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Editor’s Note: As you’ve no doubt noticed, this year’s trend report is exceptionally late. There are reasons for that, both personal and professional, but I feel it’s very probable that no one wants to hear about the varied and assorted details of my life.  So while I do want to acknowledge that this year’s post is very tardy (lingerie market happened back in August), I also feel it’d be best […]

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Back in January I visited the Salon de la Lingerie (one of the biggest lingerie trade shows) in Paris. It’s held twice a year and hundreds of brands exhibit there from all over the world. My absolute favourite part of the show is seeing the collections of the huge variety of Indie designers — this is where lingerie design gets most creative and takes the most risks. Without further ado, […]

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Moda is one of the UK’s biggest lingerie trade shows. I went along this August to see what’s coming soon in the exciting world of Indie lingerie. It was a little disconcerting to see so fewer indie brands exhibiting this season; luckily those that were had some thoroughly exciting lingerie to share! All images have been provided by the brands.  Curvy Couture Curvy Couture are a brand whose products left […]

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