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Photo Friday: Electra Designs Corsets

There are some lingerie designers who just make me swoon.  Atsuko Kudo, the lady behind Lady Gaga’s latex is one.  Bordelle, the lingerie prodigies bringing an S&M aesthetic to the masses, is another.  Electra Designs, designer of some of the most gorgeous and technically masterful corsets in the world, is a third.  Don’t believe me?  Just take a look at her most recent creations below.  The woman is an absolute artist.

Want more Electra Designs?  Then find her on Twitter, LiveJournal, or Model Mayhem.  It’s well worth the minute of your time because she’s always posting examples of her latest work.  And from the limited conversations I’ve had with her, she’s as nice as cherry pie.

P.S. I truly believe Electra’s corsets are some of the best out there.  If you agree, please give a “Thumbs Up” to this post here so other people can learn about her too.  Thanks so much!

Review Wednesday: Breeze Comfort Perforated Push Up Bra

 Today’s the start of a new Lingerie Addict tradition, one that I hope will become as consistent and enriching as my first tradition, Photo Friday.  One of my goals when I first started writing this blog was to have a place people could find honest, unbiased reviews before purchasing lingerie.  That goal is still very important to me, and to make sure it happens more frequently, this week marks the beginning of Review Wednesday.

Full disclosure: many of the products I review here will be free samples.  I’ll be sure to let you know when they are.  However, you can rest assured that every opinion presented here is my own.  When I like something, I’ll tell you.  And when I don’t, you’ll know that too.  Otherwise, what’s the point of a review?

Today, I’m talking about the Breeze Comfort Basic Black Push Up Bra.  Manufactured in China, the Breeze Comfort line is the “world’s first padded and sports bra that breathes.”  It’s designed with ventilated padding, which lets heat and moisture out but allows air and circulation in.  These tiny perforations aren’t visible from the outside, so you don’t have to worry about the bra being sheer or see-through.  The bra I’m reviewing here retails for $27.99 (with free shipping to the U.S.) and is available in sizes 32A through 44DD.

My first impressions upon taking the bra out of its packaging was that it was very smooth and basic.  It was tag free, had double straps, and low plunge front which are all nice features.  Upon putting the bra on, it added both shape and lift to my bust.  My clothing was filled out by about an extra cup size, and the bra was perfectly seamless underneath both dresses and t-shirts.

However, there was a major downside.  This bra has way too much padding, and the padding it uses is both hard and uncomfortable.  It felt a bit like having two sandbags on my chest, and people I hugged while I wearing it (including my boyfriend) remarked on the amount of padding between their bodies and mine.  While the bra looked nice under clothing, I felt odd while wearing it, as though it was dramatically obvious that I was wearing a push-up bra.  That kind of discomfort is definitely not sexy.

I can’t review the breathability function, as it’s still rather cold and wet in Seattle but I can say that based on the discomfort associated with the padding, I’d be reluctant to purchase this on my own.  Has anyone reading this tried the Breeze Comfort bra?  And do you all know of any comfortable, push-up bras?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Disclosure: I received the item discussed above free of charge for review purposes only.  The retailer/manufacturer/designer did not influence this review in any way, shape, or form.  All opinions presented here are the authors own.

I’ve Always Had a Thing for Red Sonja.

I’m not sure if I’ve “outed” myself on the blog yet, but I am a massive geek.  The kind who not only reads comic books and attends comic-cons but also dresses up like comic book characters.

I’m so geeky that I started planning my costumes for this year’s Dragon*Con six months in advance (hint: there will be at least one white wig involved).

But now I want to add a new costume to my arsenal.  As problematic a character as Red Sonja is, I’ve always loved her and that little chainmail bikini.  I know it’s utterly impractical battle attire, but that’s not the point.

Red Sonja owns that costume.  She’s so badass, she doesn’t care that her most vital organs are vulnerable.  And she knows that she’ll have plenty of time to eviscerate her opponents while they’re busy ogling her body.  That’s pretty hot.

It’s not quite chainmail, but I definitely think I could embody a bit of that warrior spirit in this metal bikini.  After all, lingerie doesn’t have to be practical all the time.

P.S. Has anyone heard any updates on that Red Sonja movie with Rose McGowan?  I’m asking partly because I’m interested and partly because I wanted to post this picture.  Yes, I’m being very bad, I know.

Ask the Addict: Quarter and Half Cup Bras for Less?

 Warning: This post contains photos which are Not Safe for Work.  Please proceed with caution!

Good morning, everyone!  I know that Monday’s are the hardest day of the week, so hopefully this post will make your day just a little sexier.  Today’s question comes from longtime reader Krystal, who asks the following:

“My name is Krystal. I love you blog, I check it every day. Well I have come across quite a few bras that have caught my eye lately, but they all seem to be out of my price range right now. I just can’t reasonably purchase a bra with a price tag of $130 or more right now. 

