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Today’s guest article is by Sam Conover, a bra fitter, blogger and instagrammer from Secrets from Your Sister, a bra fitting boutique in Toronto, Canada. I have worked as a fitter at Secrets for Your Sister for over ten years and consider myself a bra fitting advocate. I strongly believe that a well-fitted bra can be beneficial to comfort, physical health, and even emotional health. I also consider myself an […]

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Disclosure: This lingerie was sent to me free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own. Editor’s Note: Please also see our earlier review of ThirdLove’s bra fitting app here. What has technology done for your breasts recently? Mine have been enjoying the comfort and support of a ThirdLove bra, all thanks to ThirdLove’s innovative bra-sizing phone app. I probably shouldn’t admit that I’ve worn the 24/7 T Shirt […]

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Today’s guest post is written by Lisa, a TLA reader and Midwestern 20-something with a penchant for lingerie, luxury, and low prices. She is currently working as a retail chain bra fitter and as a bra frame fit tester, with aspirations to win the lottery or pass her board exams, whichever comes first. I am a retail chain bra fitter. I am tired of using a tape measure to perform […]

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Today’s article is a guest post Catherine Clavering of Kiss Me Deadly. As a psychologist, particularly one of a therapeutic bent, I never felt much like a scientist. I mean, we’re fluffy bunnies in the world of “proper” science, no matter how much we talk about epistemological theory or Feyerabend’s ideas or squeeze gratuitous Greek letters and geometry style diagrams into our work. As a lingerie professional, however, I’m sometimes […]

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A couple of weeks ago, Linda Becker (aka “Linda the Bra Lady”) had an interview on Good Morning America where she said, among other things, bra brands were guilty of using ‘vanity sizing’ to make their customers feel like they had smaller backs and larger chests. Unsurprisingly, this point of view caused a lot of ripples in the lingerie community, most of them negative. I reached out to Linda almost […]

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