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Ask the Addict: Comfortable Lingerie for Everyday

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Today’s Ask the Addict feature is inspired by a question from longtime reader Orilonise, who asked via Facebook, “I love lingerie, but usually keep it to my more professional or formal attire. How do you suggest women wear lingerie with casual clothes like jeans?”

What a great question! Though I often write about the sexy stuff here on the blog, the honest truth is I spend a lot of my time in casual lingerie. And when I’m buying lingerie for everyday, I want these 3 things:

  • comfort
  • easy to care for
  • seamless

Comfort matters because when you’re wearing a piece of lingerie all day underneath your casual clothes, you don’t want to think about it.  When it comes to casual lingerie, I firmly believe that it’s okay to be a little less fashionable and a little more comfortable.

Being easy to care for matters because you tend to wear your basics frequently.  Most of my everyday lingerie is machine washable; I use a lingerie bag, put the machine on delicate cycle/cold wash, then hang to dry overnight.

Finally, seamless lingerie matters because there are new things less fashionable than visible panty lines (or visible bra lines for that matter).  Unless your lingerie is meant to be seen, it should remain invisible…in every way.

With that in mind, here are a three of my favorite everyday brands:

Hanky Panky–I tried Hanky Panky for the very first time about a month ago, and I’m a convert.  Their lace lingerie is not only comfortable, it’s easy to care for, and incredibly cute.  Though this brand is most famous for their thongs, I’m a big fan of their bikinis.  Best of all, they sell plus-sized panties that fit up to a size 20W.

Commando–I first heard of Commando at last year’s CurveNY when I was introduced to their seamless tights. Since then, I’ve had opportunity to try out their boyshorts, and I quite like the results.  Commando also produces girlshorts, thongs, and bikinis. The only drawback? They don’t go beyond a size L which (based on how they fit me) accommodates a maximum 40″ hip.

Le Mystere–The first two brands I talked about specialize in panties. This one specializes in bras. And they are among the most comfortable bras I own.  I’ve heard some people complain about how boring they are, and that may be true. But take it from someone who knows, when you want a bra that makes you forget you’re wearing a bra, Le Mystere is the way to go.

I’m in Love.

woman holding hot cup of coffee, with heart shape

I don’t usually post personal things to the blog (mostly because I assume you come here for the lingerie and not for me), but some days I can’t help but write about the really important things that are happening in my life…even if they are especially intimate.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed from the title, I’m in love.

I’ve never been in love before. I thought I’d been, but I wasn’t really.  I’ve been in like.  I’ve been in lust.  But definitely not in love.

I’ve been dating an amazing guy (who prefers to remain anonymous) for the past year and half and I couldn’t be happier.  He makes me smile.  He makes me laugh. And he supports his girlfriend’s admittedly weird hobby of writing about her lingerie on the internet.

So even though he doesn’t read my blog, today’s article is dedicated to him. Here’s to us.

Las Vegas Lingerie Show: Fall/Winter 2011 Trend Preview (Video)

By now you’re read my recap of all of next seasons lingerie trends, and you’ve probably seen my videos spotlighting Dirty Dolls vintage-inspired lingerie and Luxe Innovations luxurious silk lingerie bags.  So to round out my coverage of one of the biggest lingerie trade shows in North America, I thought it time to post my last three “sneak preview” vids…my last one’s until next season anyway!  Take a look at what’s to come from Alegro Intimates, Samantha Chang, and Lavit Lingerie.

As always, I’d love to hear what you have to say, so please leave your thoughts in the comments!

P.S. And don’t forget to subscribe to The Lingerie Addict YouTube Channel…I plan on posting lots more videos this year!

Image Credit: Lavit Lingerie

Designer Video Interview: Chelsea Logan of Boa Noite

Continuing my coverage of Curve Las Vegas, the semi-annual lingerie trade show, today I’m featuring an interview with the very lovely Chelsea Logan of Luxe Innovations/Boa Noite.

I’ve mentioned Chelsea’s luxurious, handmade lingerie bags several times before, and she’s on my list of “5 Things Every Lingerie Addict Needs That Aren’t Lingerie.”  In this video, she gives us a sneak peek of her upcoming collection. What’s your favorite lingerie bag?

