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It feels a bit odd to say this, but I’ve felt a bit disenchanted with lingerie lately. Oh, I still love the genre as a whole; I don’t think I’ll ever lose my deep and abiding passion for intimates. But sometimes (and I imagine this is partially a side effect of having written about lingerie for the better part of a decade now), I just feel like I’m seeing the […]

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Though I used to be a tremendous fan of Myla (in fact, some of the bras I purchased from there years ago were in my regular rotation until they fell apart), I admit to not having paid much attention to them lately. They were still coming out with pretty designs, it’s true; it’s just that none of their products felt particularly compelling. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, “pretty” just isn’t […]

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A beautiful robe can truly be a treasured item in your lingerie wardrobe. The fluidity of silk… the transparency of lace or mesh… that wonderful enveloping feeling as you slip into the robe. It’s enough to inspire you out of bed in the morning. Like many items of lingerie, robes are both functional and decorative. They serve as both a shield against the elements and a sign of modesty when […]

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