Celebrity endorsements, popular magazine features, and even that expensive high street address all go into price… which is then passed on to customers. After all, silk is silk no matter whose label is sewn on it, and […]

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