Curve Las Vegas Lingerie Show Recap: F/W 2011 Trends

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(For images of the show, visit The Lingerie Addict Facebook page. For video, go to The Lingerie Addict YouTube Channel.)

A week ago today (on Valentine’s Day, ironically enough) I was in the Venetian Las Vegas viewing, touching, and otherwise enjoying a very special sneak preview of the lingerie that’s set to hit stores in Fall and Winter of this year.  A few of my readers may remember last summer’s recap of Curve New York where I highlighted the lacy, ruffly, ladylike trends you’re seeing in lingerie boutiques now.

But if Spring/Summer 2011 was the “Return of the Lady,” then Fall/Winter 2011 is a “Tribute to Simplicity.”  Unlike the lace, ruffles, and pleating of the current season, next season is all about simple shapes combined with rich colors.  I saw lots of peacock, coral, teal, orchid, amethyst, and sapphire shades…in addition to the basic blacks, whites, and nudes.  Think sophistication merged with subtle details. 

Retro is also still here in a very big way. I saw lots of high waisted knickers, garter belts, and vintage-inspired longline bras.  I believe the retro trend is flattering to a variety of body types, so I’m really happy to see the lingerie industry hasn’t abandoned it yet.

On a slightly less positive note, I have to say I was disappointed with the showing from big brands for next season.  I know that these large fashion houses have trademarked styles and that it’s simply good business sense to keep making more of what your customers want, but there was a shocking lack of innovation from the major players this season.  In some cases, I saw the exact same designs in the exact same fabrics on the exact same models.  I hope that next season these big brands (with their huge marketing and design departments) can really step up and show some creativity.

But enough negativity, let’s talk about a few of my faves from the show.  Out of 250 exhibiting brands, these are the 10 I think you should pay attention to next season.

1) Commando–The leader in seamless knickers and tights, Commando is diversifying their range next season with bold prints and colors. I anticipate their navy and white polka dot will be a standout for next season as will their brand new floral print.

2) The Body Wrap–Bucking the trend for rich, jewel tones, The Body Wrap convinced me to like pastels with their new Easter egg themed “Iridescent” range. The soft shades of green, pink, and purple came across as soft and romantic convincing me that maybe pastels and shapewear really do go together.

3) Parfait by Affinitas–You’ve demanded pretty, affordable bras for bigger busts and Affinitas has delivered with a range that makes this 34B woman jealous. Parfait by Affinitas’ bras go up to a size 40G, and you can find several of their most popular styles at HerRoom.

4) Demimonde Intimates–This brand new silver-screen inspired line debuted a range of simple, silk sleepwear at Curve this year.  But with a starting price point of $250, will they be able to convince customers to open their wallets?

5) Boa Noite–I wrote about Chelsea Logan’s luxurious handmade lingerie bags last year, and I’m happy to see she’s continuing to innovate.  The red faux croc bag (50% of the proceeds go the American Heart Association) and the Tiffany-blue inspired “Tiffany” were standout pieces from her upcoming collection.

6) Dirty Dolls–If you haven’t seen the Dirty Dolls YouTube video I made yet, you have to take a look.  This is another brand targeting the underserved full-bust market, and they’ve obviously listened to their customers as they’re preparing to offer bras with a size 28 band.  Yay!

7) Huit 8–This French line is leading the return to elegant simplicity with an upcoming range that literally made me stop in my tracks.  I don’t have any official preview photos to share, but you can take a look at my Facebook page for a sneak peek or dash over to Faire Frou Frou to see one of my favorites from their current line.

8) Christine Chantilly–Christine of Vancouver’s new, lower-priced range features vintage-inspired kimonos, chemises, camis, and bedshorts that feel like silk but are priced at only a fraction of the real thing.  I’m hoping this line gets picked up by a Nordstrom or HerRoom sized store for next season.

9) Samantha Chang–One of my faves from Curve New York (she’s the designer behind the handpainted silk robes I featured last year), I was happy to see Ms. Chang debut a new, lower-priced, day-to-night line made of supersoft, supersheer, black silk-feel polyester.  Look for them to be featured in an upcoming YouTube video.

