5 Easy Steps to Organizing Your Lingerie

In the past few weeks, I’ve had several people ask me for tips on how to better organize their lingerie.  Believe me when I say I haven’t got a perfect system yet, so we’ll probably revisit the subject more than once this year.  However, these five steps have definitely helped me get started.  As always, please feel free to comment with tips and tricks of your own.  I definitely want to hear what you have to say.

1) First of all, throw away anything ratty, worn out, discolored, faded, threadbare, or that has stretched elastic, holes, or underwires poking through.  No, I don’t care how much you love it or how pretty it used to be. We’ll get you another. I promise. ;-)

2) Second, divide your remaining lingerie into piles. I use three: lingerie worn frequently to semi-frequently, lingerie worn once or twice and never again, and lingerie that’s never been worn at all (brand new and/or with tags still attached).  You may need more or fewer categories depending on how much lingerie you own, and on what kind of sorting system works best for you.

3) Donate everything in that last pile to The Salvation Army, Goodwill, or a local battered women’s shelter. My day job is in the non-profit industry, and I know for a fact that these places never have enough new women’s underwear.  In addition to all that good karma, you’ll also get a tax break.  However, please do not donate anything worn (and that includes worn-out) to these facilities.  You wouldn’t want to wear someone else’s dingy undies, neither do the people who use these services.

4) Find other uses for lingerie in the second pile. For example, my Momma used to keep a bagful of lingerie that wasn’t “quite right,” and use it for dust rags. If it helps, think about it as another kind of recycling.  If something won’t work well as a dust rag (for example, your lace teddy from the 1980’s would scratch the good furniture), throw it out.  No exceptions.

As an aside, I know that some women like to keep their old knickers around for when Aunt Flow is visiting. While I understand that logic, I’m not sure I agree with it.  For me, the days I’m feeling least sexy are also the best times for good underwear.  No one is saying you have wear a silk chiffon thong during that time of the month, but a nice pair of black microfiber boyshorts would work just as well and make you feel even better besides.

5) For things you love and wear often, use them as a guide to future lingerie purchases.  You can refer to my article from last year, “How to Buy Lingerie You’ll Actually Wear,” which outlines 10 steps for rebuilding your lingerie wardrobe, from getting a professional bra fitting to buying lingerie that looks just as good under your clothes as it does without them to purchasing multiples of the same piece.

What are some of your tips for keeping your lingerie organized?  Tell me in the comments!


  1. Savvy Gal
    28/01/10 at 1:04

    These are such great tips. I go through my lingerie yearly to rid of yucky pieces. : )

  2. SoCalMan
    28/01/10 at 1:42

    Love the new look. So crisp, clean, and vibrant!

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  4. janettaylor
    28/01/10 at 1:57

    Great tips and what lovely new blogdesign! :-)


  5. michelle_
    28/01/10 at 2:52

    thanks for the tips !
    i totally need this !
    and great layout :D

    many thanks for the sweet comments as always .
    keep bloggin XD
    xoxoxo : michelle @ GLISTERS&BLISTERS

    28/01/10 at 4:43

    Bravo for the new design of your blog. I like very much, it is very elegant and sexy.

  7. Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl
    28/01/10 at 5:25

    Aw I absolutely LOVE the new layout!!! So easy to navigate through, so organized! I am going to be an official follower now :)

    Now onto the subject of the post :)

    I love your tips! I agree with everything you have to say. I don't really divide my lingerie into piles according to teh frequency of wear – I just liek to see all the options and then decide. But what I do, and what works for me, is I use a different drawer section for my bras, panties and nighties/teddies. When storing my bras, I like keeping them on full display – one bra's cups kept tightly to the next one's, if this makes sense? :) This way I see what I have and the color options and the bras keep their shape. The ones with the soft cups (is it how you even call it? lol) are usually stored in between the ones with firmer cups and this works well for keeping them looking good too.

  8. Betsy
    28/01/10 at 6:06

    Thanks for the tips! I definitely can use them when I start my spring cleaning soon… Great design btw

    Love, Betsy.

  9. Alison
    28/01/10 at 6:19

    I like this – it's something we all need to do and never get around to it! Good post x

  10. cervin
    28/01/10 at 6:22

    oulala ;)
    I like very much the new design of your blog Miss.
    It's very elegant and so sexy.

    Of very good tips, but I am not very arrangement… Ouille

  11. Couture Carrie
    28/01/10 at 8:58

    The new layout looks gooooorgeous, darling!

    Fab post!


    28/01/10 at 9:05

    NIce tips!
    I started to organized better my colletion…however, I confess that only the good lingerie is organized…the other ones are a pure mess!

    I will work it out after your great post ;) Thanks a million for that!

  13. Sher
    28/01/10 at 9:50

    Oh, thanks for these reminders! My lingerie drawer now looks like a warzone, looks like it will need a lot of tidying up:P

  14. daisychain
    28/01/10 at 11:00

    This is such a handy post. I realllly need to sort my lingerie out so couldn't have come at a better time!

