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I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I love vintage slips. Not only are they a glamorous throwback to a bygone era, they’re the perfect introduction to a world of vintage lingerie… inexpensive, widely available, and beautiful on everyone. As a brief aside, there’s one key difference between vintage lingerie and retro lingerie. Vintage lingerie was made in the past. Retro lingerie just looks like it was made […]

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A few weeks ago, I posted about the epic Made by Niki sample sale. I hope you all were able to find some good deals, and if you did buy something I’d love to hear from you. However, that entry reminded me of how long I am overdue for posting my own review of Made by Niki’s luxurious shapewear. Because I’m talking about my personal experience with Made by Niki, […]

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It’s no secret that I like leopard print. What started off as a passing fancy for a certain pin-up panty has since developed into a full blown fixation. In recent months, I’ve acquired leopard print girdles, leopard print bras, leopard print swimuits, and now…leopard print stockings. Today, I’m reviewing the Betsey Johnson Fishnet Tights. If they look familiar, it’s because I’ve already written about them in one of my lust […]

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