10) Alegro Intimates–The 3rd and final brand on this list that specializes in bras for bigger busts, Alegro is launching a gorgeous new range of colors and prints for F/W 2011. For more info, keep an eye out for a YouTube video that will spotlight their amazing collection.

Image Credits: CurvExpo, Michelle Du Xuan for French Rendez-Vous.

A Sneak Peek of My Coverage from Curve Las Vegas…

I’ve spent the past several days in Las Vegas celebrating Valentine’s Day with The Boyfriend (who was kind enough to shoot this video) and attending CurvExpo, one of North America’s best and largest lingerie tradeshows.  Dirty Dolls, a retro-inspired brand out of New York, spared a few moments to talk with me about their latest collection. See if you can figure out why I love it so much.

Valentine’s Day 2011 Lingerie Sales

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Valentine’s Day is Monday, February 14th. Check this post regularly for the latest steals and deals!

Lingerie & The Movies: Anne Bancroft in The Graduate

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Just a few hours ago, I finished my first-ever viewing of The Graduate, the classic 1967 flick starring Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman.  While I enjoyed the plot and story well enough, what really blew me away were the iconic lingerie scenes, including the famous one pictured up above of Mrs. Robinson slipping on her nylon stockings.

After recognizing the manufacturers of two of the most popular looks and realizing that they had very passable modern-day counterparts, I realized I couldn’t go to sleep tonight without making a quick little blog post.  I hope you get as much pleasure out of reading this piece, as I got from writing it…maybe I’ll turn Lingerie & The Movies into a semi-regular series. What do you think?

You’ll have to excuse me while I gush like a star-crazed fan for a minute because this leopard print lingerie by Vanity Fair is one of my favorite sets of all time.  I first wrote about Vanity Fair’s leopard lingerie back in July 2008, 3 months after I started blogging, and I’ve been enamored with it ever since. You can sometimes find the original pieces on e-bay or Etsy, but if you just can’t wait, Lucy B’s Mink leopard print set is a great take on the original. If you’re too curvaceous for a soft-cup bra, take a look at the underwired Tigress bullet bra.


Though I don’t have absolute confirmation, Anne Bancroft’s black lace overlay bra (which is sooo seductive!) looks remarkably similar to other vintage bras I’ve seen from that time period by the label Vassarette.  What I love about this style of bra is how it manages to be wearable, sexy, and confident all at the same time.  If you’re looking for something similar, Mimi Holliday by Damaris makes a great selection of beautiful lace overlay bras. The one pictured above is sold through Figleaves in up to a GG cup.


Last, but not certainly not least, let’s talk stockings.  Because really, how good of a lingerie addict would I be if I neglected this critical part of Mrs. Robinson’s wardrobe?  Mrs. Robinson appears to be wearing nylon RHTs (that means Reinforced Heel Toe) for this scene as I didn’t notice the backseam or darkened sole typical of fully fashioned stockings.  If you want authentic, vintage style, RHT stockings there is no better place to go than Secrets in Lace. And at only $20/pair, they’re an affordable splurge.

Have you ever seen The Graduate? Did you like it? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

Photo Credits: NY Daily News, Esquire,,

Trend Alert: Webbed Suspender Belt

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On the left side, we’ve got Bordelle’s webbed suspender belt from their one of their very first collections back in 2009. Originally retailing at £89 (approximately $142), this is one of the pieces that put the UK brand on the luxury lingerie map.

On the right side, we have Frederick’s of Hollywood’s Runway Burlesque Chemise, an unabashed remake which retails at a somewhat more budget-friendly $38 (and offers a matching bra & g-string if you want to complete the look).

What do you think, fellow addicts?  Is this strappy, bondage-inspired garter belt a purchase…or pass?

Sugarlesque Valentine’s Day Giveaway Winner!

As usual, I used to select the winner, and the prize goes to the very lucky author of Entry #78…Miss Bobloblaw, the author of Talking Momcents.

Miss B., I’m going to e-mail you and Sugarlesque shortly so the two of you can start talking about the best way to get your luxury handmade bodysuit to you.

For everyone else that entered, thank you so much for sharing your faves from Sugarlesque’s collection and keep an eye out for more goodies and giveaways here on the blog!