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March 2009

Much like my love for leopard print, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I also enjoy a good tattoo print. Be it the overtly retro stylings of Sailor Jerry or the more ethereal, artistic approach taken by Bebaroque, I really, really dig tattoos. But you know and I know that good lingerie doesn’t come cheap, and as much I’d like to buy every single pair of Bebaroque tights […]

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It seems I can’t open a fashion magazine without running into Rodarte’s uber-chic diamond cutout leggings. However, at $920.00/pair I will (for obvious reasons) never, ever know how they feel on my legs. While the look isn’t exactly for me, I understand someone may want to try it. Stockingirl posted a link to a do-it-yourself version of the tights. Blogger Six Six SickĀ (pictured right) also has a guide on how […]

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