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Monthly Archives

March 2009

I have yet another resource for satisfying my endless love affair with hosiery–Kay Marel. Kay Marel specializes in vintage stockings, from the 1950’s. Their nylons have been featured in the world famous magazine, Leg Show, and they also sell other retro inspired fashions such as longline bras and stiletto heels. Almost all of their stockings are fully fashioned with backseams and fancy heels. Best of all, their prices are jaw-droppingly […]

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It’s no secret that I like leopard print. What started off as a passing fancy for a certain pin-up panty has since developed into a full blown fixation. In recent months, I’ve acquired leopard print girdles, leopard print bras, leopard print swimuits, and now…leopard print stockings. Today, I’m reviewing the Betsey Johnson Fishnet Tights. If they look familiar, it’s because I’ve already written about them in one of my lust […]

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My stockings of choice for the first ever Fishnet Friday were by the oft-mentioned (in this blog anyway) luxury brand, Falke. In case you don’t feel like slogging through a years worth of entries, Falke holds a very special place in my nylon obsessed heart. Their Lunelle thigh highs (you know, the ones with the peacock feather welts) were my very first post ever. In fact, you could credit Falke […]

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Today, I’m reviewing the Aristoc mini fishnet tights. Made by one of the United Kingdom’s leading hosiery brands, the mini fishnet tights are available in the colors black and nude and in the sizes S/M and M/L, fitting a maximum height of 5’10” and maximum hip measurement of 48,” according to the size chart. The fabric content is 72% Nylon, 26% Elastane, and 2% Cotton. These tights are sheer to […]

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I did a bit of research before writing this article, and let me start off by saying that I am tired of people assuming that fishnets are automatically trashy, or that they’re only suitable for sex workers, or that “good” girls (whatever the hell that means) don’t wear them. We’re living in the 21st century. Not only should folks be past that kind of morally blind dichotomy, the honest to […]

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