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If you’ve been a reader since March, the lingerie at the top of the page probably looks a little familiar to you. This gorgeous, vintage-inspired, rose silk teddy was last seen in the article 10 Lingerie Sets You Need This Season, and the fact that I haven’t been able to forget it is exactly why I invited Ayten Gasson to the The Lingerie Addict for a Designer Interview. In our […]

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This month’s Designer Interview is with Israeli-based Liya Amar of La Lilouche (who was also the sponsor of my most recent Facebook giveaway!). Liya’s graceful, sophisticated aesthetic is generating a lot of buzz in the lingerie world and I’m super excited to share some of her behind the scenes insights with Lingerie Addict readers. In our interview, Liya talks about the meaning behind her lingerie label’s name,  the hardest part […]

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You know, I’ve never thought it was fair that the only lingerie designers most of us hear about are the ones with the big PR campaigns and massive marketing budgets. There is so much amazing stuff happening in lingerie right now, and I think it’s super-important that we’re exposed to as much as of it as possible. That’s why I’m pleased to continue my brand new monthly feature: Designer Interviews. For […]

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I tend to do lot of reminiscing around my blogaversary, and I’ve done a bit more than usual this year because so much changed for me in 2010. Not only did I rename my site (from Stockings Addict to The Lingerie Addict), I attended my very first lingerie tradeshow (Curvexpo), met a ton of lingerie designers, and officially became a business. I started Facebook and Tumblr pages for the blog, […]

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You know, it’s taken me awhile to figure out what I wanted to kick off the new year with here on The Lingerie Addict. The problem wasn’t a shortage of ideas (in fact, I spent most of my blog vacation dreaming up articles for the new year); I just had trouble figuring out where to start. So many amazing things happened here last year, and I truly feel like this […]

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