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fleur of england

After falling in love with this range at last year’s market, Fleur of England’s gorgeous “Amour” collection has finally arrived! Made of luscious, laquered red silk (it almost feels liquid against your skin) and their signature French Leavers lace, this collection, like everything else Fleur of England designs, is true luxury. The color is a true, rich, vibrant red, and though I tend to stick to my basic black mesh […]

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Because of issues with knock-offs, many designer brands understandably choose not to release photos of their collections until just before that collection hits stores. Fleur of England is one such luxury brand, and I have to say I’ve been waiting on the official release of the photos of their Belle de Nuit for weeks. Everything about this range is so perfect, and if it looks vaguely familiar to you, that’s […]

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I always love talking about Fleur of England here on The Lingerie Addict. There are a ton of luxury lingerie brands out there — more than I keep track of — but there are a depressingly small number of names that I think really reflect true luxury. As you’ve probably guessed, Fleur of England is one. The things Fleur can do with silk and lace and satin are, simply, amazing […]

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  Fleur of England’s new ‘English Rose’ collection is destined to be a classic. I first saw this line at CurveNY last fall, and I’ve been dying to share the photos every since. And now that the collection is available to purchase (just in time for Valentine’s Day!), I can. According to Fleur, the pink rose symbolizes grace, and the collection itself is meant to capture romance, freshness, and delicacy… […]

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