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Stockings, Tights, and Pantyhose for Curvy Gals

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Are you voluptuous? Thick? Full-figured? Plus-sized? Then today’s post is all about you. For too long, I’ve neglected my ladies with vintage, hourglass figures. This time, we’re talking stockings (and other kinds of hosiery) for “real” women.

In this article, I’ll discuss the best places to buy the big three: stockings, thigh highs, and tights. As always, if I leave out your favorite brand, don’t think twice about adding it in the comments!

It’s no secret that stockings have the power to make any woman, no matter her size, feel like a sex goddess. A peek of a garter strap, a slight breeze under your skirt, and suddenly you’re part of a tradition of seduction stretching back for generations.

Secrets in Lace has a dedicated Curvy Leg Salon where they stock both lace topped and plain topped stockings. Both are made of a nylon/spandex blend, but the plain welts are a deal at only $19.99/pair.

Stockings Direct, a UK company, also carries Cervin and Levee stockings in sizes for curvy gals. The most inexpensive pair, the Cervin Paris Capri 15, is an incredible $10.94/pair…a great price for any budget.


Last, but not least, Stockingirl carries two varieties of queen sized stockings for big and/or tall girls–the Patricias, which come in packs of 3 for $21.99 and the Divine Divas which go all the way up to a shoe size 13 and a weight of 220 lbs.

Thigh Highs
Don’t feel like dealing with garter straps everyday, but having trouble finding a thigh high stocking that won’t dig, bind, or cut off your circulation? Fortunately, manufacturers and retailers alike are recognizing that women exist in more than “one size fits all.”

Once again, Secrets in Lace offers a selection of two stay-up stockings, both with lace tops. The British retailer MyTights also sells hold-ups from the European brand for voluptuous ladies, Levee. UK Tights also stocks plus-sized hold-ups from Cervin. You can purchase either look shown here for less than $20/pair.

Frederick’s of Hollywood also carries thigh high stockings for plus-sized figures as well.


Last, but certainly not least, we’ll talk about tights. If you’re a curvy girl who loves tights, then you’re in luck because there’s lots to choose from here.

My very first stop for tights would be We Love Colors. Not only do they stock opaque, striped, and fishnet tights in plus sizes, all of their products are available in over 51 colors and nothing costs more than $20 (some tights are even less than $10!).

MyTights and StockingsHQ would be my next stop for tights as they carry the quality budget labels Pretty Polly and Levante. StockingsHQ also carries the Gipsy line, which I haven’t tried, and MyTights stocks shapewear tights from British fashion gurus Trinny and Susannah if you need a little extra holding power. Finally, UKTights and Frederick’s of Hollywood also stock fashionable tights for the fuller figured ladies.

Now that the weather’s getting cooler, and tights are becoming a necessity in some regions of the globe, I hope this article helps with your search. If you’re a curvy gal, where do you shop for hosiery? Why don’t you tell me in the comments?

The Look for Less: Wolford Lace Tights

Good morning fellow nylon enthusiasts! I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of this season’s lace trend. Lace can give even the simplest of outfits that extra edge which pushes you from flat to fabulous.

Unfortunately, I can’t quite afford the $55 price tag for Wolford’s Flora lace tights. Fortunately, several other designers have caught on to this trend are producing their own variation. So who comes closest to the Wolford label?

I believe I’ve found a winner with the French hosiery brand Love Me, sold through StockingsHQ. Though these are stockings, not tights, the Love Me pattern appears almost identical to the Wolford one but costs a whopping $40 less at only $14.

If you visit Wolford Boutique London, you can see that several other lace patterns due to be released later on this year. You can bet that when they do, Stockings Addict will find the best “knock-off” for you! Happy Shopping!

Chantal Thomass & Bruno Dayan

After lusting over last year’s Chantal Thomass collection, I couldn’t quit without viewing photos of this year’s array, and I’m oh-so-happy I did.

