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How to Put On and Take Off a Corset

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 6.10.52 PM

Yes, it's more corset videos! I told you we did a lot. ^_^

These two cover putting and taking off a corset, respectively. Think of them a bit like Corsetry 101 videos...especially if you prefer to watch someone practice a skill instead of reading a blog post about it (I admit, I tend to be biased towards blog posts, but I'm learning that certain things just don't lend themselves well to writing).

Melanie Talkington, founder of Lace Embrace and one of the most well-respected corsetieres in the world, is the instructor for this series of videos. I hope you enjoy! And I apologize in advance for looking a bit awkward and dweeby...I didn't expect to be in front of the camera that day!


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