I was wondering with all of you knowledge of the lingerie world do you know any place that would have bras with a better price tag? I’m looking for either a quarter cup bra or a cupless bra. I just love the look with some pasties. I’ve provided some links to some of the bras I’ve found so far.”

Two of the links Krystal included were of the Agent Provocateur bras pictured below.   While I agree that they are very, very hot, they’re also very, very pricey at $150 and $160, respectively.

Here are the budget-friendly alternatives I was able to find for Krystal, and they all cost less than half the price of either Agent Provocateur bra.  There’s an option here for everyone from the lithe to the voluptuous!

Note: The first few photos contain nudity.  While I prefer not to post nudity on the blog, in this case, the only product shots available include naked breasts.  Please proceed with caution.
 Cameo Intimates “No Apologies” Sheer Cupless Bra
Cameo Intimates Half Cup Bra for A & B Cups
Cameo Intimates “Sublime” Half Cup Bra for C,D, & DD Cups
Shirley of Hollywood Stretch Lace Shelf Bra
Shirley of Hollywood Classic Lace Shelf Bra
Shirley of Hollywood Scalloped Embroidery Shelf Bra
Hips & Curves Ruffle Shelf Bra
 Hips & Curves Shelf Bra with Chopper Bar Lace
Lane Bryant Lace Overlay Quarter Cup Bra
 Red & Black Lace Shelf Bra

Krystal, I hope this post helps you in your search for the perfect bra.  What do everyone else think?  Do you dig any of the cupless bras pictured above, or is this style just not for you?  Why don’t you tell me in the comments!  And if you’d like to ask me anything lingerie related, feel free to e-mail anytime at

Are Curvy Women Too Sexy for TV?

In a tasty morsel of lingerie-related news that’s sweeping the blogosphere, Lane Bryant alleges that ABC network rejected their brand new Cacique lingerie ad for being “too sexy.”  Yes, the very same ABC that broadcasts the Victoria’s Secret fashion show every year.

According to Lane Bryant, ABC demanded excessive editing and recuts because the model’s cleavage was, well, too cleavagey.  ABC vigorously denies the claims and is all but calling Lane Bryant a bunch of liars.

Regardless of what actually happened, this is an excellent excuse to post a couple of lingerie commercials.  For your perusal, I present the deliciously sexy Lane Bryant lingerie ad, followed by the scandalously scintillating Victoria’s Secret ad from their most recent fashion show.

Tell me which one you prefer in the comments!

Credits: Thanks to LunarCamel for the heads-up! Photo courtesy of Fox News.

Earth Day Lingerie: Eco-Friendly Looks for the Boudoir

Today is Earth Day and environmentally conscious citizens everywhere are encouraging people to “reduce, reuse, recycle.”  Never let it be said that The Lingerie Addict doesn’t care about the environment; below are some of my favorite organic, sustainable, and otherwise earth aware faves.

My more crafty readers may want to check out this DIY article on making underwear from old t-shirts…a great second purpose for that soft, broken-in shirt you just can’t get rid of.

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 Enamore “Black Lashes” Silk Camisole & Panty Set
ClareBare Organic Bamboo Jersey Romper
Hopeless Lingerie Organic Bamboo Jersey “Sally” T-shirt & “Fred” Knicker
 Urban Fox Handmade 1940′s Style Stocking Set
Under the Root Organic Cotton “Bhaironess” SlipDress
BrookThere Bamboo Sustainable Lingerie Set
Eberjey “Embrace” Organic Bamboo Camisole & Boyshort Set
SandMaiden Organic Cotton Jersey/Viscose High Rise French Knickers & Bandeau Bralette
Sock Dreams Organic Cotton Pattern Mix Tights
Eco-Boudoir Bamboo Robe

Tinsel for Your Ta-tas: A Nippies Review

The glow from last weekend’s burlesque show is just starting to fade, but before I put away my afro wig and hang up my booty shorts, I want to review my choice of nipple covers for that evening…Nippies by Bristol6.

Many people have worn nipple covers, and almost everyone has heard of pasties, but Nippies is the best of both of those worlds. It combines the adhesive properties of a regular nipple concealer with the sparkly, jewel-like qualities of a pastie.

Bristol6 was kind enough to send me a sample of the sparkly gold stars pictured above, and they were absolutely amazing.  Not only did they completely cover my nipples, they also stayed in place through two sexy, sweat-inducing burlesque routines.  I wore my Nippies for a total of six hours, and they didn’t move, budge, or slip until I peeled them off at night.  Several of my fellow classmates complimented me on having such a nice alternative to traditional pasties.

There’s only one downside, but it’s a pretty significant one…you can only wear them once.  At around $7.50/pair, they don’t quite qualify as an everyday extravagance.  However, if you fan Nippies on Facebook, they’ll take 15% off your order and give you free shipping until May 1st.  Hmmm…maybe I should pick up another pair or two.

Disclaimer: Though I received my pair of Nippies free of charge, every opinion presented in this review is my own and is not influenced by Nippies, Bristol6, or any entities associated with them.  I just think they rock!  ;-)