In my opinion, Bruno Dayan’s photography perfectly captures the playful yet cultured spirit of the Parisian couturier’s lingerie. And it turns out when I dug a little deeper, that I’d seen Dayan’s work before…

Cheap Undies

Here’s another great find, courtesy of Fred’s Bad Side. Cheap Undies (the closeout site for the same people who run FreshPair) is unloading a lot of clearance lingerie.If you’re looking to do a bulk up your panty drawer (as my Momma would say, you can never have too much underwear), Cheap Undies is worth checking out. Take a look at what I found…

Mary Green Silk Knit with Lace Chemise
Was $50, now $12.50

Wacoal “Lost in Lace” Underwire Bra
Was $44, now $26.40

On Gossamer Mesh Thong Bodysuit
Was $39, now $19.50

Fayreform “Candid” Boyshort
Was $28, now $14

Fayreform “Vitality” Full Coverage Underwire Bra
Was $62, now $31

Panache “Venus” Suspender/Garter Belt
Was $32, now $16

D&G Dolce & Gabbana “Please Me” Thong
Was $30, now $7.50

DKNY “Belle du Jour” Underwire Balconette Bra
Was $32, now $16

Cosabella “Soiree” Low Rise Hotpants
Was $24, now $12

Ellen von Unwerth & Chantal Thomass: Plumes & Dentelles

I finally made it to the end the Ellen von Unwerth rabbit hole by finding these images of her ad campaign for Chantal Thomass a few years back (2006 to be exact).

Rosie Huntington-Whitely is quickly becoming one of my favorite lingerie models, but I have to say Melissa Rose Haro (her dark haired companion) looks rather amazing herself.

We’re not done yet, though. Chantal Thomass is known for her seductive and breathtaking ad campaigns, and if you like these, you’ll almost certainly love what I have to show you tomorrow.

Blog Love from The Lingerie Post

The homage to Ellen von Unwerth continues tonight, but I have to interject and mention something very special that happened to me recently. The Lingerie Post (one of my all-time favorite blogs as well as one of the top lingerie blogs in the world) mentioned me last night. I’m still grinning at the news. What a fantastic start to my weekend!

The wonderful ladies at The Lingerie Post also love stockings and just put up a scan of the latest “Beauty by Numbers” (a trivia page) from Allure magazine. This month’s edition is all about the history of stockings. Better study–there will be a quiz. ;-)

Stockings Addict: The 500th Post!

I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open, but I have to blog because today is my 500th post. When I started Stockings Addict, I wasn’t even sure I’d still be around in a month…much less 18 months. And I have to say, without exaggeration, that starting this stockings blog is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life–right up there with backpacking across Europe and moving to Seattle. Though I’m not the most popular stockings blogger online, I think my little corner of the internet is a great success, and here’s why:

1) Better sex life. I debated even including this item since the relationship I planned to write about ended last weekend. But you know what? Writing about lingerie and wearing lingerie makes me feel sexy…and if that’s not a part of having a good sex life, I don’t know what is.

2) Awesome social network. I’ve met and talked to people that I would have never known without starting this blog. One of them is even a real life galpal, Stocking Vixen. Relationships can’t be measured in dollars, so even if I were to stop writing tomorrow (and don’t worry, I won’t!) Stockings Addict is a success because of the friends I’ve made.

3) People read my blog and value the information here. If I didn’t have readers and commenters, I would have stopped writing long ago. Your feedback sustains me, and I want you to know that I appreciate every single visit.

4) I have learned so much about lingerie. Believe it or not, I used to hate lingerie. Growing up in the South, I had to wear ill-fitting pantyhose to church every Sunday, and I thought girdles were a tool of the devil. Writing this blog has exposed me to so much that, even though I’m a long way from being an expert, I’m definitely a more knowledgeable consumer..

5) A new identity as a writer. It hit me a few weeks ago, that I’m one of those people. A blogger. A writer even. It’s an identity that’s grown on me, and with plans to take Stockings Addict to its next phase, I’m ready to take my writing to the next level as well.

And with that, I’m off to bed. If you follow my Twitter, you know that I’ll be a very, very busy lady this week. Must have my beauty sleep!

New Socks and Stockings from Sock Dreams

Sock Dreams is one of my favorite legwear shops. Not only do they carry some of the most fabulous socks and stockings known to humankind, they always offer free US shipping. If you haven’t yet visited the online version of this Portland, OR boutique, take a look at what you’re missing…

Kawaii Skeleton Over-the-Knee Socks
Who needs a Halloween costume when you’re wearing these, and they’re a scream, I mean a steal, at only $12.00!

Fern Lace Thigh High Stockings
I love the delicate lace of these stockings. Very European chic, and quite reasonable at $20.00

Cherry Blossom Knee Highs Socks
Cute and kitschy, these socks are a delight. And at only $7, they’re an affordable indulgence too.