Lust!–Cervin Swing Time Stockings

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Above are the Cervin ‘Swing Time’ stockings with reinforced heel and sole, 100% nylon, 15 denier, 5 sizes (S-XXL), $53.80-63.55 USD (approximately £32.99), only available in black.

In case you can’t tell, I’m in love. These stockings scream luxury. 100% nylon, fully fashioned hose complete with finishing loop, functional backseam, pyramid heel, and three diamond motifs just above the ankle…how can I not swoon?

These are the kinds of stockings that can make an outfit, taking it from ho-hum and average to vintage movie star levels of glamour. Be warned, however, this kind of indulgence doesn’t come cheap and, sadly, these hose cost too much even for this die-hard stockings addict. If you can afford these Cervins, you are a very, very lucky woman, and I am very, very jealous one. ;-)

You can purchase these stockings here and here.

P.S. It’s my tenth post! Yay!

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