  15. Kelly
    28/01/10 at 11:17

    First of all – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new layout!

    I have 3-4 big canvas bins I use to store my lingerie. It's certainly not the most elegant solution but my bedroom ceiling is slanted all funny and there's nowhere that a nice lingerie chest could both a) fit and b) not hit the ceiling. In my new house I will definitely have something better. But I digress…I keep bras and garter belts in one bin, panties in another, "miscellaneous" (slips, crinolines, teddies, corsets, chemises, etc.) in the third. I keep my stockings in ziploc bags in a similar bin where I keep my socks. The baggies are actually super nice – it keeps my stockings from getting snagged when I am rifling through looking for socks, and it keeps pairs of stockings matched up! I like keeping the "always used" and "seldom" used stuff all together, because it inspires me to bust out my nice "seldom worn" stuff more often.

  16. Twila Jean
    28/01/10 at 12:30

    Love the layout!

    And #1 is dead on.. with us moving I keep trying to remind myself to THROW away the ratty old stuff. ugh.

  17. Leah
    28/01/10 at 12:58

    I've been waiting for this lingerie organization pointers from you for a long time. Thanks for finally sharing the tips. xoxo

  18. Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle
    28/01/10 at 13:43

    This is such a really good guide, thank you! I need to sort mine out because I'm always forgetting I have stuff–such a good reminder to get organized :)


  19. Mrs. M.
    28/01/10 at 14:02

    i agree-the new layout was a total surprise but i love it a lot!!!

  20. Cafe Fashionista
    28/01/10 at 16:53

    Darling the new aesthetic of Confessions of a Lingerie Addict could not be more divine! And this post is a lifesaver! At present my lingerie is tossed in a haphazard jumble on my closet floor – tres sad, I know!! :)

  21. Kristine
    28/01/10 at 17:49

    The new site is fabulous, Treacle! Just Gorgeous!

    My latest organization layout is a drawer for panties, a drawer for bras and a drawer for garter belts, chemises, camisoles and stockings. As my collection evolves, I suspect so will my lingerie organization.

  22. mom & son
    28/01/10 at 21:13

    Hi sweetie!
    I just noticed you have a new blog layout.
    hehehe..at first, i've to go back and click your blog again. i thought i got lost.
    yay, happy new layout!

  23. Nina
    28/01/10 at 22:06

    Yey! Another set of useful tips!

    I left you something in my post a few minutes ago. Please come get it?

  24. Josie
    28/01/10 at 23:04

    These are great — I try to sift through my piles every six months or so… Pro fittings make such a big difference!
    xxoo Josie

  25. Bunny
    28/01/10 at 23:05

    Yay!!! Much gratitude for helping me with my resolutions! I've been good and thrown out a bunch of clothes, lingerie included, but I really need to part with more. I wanted to ask you how to store bras properly; laying down, standing up, smooshed in to make one cup etc? Thanks hun!

  26. lunarcamel
    29/01/10 at 10:50

    The new design looks awesome!!

    I organize my stockings by "can wear to work" (solid colors, no seams, no really funky patterns) and "cannot wear to work" (all the rest of it).

    I *do* keep a pair or two of trashed stockings in rotation, because then I can wear them under my jeans every day in the winter – they're already toast so I don't have to worry that I'll wear out another pair. Plus *I* think there's something kinda sexy about really ripped-up stockings.

  27. Jennifer
    29/01/10 at 14:13

    thanks for the tips…I just did a closet purge the other day. felt so good! have a great weekend.

  28. Jessica
    29/01/10 at 19:21

    This is a great reminder to purge the less-than-pretty pieces.

  29. Sarah @ Pandora's Box
    30/01/10 at 21:46

    These are great tips! Right now I have one drawer full with everything thrown in it… not a good thing! PS, love the new look of your blog. :)

  30. Skinny Dip
    05/02/10 at 16:44

    I use the cloth drawer organizers from Ikea (they look like little cloth baskets) to keep everything neat and tidy in my lingerie drawer. This works great to keep everything separated (bras, everyday panties, special occasion stuff –each has their own little spot!)

    Your blog is fabulous. I wish I had known about it sooner! xo


  31. Anonymous
    12/08/10 at 12:06

    the other thing i'd say is get rid of doesn't fit. If it used to fit and you've gained weight(like me) i know its depressing and easy to say i'll keep it for when i get back to size x but really if you toss it and then lose the weight what a great excuse to go shopping! wear what fits now. not what used to fit and you wish still did!

  32. 03/09/12 at 4:37

    I´ve been wanting to ask you how to store your lingerie. Do you keep it on hangers ( bras) or just put it into a drawer? because 2 or 3 bras make it difficult to close the drawer. I have a good system for storing stockings though. Not at its best in the pic, but it works. The minute I put them in a drawer, I can´t find a thing.

    I don´t have as many lids as stockings and tights! ha ha. ( it is Ikea lid holder, 4 of the screwed on the inside of my closet). I still need to organize them by color.

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